Operation: Tubemen of Regor

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12 May 2015 – 20 May 2015


On Tuesday (20 May), the event began with the release of Update 16.5 and was set to run for a week. Upon logging in, the Tenno received an inbox message from the Lotus containing two video transmissions that played one after the other.

Inbox message:
Intercepted Transmissions: Alad V vs Nef Anyo

Mutalist Alad V (video message): "Tenno, I admit, I've made mistakes. Terrible mistakes that have left me crippled with decay. Now, I ask you for your mercy. Tyl Regor's hidden cloning labs hold secrets. Secrets that could prove most regenerative for me. If I get you into the labs, will you bring me the data I need? What do you say, will you give a sick man one more chance?"

Nef Anyo (video message): "Blasphemy! You must not help Alad purge his body of the Infestation. I have an alternate proposition: I pay you to destroy the labs before Alad can get his rancid hands on Tyl Regor's research. The Grineer lose, Alad loses and the Void… the Void is pleased. It's up to you, Tenno. Will you make the righteous choice?"


These intercepted transmissions promise the opportunity to strike at the heart of Tyl Regor's secret cloning labs, but this opportunity comes with a difficult choice.

Alad V thinks these labs contain a cure for the Infestation that riddles his body, and he wants us to find it. Nef Anyo hates Alad and will do anything to keep him from becoming strong again, including destroying the cure he seeks. Both are offering to lead us to the labs.

You must decide which is the lesser of two evils.

—The Lotus

On Navigation there was a window for the event showing the score between Alad V and Nef Anyo (starting at 0-0, obviously) and tracking the player's progress for the event, as well as highlighting the current Active Conflict. The Operation was described in the window as "Destroy or steal cloning research from the hidden Grineer labs on Uranus."

Mechanics and Missions

The event took place on the new Grineer Sealab tileset on Uranus, with the new Drekar Grineer enemies. The event was run similarly to the Gradivus Dilemma roughly a year and a half prior. An Active Conflict represented both Alad V and Nef Anyo as they offered Battle Pay to the Tenno for mutually exclusive goals. Each Active Conflict had to be run three times for a single side in order to obtain the Battle Pay; switching sides would erode support already earned. The major differences from the Gradivus Dilemma were that the Active Conflicts were not associated with a specific node on the planet, and only one Active Conflict was available at a time.

The mission took the form of the new game mode Sealab Sabotage, and ran more or less the same for supporters of both Alad V and Nef Anyo. During the mission, the Lotus directed the Tenno while Alad V or Nef Anyo commented, and Tyl Regor taunted them. Some of the dialogue varied where indicated depending on which side the Tenno had chosen.

(if the Tenno sided with Alad V) Alad V: "Ah Tenno, I knew you couldn't resist an opportunity to stick it to those Grineer dogs."

Lotus: "Helping Alad V after all he's done to hurt the Tenno is a difficult choice, but if we can destroy these Grineer labs, then the compromise is justified. Get to the pump station."

(if the Tenno sided with Nef Anyo) Nef Anyo: "Tenno, it pleases the Void to see you taking the first steps toward righteous profit. Go forth, and remember, the Void is watching."

Lotus: "We cannot trust Nef Anyo, but he's brought us this far, so we need to live up to our end of the agreement. Find the pump station."

The Tenno were directed to head to a specific area of the facility.

(upon arriving) Lotus: "You've reached the pump station. Look for weak points in the pipes and break them open."

The pump station was guarded by a door that the Tenno had to hack in order to bypass. Inside, the Tenno had to find an enclosed inner room where large pipes were set into the floor. There were three vulnerable "maintenance hatches" that needed to be destroyed, opening up large holes in the pipes.

(after destroying all the hatches) Lotus: "Good, now start the pumps and flood this place."

In a nearby room was a large computer console that needed to be hacked.

(upon hacking the terminal) Lotus: "The pumps have started. Guard the controls; the Grineer must not stop the flooding."

The Tenno needed to defend the console from oncoming Grineer for 60 seconds. As the pumps worked, water flooded the lower levels of the room, rendering them impassable.

