Emergency Exit

25 June 2015 – 01 July 2015

The Emergency Exit Tactical Alert was a special Alert mission where the Tenno protected two Bailiffs who were planning to defect from the Grineer.


On Thursday (25 June 2015), the alert became available and was present for a week. The Tenno received an inbox message from the Lotus.

Inbox message:
Tactical Alert: Emergency Exit


Every so often, mutations in the Grineer genetic code produce individuals who refuse to fall in line with their superiors. Most are destroyed, but some escape. One such individual has just contacted us from a training facility for a new type of fighter. Unfortunately, his message was intercepted and this defector is now fighting for his life. Defend this fighter until we can muster a proper extraction.

Go now, Tenno. Anyone strong enough to turn their back on the Grineer is worth saving.

—The Lotus

The Emergency Exit Tactical Alert was a special Defence mission on Mars. The Tenno had to hold out for 15 waves against the Grineer. Instead of a static defence objective, the defence target was a Grineer – a new kind of unit called a Bailiff Defector. The Bailiff is armed with a Jat Kittag and will attack enemies on his own, even charging them and knocking them down. If his health is depleted, he will instantly die without entering bleedout. After the Tenno were able to fight off the 15 waves of Grineer, they received an inbox message from the Lotus with an Orokin Catalyst blueprint.

Inbox message:
Tactical Alert: Emergency Exit – Success


Thanks to you, the defector is being debriefed and is providing us with important information about Grineer unit training.

He has led us to an accomplice who is trying to escape a secondary facility. I need you to bring this defector to me as well.

Please take this reward for your efforts.

—The Lotus

A second Endurance mission with higher enemy levels opened up on Ceres, where the Tenno would have to defend another Bailiff Defector against 25 waves of Grineer. Once that was completed, the Tenno received another inbox message, but with a Stratos emblem.

Inbox message:
Tactical Alert: Emergency Exit – Complete


The second defector is undergoing interrogation right now, but all signs lead me to believe this is an honest defection. I have spoken with Steel Meridian, and they have agreed to take both defectors into their fold.

You did a good thing today Tenno. Take this badge as a sign of my appreciation.

—The Lotus

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