The Cicero Crisis

The Cicero Crisis event splash

18 December 2013 – 06 January 2014


On Wednesday (18 December 2013), the event began with the release of Update 11.5 and was set to run for two and a half weeks. Upon logging in, the Tenno received an inbox message from Vay Hek.

Inbox message:
Glory Awaits

People of the Grineer,

Earth is the jewel in our crown, yet so much of it remains unexploited. Its forests have been invaded by overgrown Orokin-engineered super-weeds. When we cut them down, they grow back. When we build our bases, they overtake them. We have tried to work within the forests, we have tried to tame the forests. Our capitulation has become weakness.

The Cicero Toxin will break these forests and impose our will on the landscape. My scientists have pinpointed a chemical weakness that is common to 90% of the vegetation in the central region. Over the next several days, we will exploit that weakness, causing our enemy to wilt and decay. We will finally settle what is rightfully ours.

Your Greatness,
Councillor Vay Hek

This was followed by an inbox message from the Lotus.

Inbox message:
Crisis on Earth


We must hurry. Since the time of the Orokin, the engineered forests of Earth have repelled any attempt to cut them down. Now, the Grineer, led by Councillor Vay Hek, have developed something called the Cicero Toxin. With it, they plan to poison Earth's forests so they can exploit the land beneath it. We will not let this happen.

You need to find an antidote to this toxin. I believe the key ingredients lie within the very forests the Grineer want to destroy. Go to Earth and use your scanners and search out these ingredients. Then return to your Foundry to craft an antitoxin. When you have the antidote, take it back to Earth and neutralise as much Cicero Toxin as you can.

You will need to work together to find the most effective antidote. The best formulation for the antitoxin remains unclear.

Be careful; this is no nature walk. Vay Hek will do everything he can to stop us.

—The Lotus

On the Starchart, Tenno would see a new, special mission on Earth labelled "Cicero Injector". This mission was the location of the operation.

Mechanics and Missions

Tenno had to complete missions on the new Cicero Injector mission on Earth, which used the new Grineer Forest tileset. On the Grineer Forest tileset, there were three new plants that could spawn as part of the landscape: Threshcones, Dragonlilies, and Jadeleafs. Each plant had two varieties: a Sunlight version that appeared during the day, and a Moonlight version that appeared during the night. Every 6 hours, the tileset would change globally from day to night, or vice versa. The plants could be scanned using a Codex Scanner, which would give the Tenno an extract of that plant (eg Moonlight Threshcone extract). Threshcones are common plants, whereas Dragonlilies are uncommon, and Jadeleafs rare. If the Tenno was still collecting plant extracts and did not have an Antitoxin equipped, the Cicero Injector mission was a standard Exterminate mission.

(upon mission start, variant) Lotus: "My research indicates everything we need to neutralise the toxin is located in this forest. Find the key ingredients, and wipe out any resistance you see along the way."

(upon mission start, variant) Lotus: "This is a recon mission. You are looking for key ingredients that can be used to build an antidote to the Grineer toxin. Destroy any resistance you encounter on your mission."

(upon mission start, variant) Lotus: "You are here to find anything that can be used to neutralise the toxin. Take out any Grineer you encounter along the way."

(during mission, variant) Lotus: "My scans indicate the chemical compounds we are looking for are in your vicinity. Use your scanner to locate them."

(during mission, variant) Lotus: "Your scanner should be able to reveal the chemical compounds we are looking for. "

(during mission, variant) Lotus: "Keep searching. This forest holds the key ingredients we need to neutralise the Grineer toxin."

(during mission, variant) Lotus: "The vegetation in this forest grows too fast and too big for even the Grineer to cut down. Instead, they have opted to poison the land. We must stop them."

(during mission, variant) Lotus: "Rather than trying to live within the forest, the Grineer have opted to destroy it. You must not let this happen."

(upon scanning a plant extract, variant) Lotus: "Good. That is one of the chemicals we are looking for. Find as many as you can and then head to the Foundry to craft an antitoxin."

(upon scanning a plant extract, variant) Lotus: "Excellent find. See if you can locate any more samples. When you are done, the antitoxin can be produced in the Foundry."

During the mission, a large machine could appear, labelled a Cicero Injector, but it could not be interacted with if the Tenno had no Antitoxins. The Cicero Injector had the description "This machine is poisoning the local habitat with the Cicero Toxin."

