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Nef Anyo is a Corpus businessman and preacher. He delivers a version of the standard Corpus religion that is designed to enrich him personally, and uses the wealth from his evangelism to fund his massive, ambitious business ventures, which in turn net him even greater wealth. This cycle of positive feedback has ensured his rise to one of the richest and most powerful people in the Origin System, even as he has suffered several setbacks at the hands of the Tenno. His dramatic personality, overbearing speech, and ridiculous appearance all conceal his extensive influence, and the countless individuals who have suffered under his hand.

Nef Anyo has crossed paths with the Tenno many times. He first showed up in Operation: False Profit, using advanced Moa proxies known as Bursas to collect tithes from his faithful. Later, in Operation: Tubemen of Regor, he (unsuccessfully) asked the Tenno to destroy Tyl Regor's research so that Alad V could not use it to cure himself. In the Divine Will Tactical Alert, he returned with a new proxy, the Razorback, which the Tenno defeated. After suffering these financial losses, he built a new arena in The Index Preview in order to rake in money from fights. This arena would later be used in the Glast Gambit quest, as Ergo Glast wagered for the freedom of Nef's hostages.

Nef Anyo and his company, AnyoCorp, control Venus, especially the Orb Vallis and the Solaris people who work and live there, first introduced in the Vox Solaris quest. Nef's control over the Solaris and their lives is so total that nearly every single Solaris citizen mentions him in their dialogue, as well as their fragments. References to Nef Anyo can be found anywhere Fortuna or the Orb Vallis is discussed, including the Fortuna ARG, Heist bounties, and Operation: Buried Debts.

Nef Anyo is mentioned by Nora Night and Sigor Savah, in the Codex descriptions of the Index Brokers, and in the Partnership fragments of Alad V. More recently, he was a major character in the Deadlock Protocol quest, where he tries to establish himself as the heir of the Corpus founder, and the Waverider quest, where he attempts to use the Ventkids to unlock a valuable Orokin relic. His current status is unknown, as much of the Corpus fleet was destroyed in the Veil Proxima during the New War.

Despite his many interactions with the Tenno, Nef Anyo has never fought them face-to-face. The Corpus boss known as the Sergeant was previously named Sergeant Nef Anyo, but this has been retconned; the Sergeant and Nef Anyo are completely different people. Currently, the only persistent presence Nef Anyo has in the game are his dialogue lines from The Index and the broadcasts he issues over the screens in Fortuna, projecting his visage and voice to the downtrodden Solaris.

Fortuna broadcasts

"Nef Anyo here. Like you, I toiled, friends, I toiled, but I pulled myself up, dusted myself off, and purchased my future. Join me here, in orbit, out of the dirt, above everyone else. It's just… better."

"There is a place for you within the Order of Profit, visitor. Speak to one of our evangelists today! The Void be the word, and the word be Profit."

"You desire riches, friend? Well, let me tell you: so does your neighbour. What to do? Desire riches, more than your neighbour, more than your brother, more than your overseer! Desire, friend, will raise you from the muck! Will raise you to the stars! Will raise you to your rightful place with the faithful, here, in orbit, by my side. Tell me, will I see you soon?"

"The Void be the word, and the word be Profit."

"Solaris, are you listening? Know that I have plans for you. Know that the Order of Profit safeguards your hope, your well-being, and our shared future. Donate today, with the credits in your account, and the sweat of your brow. Give."

"Clasp hands with us. The Order of Profit is home to all. Clasp hands, and know the ecstasy of a strong return on your faith."

"Life is profit. Profit is life."

"Donate your seed, that the Order of Profit may nurture that seed to a bountiful crop! A crop that you may harvest. Your faith returned to you tenfold. The larger your seed, the greater your reward, the stronger we all become from your wisdom. Donate. Harvest. Grow. Now."

"Give unto the Void, and be rewarded."

"Give unto the Void, and be rewarded a hundredfold! Clasp hands with the Order of Profit. Plant that seed, and watch together as it grows into a mighty tree! Such a broad trunk! Such deep, strong roots! And behold its broad and mighty branches, with which it collects the bountiful rains of fortune. Life is profit! Profit is life! The Void be the word, and the word be Profit."

"Venus restoration is not progressing fast enough. To lighten your workload, I have instituted a small interest rate hike, which compounds at each cycle. As ever, good and faithful Solaris, the Order's flock receive 15% toward this debt amalgamation! Profit is life. Plan today."

"I was once like you. Poor. Indebted. Lazy. Then, the Void spoke to me. It said: 'Work harder.' And so, I did. I earned what I have. And now, Fortuna, it's your turn. Listen to the Void. Work harder."

"Are you in debt, Solaris? Then you need to push yourself. Work harder, longer! The Void does not give unto the freeloader."

"Nef Anyo, speaking directly to you. Well done, members of the Corpus-Solaris Order of Profit. I have this cycle's figures, and they are very pleasing! I embrace you all."

"Nef Anyo's Order of Profit welcomes you, offworld philanthropists and entrepreneurs. The Void be the word, and the word be Profit."

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