(variant) Tyl Regor: "Tenno lizards, scampering 'bout my house. Messing with my work… contaminating my science. Who let them in? Which twit did this thing?"

(variant) Tyl Regor: "Needs to be secret. Needs to be clean… this house. Not some dirty Galleon… hatch open… for trespassers to spread their filth."

(variant) Tyl Regor: "Jealous… that's why you've come. My tubemen are too healthy, too resilient, too strong... too vicious! No, wait… that's not jealous – that's frightened."

(variant) Tyl Regor: "Old Grineer… life too short… mind too small. My tubemen overcome… leave old mistakes behind… 'n all of a sudden, along slither the Tenno, sick, sick things… here to ruin this flesh made right."

(variant) Tyl Regor: "You hate my science. Hate my tubes, 'n my tubemen! But I have the numbers, add those numbers… mix those waters. Grow the tubemen… so they kill forever!"

(once the pumping process finishes) Lotus: "Flooding complete. Proceed to the caves below."

From here the Tenno were waypointed to lower levels of the facility to a cloning laboratory. There are two different variants of laboratory that can appear in the mission, each with their own set of objectives.

Research Drones

(if the Tenno sided with Alad V) Alad V: "You've arrived. Tyl Regor's advanced Grineer cloning labs. His secrets will be mine."

Lotus: "Activate that console and I will download the lab data for Alad. When the cloning tubes rise up, destroy them."

(if the Tenno sided with Nef Anyo) Nef Anyo: "Praise the Void, Tenno, for it has led you into the cradle of evil."

Lotus: "This is the cloning lab. Raise the tubes and destroy them."

This laboratory variant featured a large room with two research cores containing cloning tubes. The cores could be hacked at their base, causing the cloning tubes to extend, whereupon they could be shot and destroyed. Alternatively, each core also had a console located on a high platform nearby that required parkour to reach. Once the console was hacked, the research core would be subjected to a massive electrical discharge that would shatter the tubes.

(while destroying cloning tubes, variant) Tyl Regor: "Sick thing you're doing, Tenno. Suppose I can't blame you though… these'll be full grown soon… 'n we both know what'll happen when they grab hold of a tender little thing like you."

(while destroying cloning tubes, variant) Tyl Regor: "Try to stop my science? My progress… the inevitable… that's impossible. Too many numbers now… 'n when the research is finished… so many more."

There was also a smaller inner room with three research drones clustered around a vat of genetic slurry. These drones were actually Grineer scientists encased in robotic bodies and held in place by the laboratory apparatus. A larger, robotic security drone slowly swivelled overhead, supervising them. The Tenno had to destroy each research drone's mechanical manipulators. If the security drone saw the Tenno, it would sound the alarms. Alternatively, there was a console hidden in a secret room underneath the lab. If it was hacked, the security drone would go haywire and eventually explode, taking out the research drones. This could not be done if the security drone had been alerted prior.

(upon approaching the research drones) Lotus: "Tyl Regor's research drones are crucial to this operation. Neutralise them."

(once the lab is sabotaged) Alad V: "Is this it? Is this what I've been searching for? The fix, the fix that will stop my flesh from crawling?"

(once the lab is sabotaged) Nef Anyo: "Can you feel that, Tenno? The Void has shown Alad V and Tyl Regor the brunt of its justice. The Void be the word, and the word be Profit."

(if the Tenno sided with Nef Anyo) Lotus: "It's done. This lab won't produce any more of Tyl Regor's killers."

Lotus: "These labs will be out of commission for a long time. That's what matters most. Get to extraction, Tenno."

(if the Tenno sided with Alad V) Tyl Regor: "So it was you, Alad, bringing them into my house? Why? You gone n' ruined your own skin 'n now you want my tubes to set you right? [short chuckle] Not gonna happen... rather watch you rot."

(if the Tenno sided with Nef Anyo, variant) Tyl Regor: "Neffy, Neffy. Should have known. Should have put two and two in combination… no surprise… no surprise at all… to find a bottom-feeder at the bottom of the sea."