(upon finding the Toxin Injector, variant) Lotus: "See that? That's how the Grineer plan to inject the toxin into the biosphere. When we have the antitoxin, that is where it goes."

(upon finding the Toxin Injector, variant) Lotus: "Those Toxin Injectors are how the Grineer plan on delivering their payload. That is what we are here to neutralise."

(upon completing objective) Lotus: "I'm detecting no more Grineer in the area. When you are done searching for the ingredients, get to extraction."

After obtaining plant extracts from Earth, Tenno had to buy Antitoxin blueprints from the Market. There were six types of Antitoxins (Beryl, Amethyst, Citrine, Topaz, Lapis, and Vermillion), and all six blueprints could be purchased in a single pack for 7.500 credits, or individually for 1.000 credits. The Antitoxins were crafted using the plant extracts, with higher-tier Antitoxins using rarer ingredients.

  • Beryl: common (10 points), requires 4 Sunlight Threshcone extract
  • Amethyst: common (10 points), requires 4 Moonlight Threshcone extract
  • Citrine: uncommon (15 points), requires 2 Sunlight Threshcone and 2 Sunlight Dragonlily extracts
  • Topaz: uncommon (15 points), requires 2 Moonlight Threshcone and 2 Moonlight Dragonlily extracts
  • Lapis: rare (25 points), requires 1 Sunlight Jadeleaf, 1 Moonlight Jadeleaf, 1 Sunlight Dragonlily, and 1 Moonlight Dragonlily extracts
  • Vermillion: legendary (100 points), requires 4 Sunlight Jadeleaf, 4 Moonlight Jadeleaf, 4 Sunlight Dragonlily, and 4 Moonlight Dragonlily extracts

After the antitoxins were crafted, they could be equipped in the Gear Wheel, although only one antitoxin could be equipped at a time. Afterwards, the Tenno could enter into the Cicero Injector mission again. With Antitoxins equipped, the objective was Sabotage. Tenno were directed to the Toxin Injector, and interacting with it expended the antitoxin and started the process whereby the Injector delivered the antidote into the biosphere. The Tenno had to defend the Toxin Injector from the Grineer during this process. A meter in the HUD counted up from 0%, with the final percentage being the sum point total of all antitoxins. For example, if all four Tenno inserted a Beryl antitoxin, the process would go to 40% and then stop, whereas if four Lapis antitoxins were inserted, then the process would go to 100%, with a corresponding increase in the time needed to defend.

(upon mission start, variant) Lotus: "Tenno, I see you have an antidote with you. Find the Grineer's poison and deliver your antitoxin."

(upon mission start, variant) Lotus: "The Grineer are attempting to clear this forest by poisoning the soil. Find their toxin injectors and sabotage their efforts."

(upon mission start, variant) Lotus: "You brought an antitoxin. Find the injector and neutralise the poison."

(throughout the mission, variant) Vay Hek: "Tenno bones will be the foundation of Grineer homes!"

(throughout the mission, variant) Vay Hek: "No mercy for Tenno, no mercy for their Lotus!"

(throughout the mission, variant) Vay Hek: "The Tenno hate our superiority! We will put them out of their jealous misery!"

(throughout the mission, variant) Vay Hek: "Death! Death! Death! Death to the Tenno!"

(throughout the mission, variant) Vay Hek: "Our Queens demand justice for your trespasses, Tenno!"

(throughout the mission, variant) Vay Hek: "The Lotus is just another weed to be plucked and discarded."

(upon arriving at the toxin injector, variant) Lotus: "You found the poison. Place the antitoxin in the injector."

(upon arriving at the toxin injector, variant) Lotus: "You have reached the target. Administer the antitoxin."

(upon inserting the antitoxin into the injector, variant) Lotus: "It's in. Now defend the injector while the antitoxin works to neutralise the poison."

(upon inserting the antitoxin into the injector, variant) Lotus: "Ready? Keep the Grineer at bay while the antitoxin does its work."

(if the Tenno uses a high-tier antitoxin) Lotus: "I see you crafted a very potent antitoxin. It will remain effective for much longer. Be prepared for a lengthy fight."

(variant) Vay Hek: "Stop them! Defend the Cicero Toxin!"

(variant) Vay Hek: "The Tenno have come to destroy our way of life! Stop them at all costs!"

(variant) Vay Hek: "Tenno crimes require Grineer sacrifice! Protect the Cicero Toxin at all costs!"

