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hypothetical Gradivus Dilemma diorama of Corpus victory

Alad V is a Corpus businessman and scientist who has been at the heart of many consequential events in the Tenno's journey. Generally, he is found as a boss on the Jupiter Gas City, at Themisto.

Target background

Lotus: "Alad V's newest prototype is a monstrosity forged from the bodies of our fallen Tenno. We cannot allow Zanuka to go into full production. Destroy Alad V and his horrid 'pet'."

Lotus: "The Zanuka prototype has made Alad V a very dangerous man. If he is allowed to carry out his plans, no Tenno in this system will be safe."

Lotus: "Too many Tenno have perished to make Alad's abomination. There will be no stopping the Corpus if Zanuka is mass-produced. You are here to make sure that doesn't happen."

Lotus: "Alad V sees the power of the Tenno and thinks he can take it for himself. That power is sacred. This blasphemy must end now."

Lotus: "Be careful, Tenno. Zanuka has all the power of a warframe with a full complement of mods. It's as if you are fighting one of your own today."

Lotus: "If Alad V is victorious today, he will dissect your warframe and use the pieces to build more of his 'pets'. You must not let this happen."

Mission taunts

"If it's your friends you're looking for, you're welcome to place a bid for my newest Zanuka prototype."

"I've been looking all over for you, Tenno. Come, come. Let me show you my new venture. I think you'll be a perfect fit."

"Have you come to make a donation to my newest enterprise? Excellent. Please report to my lab for reconstruction."

"You have loyalty issues, Tenno. My Zanuka project will fix that for you."

Intro cutscene

[Alad V stands by a Mag warframe on the dissection board. He confidently takes a few steps in the Tenno's direction as he addresses them in a grandiose fashion.]

Alad V: "And now, let me show you the future! Zanuka!"

[Alad's collar activates and his visor drops down over his eyes. With a series of rapid beeps, the robot by his feet comes alive, stretches like a cat, then quickly backflips into an attack position. Alad V points at the Tenno.]

Alad V: "Kill!"

Battle transmissions

"Market forces dictate that you need to evolve or die. Which will it be, Tenno?"

"Tenno, Project Zanuka is the next step in your evolution. I will make you a hundred times stronger! Why resist this?"

"Now, play nice, Tenno! Zanuka is one of you. [laughs] Actually, come to think of it, Zanuka is many of you."

"I can't decide, Tenno – have you come to save your friends? Or just steal my property?"

"Zanuka is your future! Your destiny! You are obsolete. Make way for the next generation."

"Tenno, be careful! You must make sure not to damage all those parts of yours! Hmm, such valuable merchandise."

Battle taunts

These are unsubtitled lines said during the course of the fight.

(when health is low) "Do you think this is over?"

(when health is low) "Zanuka! Tear them apart!"

(when health is low) "You build nothing! All you do is destroy!"

(when health is low) "Ungrateful! You'll never know what I could have done for you!"

(when casting Barrier, variant) "Heh, barrier up!"

(when casting Barrier, variant) "Heh, heh, barrier!"

(when casting Blinding Beam, variant) "Thousand suns!"

(when casting Blinding Beam, variant) "Blinding beam!"

(when revived by Zanuka) "Good girl, Zanuka."

(when revived by Zanuka) "Thank you, Zanuka."

(when downed, variant) "Zanuka! Do not touch her!"

(when downed, variant) "No! Leave her alone!"

(when downed, variant) "Ahh! Zanuka!"

Zanuka has extremely strong shields with massive damage resistance, and generally cannot be damaged unless the Tenno has very powerful weapons. Alad V himself is not nearly so well protected, but has a variety of defensive abilities to frustrate the Tenno should they get near him. Alad V cannot die while Zanuka is still alive, but when his shields are depleted, Zanuka's shields will fail as well, allowing the robot to be damaged by conventional weapons. If Alad V's health is depleted, Zanuka will rush over to him and revive him, restoring a portion of both his health and shields, thereby also restoring Zanuka's own shields. The ideal strategy is to deplete Alad's shields, then kill Zanuka, then finish off Alad V.

Amalgam taunts

While the Tenno is exploring the Gas City on Jupiter, Corpus-Sentient Amalgam enemies will occasionally appear, their arrival announced by Alad V through special transmissions. In these transmissions, Alad V displays his post-Tubemen facial scarring.

