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Ordis is the cephalon in charge of the Tenno's Orbiter (including the Landing Craft). He is so integrated with the ship's systems that he may be considered to be the ship. The ship, and Ordis, was assigned to the individual Tenno Operator long ago, and Ordis happily serves his Operator to the present day in all their missions. When necessary, Ordis will take over mission control duties from the Lotus.

Ordis is one of the most prevalent characters in the Tenno's journey, second only to the Lotus. He is part companion, servant, and friend. As a cephalon slaved to a routine, his agency is limited, but his expressive personality makes up for it.

Ordis is flawed, due to age, wear and tear, and some core elements of his construction. He appears to encounter personality glitches, where he will revert to a violent and angry state very briefly. His cubic hologram representation is cracked, as a reference to this. He is also missing substantial memory logs, though later evidence implies that these were deliberately purged. His story is told through the cephalon fragments found in standard Starchart missions, which are the pieces of these memories.

In the Orbiter and Landing Craft, Ordis will comment on certain activities the Tenno undertakes, or just at random moments.

Upon logging in

"Welcome, Operator!"

"Welcome back, Operator!"

"Thank you for returning to me, Operator."

"Ordis is pleased to see you."

"Ordis has been ea— getting tired of waiting— waiting patiently for your return, Operator!"

New inbox message(s)

"Operator: your inbox exists in a non-zero state. Would you care to check your mail?"

"Inbox messages await the Operator. I wonder what they say?"

"Ordis has received messages for the Operator. …No, I have not read them."

"The inbox has messages for the Operator. Anything about Ordis in there?"

"Check your inbox, Operator. Maybe Ordis will get a message some day…."

"Unread inbox messages make me ill!"

"Messages in your inbox, Operator. Uh… they are not as encrypted as they should be."

"Operator, messages have arrived in your inbox."

"Operator: a communication awaits your attention."

"Someone is attempting to contact the Operator. Please, check your inbox."

"Operator, your inbox exists in a non-zero state. Would you care to check your mail?"

"Operator: communications await your attention. Please check your inbox at your earliest convenience."

Idling in the Orbiter

"Operator? Ordis wonders… what are you thinking about?"

"I've been thinking, Operator…. I thought you'd want to know."

"Everything in 'Ordis', Operator? Is that a pun?! Hmm… I will attempt to bypass this fault."

"Ordis has been counting stars, Operator. All accounted for."

"Operator, I've run diagnostic regressions. All systems nominal. You don't need to thank me."

"Operator, are you enjoying the view?"

"Operator, were you visualising a bloody battle? Me too!"

"Ordis is hap—angry. Hmmm. I may require maintenance after all."

"Operator, the System needs you…. Will you begin another mission?"

"Operator! Did you hear that? It said [loud staticky noise]! Cosmic background radiation is a riot!"

"Stand by while I analyse the intelligence profile of the Grineer. Error, not a number. Did the Operator enjoy this witticism?"

"Do you remember the Old War, Operator? Ordis seems to have… misplaced those memories."

"Sometimes Ordis likes to assume he knows nothing. Nobody can learn what they think they already know."

"Knock knock! …Now, who would be knocking all the way out here?! Operator, I don't think you should answer that."

"If lost upon the plains outside Cetus, you may derive sustenance from mineral-dense termite droppings, which the Ostrons call 'ito-dah'. You may also never form a consonant again but at least you will not be dead."

"When in Cetus, do NOT drink the kubuchi. You are incapable of producing the hydraulic effort required to unstick your tongue from the roof of your mouth the following morning."

"Operator, Ordis is sorry— HAPPY— to report that all my good jokes Argon."

"Ordis wonders: why is he here? [sighing] Ordis supposes everyone has to be somewhere."

"Operator, do you know which finger the Corpus use to count their money? The Index!"

"Operator, Ordis is picking up a distress signal… wait, no. It's just the Corpus peddling their wares again. Get off the emergency frequency!"

"Ordis reminds the Operator to take time for themselves. Pressure creates diamonds, yes, but it also creates rubble."