(variant) Vay Hek: "Protect the Cicero Toxin! Stop the Tenno!"

(variant) Vay Hek: "Brothers! Do not let the Tenno threaten our destiny!"

(after defending with low-tier antitoxins, variant) Lotus: "Good work; the Grineer toxin is losing strength. Get to extraction. This fight is far from over. Craft more potent antitoxins to have an even bigger impact."

(after defending with low-tier antitoxins, variant) Lotus: "Your payload has been delivered. It's time for extraction. Craft stronger antitoxins to have an even bigger impact on the Grineer poison."

(after defending with high-tier antitoxins, variant) Lotus: "That was a strong antitoxin. The Grineer will not last long at this rate. Get to extraction."

(after defending with high-tier antitoxins, variant) Lotus: "Impressive. Your antidote has set back Grineer efforts considerably. Time to go home."

(variant) Vay Hek: "No. No, you will not stop this."

(variant) Vay Hek: "Tenno, you are only delaying the inevitable."

(variant) Vay Hek: "Only a small setback, insignificant against the tide of Grineer will!"

The new Grineer Forest tileset also featured new Frontier Regulators, which broadcast Vay Hek's propaganda. The dialogue lines are as follows:

Vay Hek: "Nothing can stop the Grineer! We are progress!"

Vay Hek: "Earth is for settlements! Settlements! Settlements!"

Vay Hek: "The Cicero Toxin will bring Grineer order to the land!"

Vay Hek: "Down with the Orokin weeds! Down with the Tenno!"

Vay Hek: "We clear this land, in the name of Grineer and our Queens!"

Vay Hek: "Mastery of Earth is Grineer destiny! Our Queens command it!"

Vay Hek: "Tenno are worse than weeds! We kill one, and three more show up!"

Vay Hek: "Grineer order will conquer the land! Grineer order will conquer Earth!"

Vay Hek: "Brothers! Don't trust any plant you can't rip apart with your bare hands!"

Vay Hek: "The Cicero Toxin will cleanse the land, leaving a glorious home for our Queens!"

Vay Hek: "Grineer brothers! It is us or the Orokin weeds, and we must choose… herbicide!"

Vay Hek: "These trees, these genetically modified, Orokin monstrosities, must wither and die!"

Vay Hek: "We deserve more than a cold, dark asteroid! Earth for the Grineer! Earth for our Queens!"

Vay Hek: "The garden of Earth is overgrown! Who will help me reap this victory from the land?"

Vay Hek: "Tenno hate Grineer strength! They want to tear down anything they are too weak to build for themselves!"

Vay Hek: "Just like these weeds, the Tenno are nothing more than a mistake, growing on the bottom of some dirty Orokin test tube!"


A Tenno's individual point score was the best score they received in a single mission over the course of the event, with the maximum possible score being 400 (achievable by four squad members each using a Vermillion Antitoxin). Repeating the mission did not raise a Tenno's individual point score unless they were able to achieve a higher score than their previous record. Tenno who scored 10 points received a Cicero Crisis badge. Tenno who scored 50 points received a pack of four dual-stat Toxin damage/status chance mods (Malignant Force, Toxic Barrage, Pistol Pestilence, and Virulent Scourge). Tenno who scored 100 points received the Twin Vipers Wraith, with a weapon slot and pre-installed Orokin Catalyst.

After the event ended, Tenno who participated received an inbox message from the Lotus.

Inbox message:
Crisis Averted

It is done. Our mission has been accomplished. The Grineer have abandoned the last of Cicero Toxin, leaving the forests of central Earth relatively unscathed. You have all fought bravely and it is now time to celebrate our victory.

As recognition for your participation in this mission you have been awarded the Cicero Crisis badge.

Also, as a reward for your tireless effort, you will receive a collection of Toxin mods that have been developed by researching the Cicero Toxin.

Finally, for going above and beyond the call of duty, I am bestowing upon you these Twin Vipers Wraith. Take them and continue our fight.

—The Lotus

Clan scores were calculated by adding the individual point totals of all participating clan members, with Gold, Silver, and Bronze event statues being distributed to the three highest-scoring clans in each tier. The trophies were delivered by inbox message to the Warlord of each clan.

Inbox message:
In Recognition of Your Efforts


The efforts of [clan] during the Cicero Crisis went far beyond expectation. To celebrate your heroic achievements, I present [clan] with this trophy. May you continue to protect the balance.

—The Lotus

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