(if the Tenno sided with Nef Anyo, variant) Tyl Regor: "Attack me? My science? Maybe you thought you were dealing with that legless parrot… NO! I'm no Hek. You give me a Fomorian fleet 'n you get a different outcome… hellish outcome."

Manic Bombard

(if the Tenno sided with Alad V) Alad V: "This is Tyl Regor's latest and greatest. Pity this one's still brewing; would have been interesting to see it in action. Nevertheless, I need you to retrieve any data that can help me with my predicament."

Lotus: "Access the console so that I can find Alad V what he needs."

(if the Tenno sided with Nef Anyo) Nef Anyo: "Behold! Tyl Regor's latest abomination! Let the Void work through you, and strike the beast down!"

This laboratory variant featured a near-mature specimen of Tyl Regor's tubemen – a Manic Bombard – in an incubation chamber on the upper level of the lab, directly in front of the Tenno as they entered. As the Tenno approached, the tubeman would be released from his incubator and carried down a column to be affixed in a restraint system on the lower level of the lab. There were also two canisters of Grineer Toxin on the floor of the upper level.

On the lower level was a lone Sensor Regulator patrolling the area. If it spotted the Tenno, or if the Tenno attacked the Manic Bombard directly, the Manic Bombard would be released to fight against the Tenno, and the Tenno would have to kill it in battle.

Alternatively, the toxin canisters could be inserted into the computer systems to the right and the left of the Manic Bombard, and each computer hacked. Upon doing so, the system would inject the toxin into the Manic Bombard, killing it in its restraints at no risk to the Tenno. EIther way, once the Manic Bombard was dead, the objective was complete.

(once the tubeman is dead) Alad V: "Most agreeable of you, Tenno. Yes, you know what I always say: If you can save just one life… it better damn well be mine."

Lotus: "These labs will be out of commission for a long time. That's what matters most. Get to extraction, Tenno."

(if the Tenno sided with Alad V) Tyl Regor: "Oh, look… it's Alad the coward…. Quivering behind the lizards? Shameful… never thought I'd see it. …Ha, who am I kidding? Always knew you had no bone in that back. Alad the jellyfish… stinky, floppy, jellyfish… washed up on the beach now… 'n then what are you going to do, jelly, when I come by and poke at you with my stick?"

(if the Tenno sided with Nef Anyo) Tyl Regor: "Preacher, preacher… this your idea? Ha… (Nef Anyo impression) 'Give unto the Void!' How 'bout I scalpel off your little danglers and give them unto the Void, hmm? What ya think 'bout that idea, Neffy?"

After the lab was sabotaged, one way or another, the Tenno could head to extraction.

Tenno who participated in an Active Conflict contributed to their side's victory meter. The more Tenno participated for one side, the stronger that side would become. Once the victory meter reached 100% for any one side (and thus 0% for the opposing side), that side would be declared the victor of that conflict, and another Active Conflict would begin.


A Tenno's event score was the number of Active Conflicts that Tenno completed in allegiance to one side. Each Active Conflict had to be run three times for one side in order to be completed and receive its Battle Pay. Examples of Battle Pay are listed below:

  • 20x Uncommon rank 5 Fusion Core (roughly 1000 endo)
  • 25x Rare rank 5 Fusion Core (roughly 2000 endo)
  • 50.000 credits
  • 75.000 credits
  • 150.000 credits
  • Orokin Catalyst blueprint
  • Orokin Reactor blueprint

Battle pay was delivered by inbox message after the Active Conflict was resolved. Alad V sent differing messages if the prize was credits…

Inbox message:
As Agreed, Your Payment

I have transferred [credit reward] into your account.

—Alad V

…or items such as Fusion Cores or blueprints.

Inbox message:
As Agreed, Your Payment


You did the deed and now here is your reward.

Keep fighting for me. There's plenty more where that came from. I'm so close I can taste it; I just need a little bit more information. You'll do it, I know you will, because you can't resist the chance to make those dogs squirm.

—Alad V

Nef Anyo similarly sent out different inbox messages, with the message differing if the prize was credits…

Inbox message:
The Void Giveth Unto You

The Void has bestowed [credit reward] to your account.

