Howl of the Kubrow

You are Tenno. You deserve a kubrow by your side.

Starting the quest

This quest becomes available after completing the Mercury Junction on Venus. After it has been unlocked, it can be activated from the Codex at any time. Upon setting it as the active quest, the Tenno will receive an inbox message from the Lotus.

Inbox message:

Dr Intehb,

You have had the Orokin Incubator Segment for months and still you've produced nothing but genetic rejects. You promised me a kubrow worthy of an Orokin prince, not a misshapen ball of hair and teeth.

At great expense, I have procured another batch of eggs from the forests of Earth. They will reach your facility on Elara shortly. Do not waste these as you did the last ones.

I will have a kubrow of my own. If you are not up to the task, I will find someone who is.

—Frohd Bek

Lotus: "So the Corpus have recovered an Incubator Segment? This is an excellent opportunity. Go to Elara and recover the Incubator Segment. Every Tenno deserves to have a kubrow by their side."

Ordis: "An Incubator Segment? You want to turn me into a petting zoo?— Ordis is happy to assist the Operator restoring ship functionality."

First Mission: Acquire the Incubator Segment (Unda, Venus)

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The mission is a Survival on the Corpus Ship tileset, with standard Corpus enemies. The Tenno must fight for 10 minutes while another operative retrieves the Incubator Segment. The mission has no quest-specific dialogue.

[on board Orbiter]

Ordis: "Joy. An Incubator. The only segment Ordis is glad— those savages looted— I would be happy to help you install it."

(if the Tenno idles) Ordis: "Ordis awaits Incubator Segment installation, Operator. No need to rush."

The Tenno must go to the inactive Incubator on board the Orbiter and install the segment.

Lotus: "Good. Now you just need a kubrow egg to start the process. Feral kubrow dens on Earth would be a good place to start looking."

Kubrow eggs can be found when destroying Kubrow Dens on the Grineer Forest tileset on Earth, or purchased from the Market. If the Tenno already has a kubrow egg, the quest automatically skips ahead. If the Tenno does not, another mission appears on Navigation.

Second Mission: Find a Kubrow Egg in Feral Kubrow Dens (E Prime, Earth)

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The mission is an Exterminate mission on the Grineer Forest tileset on Earth, with Frontier Grineer enemies. The real purpose of the mission is to find Kubrow Dens and destroy them for a chance to find a kubrow egg, although this objective is never indicated and it is possible for the Tenno to complete the mission without destroying a single Kubrow Den.

[on board Orbiter]

(if the Tenno has failed to find a kubrow egg, variant) Ordis: "No egg yet? Don't despair, Operator. Nothing good ever came out of an egg."

(if the Tenno has failed to find a kubrow egg, variant) Ordis: "Operator, are you ignoring the Incubator Segment? GOOD!"

(if the Tenno has failed to find a kubrow egg, variant) Ordis: "Ordis wonders how rare these kubrow eggs are."

(if the Tenno has found a kubrow egg) Lotus: "You found a kubrow egg. Ordis will guide you through the hatching process. When complete, you will have to wait until the kubrow matures before you can take it on any missions."

Ordis: "To think, it's been ages since a k-k-kubrow— spread filth all— graced this ship. Operator, drop the egg into the system to begin breeding— drop it on the floor."

Instructions for kubrow incubation are displayed on the Incubator. The Tenno will need one more item before proceeding: an Incubator Power Core. A fully built Power Core is awarded from the Mars Junction on Earth, and Power Cores can also be bought from the Market, either built (for platinum) or the blueprint (for credits). Once the Tenno has acquired an Incubator Power Core, they must begin the incubation process at the Incubator. This process takes 48 hours (24 hours if the Tenno has installed a Nutrio Incubator Upgrade Segment), but can be rushed for 15 platinum.

(while the kubrow is incubating, variant) Ordis: "Fantastic… it's hatching. Ordis will reroute power to air filtration systems."

(while the kubrow is incubating, variant) Ordis: "Do not be taken by its adorable appearance. It means to leak and smear all over my pristine insides."

(while the kubrow is incubating, variant) Ordis: "Look. What an odd little nose it has. Well, I suppose there are worse things."

(while the kubrow is incubating, variant) Ordis: "Operator, did you hear the noise the kubrow just made? It is... not displeasing!"

After the kubrow has hatched, it will be a puppy. It can be kept in this state indefinitely, but it cannot be used in combat, nor can the quest progress. In order to continue the quest, the Tenno must mature their kubrow using the Incubator. Maturation is an instant process with no cost, but is irreversible.

(after maturing the kubrow) Lotus: "Tenno, your kubrow has matured. Now, there is only one more rite of passage before you can truly be bonded. I have learned of a Grineer excavation which is said to have uncovered an Orokin-era kubrow collar. Take your kubrow to Earth and recover the collar."

The kubrow cannot be equipped in the Arsenal until the quest is complete.

Third Mission: Defend Your Kubrow in Combat (Gaia, Earth)

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The mission is a Defence on the Grineer Forest tileset on Earth. The defence objective is the kubrow itself, which will be actively participating in combat alongside the Tenno.

Lotus: "A recent Grineer excavation has uncovered an Orokin-era kubrow collar. The Grineer are not pleased about you taking their treasure. Defend the artefact until extraction arrives."

The Tenno will have to defend their kubrow against 5 waves of Frontier Grineer enemies. Interestingly, since the kubrow was not equipped in the Arsenal, it will fight alongside whatever companion the Tenno already has equipped, making this one of the few times a Tenno can fight a mission with both a kubrow and a sentinel.

[on board Orbiter]

Lotus: "It is done. The collar has been attached and the bond between Tenno and kubrow has been cemented."

Ordis: "Operator, you will remember to care for the beast, won't you? Ordis doesn't care either way… do I?"


Now that the Incubator is online and the collar obtained, the Tenno can proceed to breed other kinds of kubrow. Obtaining new kubrow follows the same rough process outlined in the quest: a kubrow egg must be obtained, along with an Incubator Power Core (these are consumed upon incubating a new kubrow and must be obtained every time). A Kavat Incubator Upgrade Segment, obtained as a drop from Hyekka Masters or from the Tenno Lab in the Dojo, enables the Incubator to breed kavats as well. The Nutrio Incubator Upgrade Segment, obtained from the Tenno Lab in the Dojo, makes the Incubator more efficient at breeding and maintaining both kubrow and kavats.

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