Project Undermine

02 October 2015 – 05 October 2015

Project Undermine was a Tactical Alert that saw the introduction of the Nightwatch Corps, as well as another run-in with the thief Maroo.


On Friday (02 October 2015), the alert became available and was present for the weekend. The Tenno received an inbox message from the Lotus.

Inbox message:
Tactical Alert: Project Undermine


Tensions between the Grineer and Corpus have flared unexpectedly and the area around Mars has become a hot zone. In the midst of all this I have intercepted this bizarre distress signal.

"Help. Need extraction. Will trade for treasure."

The signal has since gone dark but I suspect whoever sent it knows more about what is going on here. Find the source of the signal.

—The Lotus

The Project Undermine Tactical Alert was a special Crossfire Spy mission on Mars. Tenno began on a Corpus ship, then crossed over to a Grineer ship in a similar fashion to Invasion missions, and then hacked a single data vault on the Grineer side before extracting. Both the Corpus and the Grineer were hostile to each other and the Tenno, deploying some of their heaviest units to battle it out: Isolator Bursas and Bailiffs. Successfully completing the mission awarded the Tenno an Orokin Catalyst blueprint.

Inbox message:
Tactical Alert: Project Undermine – Situation Update


I decoded the following message from the data you found:

"The interloper has been arrested but refuses to reveal the location of the missing blueprints. Should I apply the pain sequence? —Gorth, Nightwatch Corps"

It appears this prisoner does not have much time. You must bring them to me.

—The Lotus

This unlocked another mission on Ceres. This was a Crossfire Rescue mission, similar to the last, with Bursas and Bailiffs. The rescue target was revealed to be Maroo. Completing this mission rewarded the Tenno with a Snipetron blueprint.

Inbox message:
Tactical Alert: Project Undermine – Target Rescued

Thanks for the assist, Tin Suit.

Okay, I admit it, I started the whole thing. Got the Corpus thinking the Grineer were ripping them off. The Corpus accuse Grineer and the next thing you know everything's bullets, blood, and laser cannons. And while they're busy shooting each other, I'm free to take whatever I want.

Great plan, right? It was… until the Nightwatch Corps showed up. Next thing I know, I'm in lockup and nobody's taking bribes. That is, until you lot came along.

So look, I've already sent you a little something for your trouble, but if you could find it within your heart to send those Nightwatch fellas packin', then maybe I got a little something else for you too. Deal?


A third Crossfire mission was unlocked on Eris, where the Nightwatch Corps of the Grineer were fighting the Corpus. The Tenno had to exterminate the Nightwatch regiment, and were rewarded with a Stratos emblem for their trouble.

Inbox message:
Tactical Alert: Project Undermine – Complete

You got all of them Nightwatch right? Yeah, I know you did.

Here's that little something I promised. But just so you know, after this we're square, so don't go thinking I'm in your debt or anything.

C'ya, Tin Suit.


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