The Hunt for Alad V

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20 November 2013 – 25 November 2013


On Wednesday (20 November 2013), a thread was posted on the forums by a person named Frohd Bek.


Between us, we have three problems.

Alad stole your people. He cut them to pieces, welded them into his freak Zanuka. You need to stop him before he makes more, but you don't know where he is. This is your problem.

For me, Alad V is a con and an imposter. Still, if Zanuka is brought to full production, he will become the richest and most powerful member of the Corpus Board. He could become Chairman. That is my problem.

I have sent my forces to Jupiter to capture the criminal, but Alad is using that damned Infestation as a biological weapon. Every last ship has been overrun by those monsters. This is now your problem. Wipe those ships clean, and I will reveal Alad V's location. With that information, you can make the rest of our problems go away. Deal?

—Frohd Bek


On Wednesday (20 November 2013), the event began with the release of Update 11. The forum post gave more background on the event:

Work with Frohd Bek and save the Tenno!

We now know that Alad V has been dissecting a captured warframe – codename "Valkyr" – for research in the Zanuka Project, an initiative that uses warframe parts for the creation of new Corpus robotics with warframe abilities.

With the threat of Alad V's project succeeding, Corpus Board Member Frohd Bek is wary of losing his pending position as Corpus CEO. Frohd Bek sent ships to Jupiter in an effort to dispose of Alad V; however, these ships have since been overtaken by the Infested.

Frohd Bek has a deal for you. Clear the Infested from his ships, and in return, he'll reveal Alad V's location.

Work with Frohd Bek to find Alad V today and save Valkyr from the Zanuka Project!

Mechanics and Missions

At the time of the event, Jupiter was controlled by the Infested, with the Assassination mission on Jupiter targeting the J-3 Golem. Starting with Ganymede, each node on Jupiter came under attack by the Corpus. Nodes that had active engagements were marked with a fist icon and also appeared in the Starchart UI with a bar representing the level of Infested remaining on the node.

Selecting an active engagement brought up an interface similar to the Invasion UI, but with only one side: Frohd Bek. The message that accompanied his offer was: "Rescue my ships, and not only will I reward you personally, but I will show the Tenno where the scoundrel Alad V is hiding." There was no option to side with the Infested. The interface would also show how many times the Tenno had run that mission. Battle pay was only rewarded if the Tenno proved themselves by playing the mission five times. Once a node was fully cleared of Infestation, it became a Corpus node with the new Gas City tileset. Battle pay was awarded via inbox message once the location was won.

The actual missions themselves consisted of Exterminate missions on the Corpus Ship tileset. The Tenno would load into a mission aboard a Corpus ship, along with allied Corpus units. The Tenno would be directed to eliminate the Infested, and would be assisted by the units on their team. Along the way, the Tenno would enter a large hangar room where containers containing Infested were being handled by autonomous floating barges. After eliminating all the Infested in the hangar, the Tenno would exit the hangar bay to warp onto Alad V's Infested ship, which was filled with the Infestation. The Tenno would continue to fight through the ship until all the Infested had been eliminated, and would extract from the enemy ship.

During the missions, the Lotus would give instructions, while Frohd Bek would taunt Alad.

Lotus (at the beginning of the mission, variant) Lotus: "It is doubtful that we can trust any Corpus, but helping Frohd Bek is the only way we can get to Alad V. Remove the Infestation from this ship."

Lotus (at the beginning of the mission, variant): "I don't trust Frohd Bek, but I trust his hatred for Alad V. We'll help him now, if it means we can stop the Zanuka Project."

Lotus (at the beginning of the mission, variant): "This Infestation stands between us and Alad V. Clear this ship."

Frohd Bek (variant): "Oh Alad, all your lying, and sneaking, and cheating. And what do you have to show for it? You're in debt to the Board, and I've come to collect."

Frohd Bek (variant): "What happened to you, Alad? I looked up to you. Your profits. Your products. A little madness, and you throw it all to the Void."

Frohd Bek (variant): "Look at you, Alad, hiding in a corner, playing with your toys. How embarrassing. The Corpus deserve better, and I'm the one to deliver the goods."

Frohd Bek (variant): "Who got you fired? Who got Zanuka's funding pulled? Oh, I know this. I know this. It was me."

Frohd Bek (variant): "You can't hide, ride, or bribe your way out of this, Alad. You've been downsized and your fat head is about to suffer cutbacks. Literal cutbacks."

Frohd Bek (variant): "Hey Alad! Zanuka is done! You are done! When you are dead, the Board will be signing over everything you own to me!"

Frohd Bek (variant): "I'm feeling a promotion coming my way! About to climb another rung on this ladder! About to send my old pal Alad V into early retirement."

Frohd Bek (variant): "The Tenno are too dangerous, too profitable, to provoke! Zanuka was a bad paradigm. A costly miscalculation. But don't worry, Alad, I'll keep your credits warm when you are gone."

Frohd Bek (variant): "It's time for you to pay your debts! I've got the Betrayers doing the repo work – if you ask me, they've got a different idea of blood money."

(upon exterminating the Infested, variant) Lotus: "One more Infested ship cleared. Get out of there."

(upon exterminating the Infested, variant) Lotus: "I'm not detecting any more Infested. We're making progress. Get to extraction."

Once Themisto was cleared, the Tenno received an inbox message from Frohd Bek containing an Emblem of the Hunt, as long as they had participated in at least one Invasion mission.

Inbox message:
Problem Eliminated

You have lived up to your end of the bargain; now, I will live up to mine. Themisto – that is where you will find Alad V. Cowering behind his pet, doing unspeakable things to you and yours. Do me a favour: don't go easy on him. He hasn't earned your pity.

Our arrangement has been fruitful, Tenno. Take this gift as a symbol of my appreciation. Maybe we can scratch each other's back again someday.

—Frohd Bek

At this point, the node on Themisto turned into an Assassination mission with Alad V as the target, and the event was complete.


The battle pay for each node is listed below.

Ganymede: 50.000 cr
Ananke: 75.000 cr
Elara: 100.000 cr
Thebe: 50.000 cr
Amalthea: Orokin Reactor blueprint
Carme: 3x Gallium
Io: 100.000 cr
Carpo: 75.000 cr
Metis: 3x Orokin Cell
Callisto: Forma blueprint
Adrastea: 75.000 cr
Themisto: Orokin Catalyst blueprint

All 12 nodes on Jupiter were cleared of the Infestation by the Tenno and converted into Corpus missions on the Gas City tileset.

Every Tenno who participated in at least one mission as part of the event received an Emblem of the Hunt badge.

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