Divine Will

11 February 2016 – 16 February 2016

The Divine Will Tactical Alert was a special mission on Venus that introduced the Razorback proxy.


On Thursday (11 February 2016), the alert became available and was present for the weekend. The Tenno received an inbox message from Nef Anyo.

Inbox message:

People of the Origin System,

With the blessing of your credits and the power of the Void's sacred energy, I have built a creature stronger than any other. Yes, my children, the Void has made my new Razorback prototype impervious to evil and I will prove it. I am calling on all Tenno, heathen Corpus and Grineer to come to my lab and try to defeat my Razorback.

And when you fail, the whole System will see the Void works its power through me. And then they will know that the only path to salvation is to Give Unto The Void.

The Void be the word, and the word be Profit.

—Nef Anyo

The Divine Will Tactical Alert was a mission on a Corpus Ship with an increased threat level. Hyena NG and LN2 units were present in high numbers. There were no Crewman or other human Corpus enemies, only proxies, but being spotted by a security camera would instantly lock down all doors and spawn a Bursa in the next room. The mission also had unique mission dialogue lines: the Lotus would give instructions, while the Razorback would taunt the Tenno, both before and during the actual fight.

Lotus: "If Nef Anyo's prototype survives our assault, he'll be able to draw in a mountain of new offerings. We must turn his scheme against him."

Lotus: "All previous strikes against the Razorback have failed. You need to find a way to punch through its shields."

Lotus: "Stay alert. Scans show this facility is also home to upgraded Bursa bipeds. You may have to deal with both at the same time."

(during mission, variant) Razorback: "[name] detected: May the Void take mercy upon you."

(during mission, variant) Razorback: "Analysis Complete: [name] = UNBELIEVER."

(during fight, variant) Razorback: "Configuring tactics: PRAISE THE VOID."

(during fight, variant) Razorback: "[name] Victory Probability: UNFATHOMABLE."

The Razorback was found in its own arena, very similar to the Jackal arena, with high ledges surrounding the arena where Bursas and Crewmen would spawn repeatedly. The Razorback was protected by shields that rendered it immune to all damage, but the Bursas could damage the shields. The Bursas had to be killed and hacked, whereupon they would turn against the Razorback. Once the Razorback's shields were depleted, it would be incapacitated, and could be damaged, before shortly recovering. As the Bursas died after a few seconds, they had to be constantly defeated and hacked as they spawned in to keep up pressure on the Razorback. There were laser barriers guarding the Bursas on their ledges, but they could be hacked by nearby security panels, which would temporarily deactivate the barriers and cause the Bursas to fall down into the arena; however, this was not strictly necessary.

Upon killing the Razorback and extracting, the Tenno received a message from the Lotus with an Orokin Reactor blueprint.

Inbox message:
DIVINE WILL: Charlatan Exposed

Mission accomplished, Tenno. You showed the whole System that Nef is a charlatan by turning his own technology against him.

I have just located a second prototype. You must destroy it before they can enter mass production. Take this reward and use it to bolster yourself for the next fight.

—The Lotus

A second mission with a higher difficulty opened on Neptune. Completing that mission would reward the Tenno with a Stratos emblem.

Inbox message:
Razorbacks Obliterated

The Razorbacks have been destroyed. Perhaps next time, Nef won't be quite so arrogant.

—The Lotus


After the Spectres of the Rail update, the Corpus turned their war efforts into building Razorback armadas to take down the Tenno Relays. Upon winning an invasion against the Grineer and occupying a node on the Starchart, the Corpus would make progress towards their next Razorback armada, as tracked in the World State Window. Every few months or so, the Corpus would complete an armada and send it towards one of the Relays, and the Tenno would be given a few days to defend the Relay by destroying the Razorbacks.

Upon the arrival of the Razorback armada, the Lotus would send an inbox message to every Tenno.

Inbox message:
All Hands: Incoming Razorback Armada

Nef Anyo is making his move. A fleet of transports carrying mammoth Razorbacks will soon converge on one of our Relays. If any of these Razorbacks board the Relay, the destruction will be total.

Early strikes have failed. Each Razorback is locked in a vault protected by a new cryptographic algorithm. I have designed a unique cipher to defeat this security, but it requires cryptographic ALU, a resource found only in Archwing missions near Jupiter and Neptune.

Hurry – build the cipher and destroy every last Razorback. We must never lose another Relay.

—The Lotus

This inbox message contained a reusable blueprint for a Razorback Cipher. The Cipher required 1.250 credits, 1.500 polymer bundle, 3 gallium, and 4 cryptographic ALU to build, and took 1 minute. Cryptographic ALU is a resource dropped by Corpus Archwing enemies on Galilea, Jupiter or Salacia, Neptune, but only when a Razorback armada was present. There is no limit to the amount of cryptographic ALU that can be farmed or Razorback Ciphers that can be built while the armada is present.

Once the Tenno has crafted at least one Razorback Cipher and equipped it in the gear wheel, they can enter the mission, which will appear as a new node near the Relay it is attacking. The mission proceeds as in the Tactical Alert, except that the door to the Razorback's arena will be locked, and can only be opened by expending a Razorback Cipher. Then the Tenno must destroy the Razorback as before.

The Tenno must destroy three Razorbacks, requiring three Ciphers to be created. After the third, they will receive an inbox message from the Lotus containing an Orokin Reactor and 200.000 credits.

Inbox message:
Good Work!


You have proven your valour in battle today, but the machines are countless and do not rest. Take this reward and use it to continue the fight!

—The Lotus

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