"While the rest of the System cowered in fear, I took risks. I made a bold new partnership. Bear witness, Betrayers, to my exciting new product line!"

"Amalgams; hybrid lifeforms. A familiar concept to you, is it not, Betrayers?"

"Betrayers, my Partners and I have been working on a new project, and I wanted you to be the first to see… my… Amalgams!"

"Betrayers, let me introduce my new friends. My latest in hybrid commerce. My Amalgams!"

"Amalgam technology. It's beautiful! Experience it! One death at a time!"

"And now, Betrayers, for something completely different."

"Tenno: relics of a bygone era. My Amalgams are the new paradigm."

"Any last requests, Tenno? Moa got your tongue? Fine – release the Amalgams!"

Gas City broadcasts

In the Gas City, Alad V will occasionally appear on screens and holograms to give orders to his Corpus disciples. These messages are not subtitled and are easy to miss. In these transmissions, Alad V displays his post-Tubemen facial scarring.

"Leadership! Growth! Corpus robotics create new opportunities in colonial suppression. Security is safety. Comfort is containment."

"Security in today's marketplace is more important than ever. So why trifle with organics? Our Model 3 Jackal is second to none in lethal enforcement solutions!"

"We stand tall, disciples. Remember your Corpus vows: our profit is your peace, your peace is our prosperity."

"Market forces demand we evolve, overturn, adapt. Opportunity demands we partner with those we once called the enemy, and move forward, together."

"Corpus disciples! Our new Partners are allies in power and prosperity!"

"Seize initiative to seize the moment. Seize the moment to seize the future!"

"Our enemies offer poverty and desolation. Your vows, disciples, are the only path to prosperity and fortune. My fortune."

"Like the sun, my wealth enlightens everything in the System. Including you, my disciples."

"Please note, lab stations are to be prepped for the next shift, prior to being unmanned."

[sigh] "Remember, a Class T-7 breathing apparatus is required for outdoor labour. How many times do I have to tell them this?"

[grumbles] "All disciples are to memorise the location of the nearest fire extinguisher, optical flusher, auto-medic, and decontamination cabinet." [sharp sigh]

"Any sign of the Tenno threat must be investigated and reported immediately. Investigate and report, disciples."

"Failure to obey sterilisation protocols will result in… sanction."

"Abandoning your station without supervisor authority will result in… sanction."

"Failure to wear mandated safety gear will result in sanction."

"Failure to clean solids out of the waste sinks will result in sanction."

"Consumption of food or drink within the laboratory spaces will result in sanction."

"Failure to honour nondisclosure vows will result in sanction."

"Initiating contact with the Partners will result in severe sanction."

"Vow catalog updated! Vow 137, commit to memory: 'It is forbidden to disturb the Partners.'"

"Remember, if you have to ask, the answer is… no."

"For your peace of mind, the vow catalog has been updated. Commit to memory new subclauses to Vows 7, 17, 28, 29, 30, 50, 54, 78-A, 88, 94, 99, 107-G, 112, and 138. Testing may occur at any time. Failure results… in sanction."

"A reminder that all 136 employment vows are to— what? 138? Isn't that many…. All 138 employment vows are to be committed to memory. Testing may occur at any moment. Failure results in sanction."

"Reminder: possible sanctions include: work therapy, wage garnishment, shock protocols, organ donation, exposure, and… The Floor. Conduct yourself righteously, disciples."

"Speak your mind. All your complaints may be lodged with the Sub-Personnel Controller, Level 6, Bisection Zeta, Indigo Quadrant, room 74390.ββ333, every alternate day of every alternate week."

"Your environment may change unexpectedly. Remember your vows: accept and ignore."

"Everyday objects may… exhibit anomalous responses. Remember your vows: accept and ignore."

"Friends and coworkers may change without warning. Accept and ignore."

"Key operational assets may be… obfuscated. Accept and ignore."

"Partners may attempt to communicate. If so, disengage immediately. Note the exchange and convey it to your supervisor. Again, there is to be no contact between Corpus personnel and our Partners. Carry on."

"If you encounter our Partners moving about the installation, eyes forward. Do not tempt fate."