—Nef Anyo

…or something else.

Inbox message:
The Void Giveth Unto You


You gave unto the Void in the form of body and soul, and now the Void will give unto you, in the form of glorious wealth.

Will you stop, or will you press on and deny Alad the redemption he seeks? Let the Void guide you in this critical choice.

—Nef Anyo

Once the Tenno completed one Active Conflict, they were rewarded an event badge via inbox message from the Lotus.

Inbox message:
Tubemen of Regor: Badge


You have made a tough choice and followed through with decisive action. Wear this badge to memorialise this battle.

—The Lotus

After this, the event tracked how many Active Conflicts the Tenno completed for that same side. If the Tenno completed three Active Conflicts for Alad V, their event score would be 3 (Alad V), but if they then completed four Active Conflicts for Nef Anyo, their event score would be 1 (Nef Anyo).

If, at the end of the event, the Tenno had a score of 4 for any one side, they received either a Karak Wraith (if Alad V won the event) or a Dera Vandal (if Nef Anyo won the event). At the conclusion of the operation, the score was 14-11 in favour of Alad V (25 total Active Conflicts). Thus, Alad V was declared the victor, and he distributed via inbox message a Karak Wraith (with a weapon slot and pre-installed Orokin Catalyst) to every Tenno who had at least 4 event points (for either side). The inbox message varied depending on whether the Tenno had supported Alad V…

Inbox message:
A Token of My Gratitude

My path to good health is much clearer now. I must thank you for all your unwavering support during these troubled times. I always knew the Tenno were warriors of principle, but your vigour surprises even me. After that time I tried to capture and dissect you, I thought you might still be holding a grudge. Instead, you rallied to support a sick man. Truly, the Tenno are saints.

Or did you have another reason for supporting me? Here's your bonus. It's good to know your price, Tenno.

—Alad V

…or not.

Inbox message:
An Olive Branch


What can I say? You tried to keep me from my cure, but I won and you lost. I cannot blame you for your lack of support; my previous projects may have seemed "too aggressive" toward you. Can we put that behind us?

I want us to be friends, let bygones be bygones. As a gesture of my goodwill, I will give you the same bonus I gave my supporters, because… who knows, Tenno, you may still prove useful.

—Alad V


The Grineer Sealab tileset, along with the Sealab Sabotage game mode, was added into the game in Update 17. Tyl Regor would reference these events during the Natah quest. The now-healed Alad V (albeit now with purple scars on his face) showed up again during the Second Dream quest, once again a major player in the Origin System, having been freed from the hive mind of the Infestation. Nef Anyo went on to develop the Index and other ventures, and has not mentioned Tubemen of Regor since. The Dera Vandal, which was not released with this event, first showed up in Sortie Season 1, on 03 December 2015, roughly 6 and a half months after the conclusion of the event.

When this Operation was released on consoles, it played out similarly on XB1, but on PS4, Nef Anyo emerged victorious. Thus, the PS4 Tenno received the Dera Vandal from Nef Anyo, with different inbox messages depending on whether they had supported Anyo…

Inbox message:
The Void is Pleased

Tenno, listen closely and you will hear the Void singing your praises. Through its divine will, that impure wretch has been defeated and a mighty blow was delivered to Tyl Regor and his unbelieving dogs.

For your efforts, the Void has bestowed upon you a mighty weapon, but this weapon comes with a warning: what the Void gives, the Void may also take away.

Do you understand, Tenno?

With sincerity,
Nef Anyo

…or not.

Inbox message:
The Void Forgives

The Void's capacity for forgiveness is as vast as its capacity for giving.

Tenno, you went against the Void and sided with its enemy. It's fortunate, then, that the Void sees promise in you. It knows you are lost and wants me to give you something to help you find your way.

Remember this generosity the next time you are asked to make a choice.

With sincerity,
Nef Anyo

The Karak Wraith, therefore, was not released with this event. It first showed up in Sortie Season 1, on 18 December 2015, almost 6 months after the conclusion of the event (dates adjusted for console release).

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