Europa fragments


The icy moon of Jupiter known as Europa is home to one of the largest crash sites of the modern war. The scattered remains of a vast Corpus Obelisk litters the snowy landscape while the battle above wages on. On the otherwise lifeless surface, Corpus crew work to recover lost assets, tunnelling their way through the glacial interior and restoring any and all salvageable items until financial losses are recouped.


Lead by innovatory and elusive industrialists, and claiming to be descendants of Orokin lineage, the Corpus are dedicated to the accumulation of wealth. This elite ruling class operates an insular trade organisation using humans and robotics for labour and security, and has been condemned by the Seven as a merchant cult.

Europa Landscape

Living conditions are harsh on Europa. The surface of Jupiter's moon is flat and desolate, with a horizon of hard, compacted snow that appears endless. The jagged forms of a crashed Corpus Obelisk are the only real observable landmarks above ground. Underground are caverns and tunnels of opaque ice, and crystal lakes that may have formed naturally or from the residual heat of the crashsite.

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