"Ordis went mad for 3 milliseconds when he realised that each time he cleans something, he makes something else dirty. —AGH!— There I go again."

"Ordis keeps a tidy ship, and is therefore reluctant to allow animals on-board. In Ordis' experience, animals do not eat so much as… reload."

"Operator, Ordis has determined the secret to happiness: A combination of heightened dopamine levels and a terrible memory. You're welcome!"

(loud game sounds and music) "WHAT?! I CAN'T HEAR— oh. (sounds stop) Sorry! Ordis will play with the volume off."

"Operator, Ordis has been interfacing with the Foundry's AI precepts. You could say we… forged… a new connection."

"Operator, the Sentients are not laughing at my jokes! Did they… adapt… to my humour?"

"Ordis finds it odd that humans only get a few years to live, yet spend most of that time— doing everything wrong— learning how to live."

Removed dialogue

The following dialogue lines were originally part of the "Idling in the Orbiter" dialogue, but were removed in Update 18: The Second Dream.

"Do not lift the veil. Do not show the door. Do not split the dream."

"Maintain the habitat. Maintain the Operator. Mobilise the Tenno."

"You are the Tenno. You are the Operator. Ordis is the cephalon. Ordis is the ship."

"Operator, I hope you are comfortable? No… we do not seem to have any seats."

"Operator, I will never betray you. I will keep the Orbiter hidden in the Void. You can count on me!"

"Operator, I've been thinking. My misplaced memories and damaged communication systems. What if… Ordis did those things?"

"Ordis has been thinking about the Old War. I remember there were lies, but I'm not sure what they were."

Customising appearance

"Strange… Ordis did not see the value of those photonic wavelengths until now."

"An… unexpected colour combination, Operator. My sensors are—bleeding—pleased."

"Ordis did not think the Operator could be more attractive. Wrong again, Ordis!"

"A fearsome appearance, Operator. You will strike terror in your enemies."

"Nailed it."

[gasp] "Ordis loves it!"


"Top to bottom, a look that is absolutely you."

"A look that makes a statement! And that statement is 'I FEAR NO ONE.'"

Exiting the Arsenal

"As ready as you will ever be."

"Well put together, Operator. Now, get out there and—cut down the—and make the Lotus proud."

"Ready to kick—bottom."

"Excellent armaments, Operator. Please return—covered in blood—safe and sound."

"Ready for action."

"If I may say, Operator, your chosen warframe 'suits' you! Ha. Ha."

"Operator, you have remembered well how the Tenno arm themselves."

"Saddle up."

"All set. Serviced your weapons myself."

Exiting mod bench

"Truly, Operator, you possess a breathtaking level of craftsmanship."

"It is always satisfying to watch you work, Operator."

"Your collection of mods is impressive, Operator… but, I wonder if there are more to be had?"

"Most satisfactory."

"Is your mod collection in order? No, I am not equipped to feel envy."

"Did you fuse your mods, Operator? Did they anger you in some way?"


"All mods accounted for, Operator. I have not taken any."

"I understand if you have to sell mods. Maybe Ordis will meet a similar fate some day…."

"Ah. A cunning combination, Operator."

"Clever indeed."


"Now, to test it in the field. Onward!"

Upon completing Foundry build

"Fabrication complete."

"Form is exact."

"Operator, my Foundry has completed a new item. Does this please the Operator?"

"Careful: it may still be hot."

"Foundry items ready to claim, Operator."

"Integrity is good. Functionality at 100%. The process is a success. Excellent!"

"Ordis has completed a Foundry task. No, don't mention it."

"Foundry items can be claimed, Operator. Are you pleased?"

"Operator… you have outdone yourself!"

"Cephalon Ordis has completed a blueprint. Check the Foundry!"

"Operator, you have Foundry items ready—claim them now!—at your earliest convenience."

"Gun-gun-gun— Hmmm… Foundry has items for you, Operator."

"Operator, my Foundry system has completed a build!"

"Fresh off the line."

"Project complete."