"Attention: meetings with our Partners continue in Section 2. We are not to be disturbed."

"All personnel: eavesdropping on Partner data transfers will result in neuro-carnivorous memes birthing themselves in your subconscious. You are to avoid General Epsilon 3."

"Exposure to Partner communications may provoke aberrant mental agony. If you experience these visions, report to the nearest auto-medic for shock protocol."

"Pilots, our Partners complain that you are flying too close to their vessels. Their airspace is now considered… sacred. Violation of this no-fly zone will result in… severe… sanction."

"In the event of contact with our Partners, remember your vows: permit, preserve, proclaim! Permit aggression in the name of data science. Preserve the Partner, resist defensive action. Proclaim quarantine to advance further study!"

"Neither I nor our Partners will tolerate Tenno incursions into these sacred halls. If you see something, investigate and report!"

"Our Partners continue to aid in the Amalgam effort. We are to extend them every courtesy! That includes respecting their privacy. Failure to do so will result in sanction."

"Partner Amalgam units may seem unnatural, incomprehensible, unethical. They may trigger irrational responses in fellow disciples. Be vigilant for these reactions. Safeguard our new friends. They are our future!"

"Remember, Amalgam technology is first-of-kind. You are not. In the event of a mishap, secure the asset first, tend to casualties second. Have faith in our work!"

"The latest candidates for the Partner Amalgamation process have been chosen. May we all bless their fortune."

"New Amalgam batches awake! And Sections 4 through 8, expect reduced oxygen levels."

Prior to facing the Tenno at Themisto, Alad V was mentioned in Operation: Sling-Stone and Operation: Arid Fear, in his capacity as Head of Grineer Relations for the Corpus Board of Directors. His first appearance was in the Gradivus Dilemma, where he faced off against General Sargas Ruk. His defeat in that operation led to his ouster from the Corpus Board, culminating in the Hunt for Alad V and the Assassination mission at Themisto, which was dramatised in The Profit trailer. Before his defeat at Themisto, he was also responsible for sending the Zanuka Hunter to hunt down Tenno who supported the Grineer cause.

After his supposed death, he resurfaced in the Suspicious Shipments special alert, which foreshadowed his experimentation with the Infestation, later confirmed in Operation: Breeding Grounds. In Operation: Mutalist Incursions, Alad, now Infested himself, set out to conquer the System with his new breed of Technocyte, but was thwarted by the Tenno. Concurrently, the Patient Zero quest aimed to destroy Alad's laboratories and put him out of his misery. He was eventually located and defeated again. His laboratories, however, were not all destroyed, and the Black Seed raided them during the Tactical Alert Black Seed Scourge.

In Operation: Tubemen of Regor, Alad V revealed that he had once again cheated death, and now sought a cure from the Infestation, asking the Tenno to raid Tyl Regor's underwater genetic laboratory facilities to secure research that would reverse his condition. Although Nef Anyo offered to pay the Tenno to destroy this research instead, the Tenno helped cure Alad V, bringing him back from the Technocyte hive mind and angering both Tyl Regor and Nef Anyo in the process. Alad V, grateful, aided the Tenno in The Second Dream, for which he earned the ire of Hunhow and the Stalker. When the Stalker's Acolytes attempted to hunt Alad down and kill him in Operation: Shadow Debt, Alad once again asked the Tenno to help him.

Operation: Hostile Mergers and the Jovian Concord revealed that Alad V had entered into a secret, forbidden partnership with Natah, allowing him to work with Sentient technology, leading to the production of the Amalgams. This partnership had also been foreshadowed by Alad V's short-lived relationship with the Wolf of Saturn Six. Alad was not happy about this partnership, having been strong-armed by the Sentients with the threat of annihilation. After the Tenno fought and defeated the Ropalolyst, which had been enforcing the partnership, Alad was once again free to pursue his own ends. His treacherous nature was shown once more during the New War quest, when he defected from the Corpus to join with the Sentients. His ultimate fate is unknown, as it is possible his ship was destroyed in the Veil Proxima along with much of the Corpus fleet.

Alad V is also mentioned briefly by a Grineer propagandist on the Radio Scanner, by Sigor Savah, in the Codex entries of Lockjaw & Sol and the Amalgams, and by Cephalon Cordylon in his 19th and 23rd blog entries.

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