Black Seed Scourge

04 June 2015 – 10 June 2015

The Black Seed Scourge Tactical Alert was a series of missions given to the Tenno by Frohd Bek, who was dealing with an offshoot of the Corpus known as the Black Seed.


On Thursday (04 October 2014), the alerts became available and were present for a week. The Tenno received an inbox message from Frohd Bek.

Inbox message:
Tactical Alert: Black Seed Scourge


Surely you've heard of the Black Seed? These so-called Corpus who are uninterested in profit and who solely apply themselves to undermining the will of the Board? These fanatics have raided Alad V's Mutalist labs, stealing never-before-released Juggernaut spores with the intention of unleashing them on my facilities.

Will you help me stop the spread of the new Infested? We will provide the location of the Black Seed operatives to you.

Good luck,
Frohd Bek

Oh, and one more thing. To prevent the accidental spread of Juggernaut spores, you must only use melee weapons.

The first mission was a Capture mission on Venus, where the Tenno was restricted to melee weapons only. There were two capture targets, labelled as Black Seed Operatives. The rest of the enemies were standard Corpus. The mission needed to be completed three times, and then Frohd Bek would reward 50.000 credits.

Inbox message:
Black Seed Scourge: Commanders Located

Those Black Seed Operatives were small change, but they coughed up the bigger coins. Go to Jupiter and bring us their Commanders, and take this‍ 50.000 cr as a down payment for services rendered.

—Frohd Bek

The next mission was on Jupiter, with a slightly higher level, but otherwise identical. It also needed to be completed three times, resulting in a reward of 25 Rare rank 5 Fusion Cores (the equivalent of roughly 2000 Endo).

Inbox message:
Black Seed Scourge: Fanatics near Europa

And so we move up the chain of command, from Commanders to Lieutenants. These fanatics have fled to Europa. Bring them to us; they will know where the Juggernaut spores are hidden.

—Frohd Bek

The next mission was on Europa, with a slightly higher level. These Black Seed Operatives were faster than usual and were equipped with Nullifier bubbles. The mission needed to be completed three times, after which Frohd Bek would reward the Tenno with an Orokin Catalyst blueprint.

Inbox message:
Black Seed Scourge: Juggernaut Spotted

The Black Seed has just admitted to releasing a Juggernaut on one of my frigates. You must destroy this abomination before it spreads any further.

Watch out, Tenno… my scans show this one is big. Make sure you bring a lot of firepower.

—Frohd Bek

The final Endurance mission was an Assassination mission against the Juggernaut Behemoth, with Corpus units allied with the Tenno. Unlike the Capture missions, there was no weapon restriction. The Juggernaut only needed to be killed once, whereupon the Tenno would be rewarded with a Stratos emblem.

Inbox message:
Black Seed Scourge: Parting Ways

Formidable work. The Black Seeds are now in hiding and the Juggernaut Behemoth has been destroyed. Still, I fear some of its spores have made it into the wild. My fleet has been put on alert; I suggest you do the same.

And with that, our partnership comes to a close. Good luck, Tenno.

—Frohd Bek

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