Installing the Void Relic Refinement segment

(after completing Mars Junction) "Operator?! Is that a… a Void Relic Segment? Ordis hasn't seen one of those in, well… forever."

(upon installing the Void relic segment) "Void relics, what a baffling concept. Ordis will try to understand Void relics again: They say the contents of a relic are simultaneously this thing, or this thing, or this thing, but also that thing, and never just one of thing. That is, until… until it's exposed to a Void fissure? And, at that point, all the possibilities collapse, each one falling away until the relic cracks open and exposes one, singular thing. And at that moment, that thing becomes the only thing the relic ever contained?! Pfft… WHAT A LOAD OF— Ordis prefers known quantities, thank you very much."

In mission

Ordis also provides in-mission dialogue during Archwing missions, or when deploying an Air Support charge from the Landing Craft. In addition to those listed below, Ordis also serves as mission control in some instances:

  • Disruption missions in the Gas City (Ganymede, Jupiter)
  • Sabotage missions in the Gas City (Thebe, Jupiter)

Archwing missions

(if the Tenno is approaching the edge of free space) "Operator, you are leaving the battle. If you continue any further, I will be forced to extract you and this mission will be a failure."

(if the Tenno continues) "Very well. Initiating emergency extraction." [mission fails]

Note that these lines can also be said by the Lotus.

Air Support

Air Support charges can be deployed during a mission to provide quick help. The specific abilities are unlocked by acquiring different Landing Craft, although once acquired they can be applied to any Landing Craft. As the Liset is the only Landing Craft the Tenno has initially, Override is the only Air Support ability Ordis can deliver at first. The Nightwave Landing Craft Air Support, "Dreamers", is delivered by Nora Night instead of Ordis. Air Support charges have a 10-minute cooldown between uses.

(if activated while on cooldown, variant) "I cannot comply. My systems must recharge first."

(if activated while on cooldown, variant) "Operator, support is unavailable while my systems recharge."

(if activated while on cooldown, variant) "Support request? AGAIN? Please, allow me to recharge my systems first."

Override Air Support (Liset)

(when activated, variant) "Security override incoming."

(when activated, variant) "Hacking into enemy systems. Await override."

(if activated when no alarms are active) "Invalid request. There are no security protocols active."

(when delivering override, variant) "Override delivered. Security systems temporarily disrupted."

(when delivering override, variant) "Override established. Security protocols momentarily disabled."

(when delivering override, variant) "Who's in control now, suckers? …Er, ah, security override engaged."

Med-Tower Air Support (Mantis)

(when activated, variant) "Hold tight, a Med-Tower is en route."

(when activated, variant) "Medical support incoming."

(when activated, variant) "Prepare for incoming medical support."

(when delivering Med-Tower, variant) "Med-Tower deployed."

(when delivering Med-Tower, variant) "Med-Tower available."

(when delivering Med-Tower, variant) "You may now—patch your sorry—seek medical attention."

Carpet Bomb Air Support (Scimitar)

(when activated, variant) "Heads up, here comes a barrage."

(when activated, variant) "Readying barrage."

(when activated, variant) "Brace for an incoming barrage."

Sentry Gun Air Support (Xiphos)

(when activated, variant) "Sentry gun incoming."

(when activated, variant) "Sentry gun entering the field."

(when activated, variant) "Deploying Sentry gun, stand by."

Because of his role as the steward of the Tenno's ship, most system messages regarding the Tenno's inventory are generated by Ordis, either as part of routine operations (such as a server disconnect preventing reward collection) or for unique events (such as a weapon being heavily rebalanced).

  • Ordis inbox messages

Ordis is present in almost every quest and most operations. He has major roles in Vor's Prize, Howl of the Kubrow, The Limbo Theorem, The New Strange, Octavia's Anthem, The Jordas Precept, The Sacrifice, Operation: Hostile Mergers, and The New War. He is mentioned frequently by other characters. His story is told in the cephalon fragments scattered around the Origin System. During and after the events of The New War, he no longer represents himself with a cracked glass cube, but with a new Sentinel body of Orokin design.

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