Ordis Dialogue: Gas City Disruption

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Ordis acts as mission control for Disruption missions on the Gas City of Jupiter, following their introduction in Operation: Hostile Mergers. These missions take place during Alad V's Sentient partnership, when the Lotus was unavailable to issue missions to the Tenno. This mission only takes place on Ganymede, Jupiter, though it can also appear in Sorties, time-limited Alerts, and other unique missions. Disruption missions on other planets and tilesets are handled by Little Duck.

Mission start

This mission type requires the Tenno to activate security conduits and defend them from Amalgam Demolysts. Mission control is provided by Ordis, with frequent taunts from Alad V. Some of Alad V's transmissions are distinct from his usual ones, spoken in a lower tone of voice and with a darker camera view, and a camera angle high above his head. These transmissions were mostly addressed to an individual called CT, and not intended for the Tenno. It is implied that Ordis is hacking Alad's systems to show these transmissions to the Tenno.

Upon entering the Gas City, the Tenno must hack a door to proceed. 

Ordis: "Ordis is detecting Sentient waveforms, Operator. Strange interlink. Splattered in Corpus crosstalk. Bypass that console so we might get a better understanding…."

Alad V: "Oh no! You've caught me! Me and my little partnership! Where's that Lotus when you need her? Now, sniff-sniff, Betrayers. See if you can find the cheese."

(upon hacking door) Ordis: "Outgoing communications cipher. Not much of a trick for Ordis, is it? Oh, how scandalous! Alad's system has a back door! Shall we… listen in?"

Alad V (to CT): "Ah, more test subjects have arrived. Right on schedule. CT, prepare my Amalgams for further… evolution. I've baited the traps."

(upon approaching conduits) Ordis: "These conduits are the source of those Sentient waveforms. This may be worthwhile if we can find the key component… but it does seem a tad convenient, doesn't it?"

Beyond the door, the Tenno will encounter four "conduit" terminals of Sentient design, spread across two large nearby tiles. Vapos Corpus enemies will spawn in high numbers, accompanied by occasional Amalgams. Upon death, Amalgams drop keys that can activate the terminals.

(upon picking up first key, variant) Alad V: "Almost there, you clever vermin! But what to do next? Can you feel that coming rush? That cocktail of unflinching violence and pseudo-random rewards? Mm, good for business."

(upon picking up first key, variant) Alad V (to CT): "Showtime, CT. Inform our Partners another trial has begun. Prep interference routines. Bait and wait… it's time for Alad V to get back on the corporate map, yes!"

Inserting the keys into the conduit terminals triggers a 2-minute countdown, along with a hazard or, more rarely, a boon for the Tenno, which would last for the duration of the conduit activation. In addition, a Demolyst will spawn somewhere on the map, and immediately head towards the active conduit. This Demolyst is essentially an improved Amalgam unit that periodically pulses a nullifier field. If it reaches the conduit, it will charge up for roughly 3? seconds before detonating, destroying itself and the conduit. If it is killed before it can detonate, the conduit is successfully defended and the countdown ends. If the Demolyst is somehow prevented from reaching the conduit until the countdown ends, the conduit is also considered defended.

If the conduit was projecting a hazard and was destroyed, the hazard will persist for the rest of the round. If the conduit was projecting a boon and was defended, the boon will persist for the rest of the round. In all other outcomes, the condition ends once the conduit is no longer active.

Upon activating conduit

Alad V: "In battle, advantage goes to the one most willing to die. And my Demolysts, Tenno? Well, they aren't just willing… they want it."

Alad V: "As a man with everything to lose, I make a point of employing the opposite. Release the Demolyst!"

Alad V: "Demolyst! Target the conduit… and claim your glory!"

Alad V: "Demolyst! Light your fuse!"

Alad V (to CT): "CT, time for a Demolyst."

Alad V (to CT): "CT… they've accessed a conduit. [sigh] Deploy a Demolyst!"

Alad V (to CT): "Conduit activated! CT, send in a Demolyst."

Alad V (to CT): "They're preoccupied! Now, CT, the Demolyst!"

Activating first conduit on subsequent rounds

Alad V: "I see. Another round? Good to see my greed wearing off on you!"

Alad V: "Disciples, remember your vows. Increase profits, and decrease… Tenno!"

Alad V: "Greedy, are we? I admire that, Tenno."

Alad V: "Feeling a bit… out of sorts, Tenno? Noticing any… performance problems with that metal seashell of yours?"

Alad V: "I've taken my knocks in the past, but, Tenno, you seem a bit sluggish, a bit spent. Are you sure you want to continue?"

Alad V (to CT): "Bait followed by battery followed by bait. I'm getting bored. CT, let's salt our interference routines and dispatch the next Amalgams, yes."

Alad V (to CT): "CT, permute the next interference routines. They had better work this time."

Alad V (to CT): "Relentless, even when they're spinning on the spit. CT, signal the supply decks. We're going to need additional 'volunteers' for conversion."

Alad V (to CT): "This has gone far enough. CT, cycle the interference routines. We need to knock these freaks down a notch."

Alad V (to CT): "I need to cut my losses, quick. CT, dispatch updated interference routines… and, uh… lower the room temperature, could you?"

Upon activating conduit with a boon

Alad V (to CT): "What… what if we make the Tenno more of a threat… really see what these Amalgams can do?"

Alad V (to CT): "Let's flip the program, and see what these Amalgams can do."

Alad V (to CT): "CT, invert the algorithm. Give them a little false hope."

Alad V (to CT): "CT, the model is getting a bit predictable. A little morale boost might be good for conditioning, yes."

Alad V (to CT): "Let the Betrayers have a little fun while we crunch the numbers."

Alad V (to CT): "Give the Betrayers a little hope, and we'll sink the hook deeper."

When a conduit is destroyed

Alad V: "Don't be discouraged! Failure has made you what you are… a failure."

Alad V: "Betrayers, frustrated yet? Get used to it."

Alad V: "Will you try again? Will you give me another reason to laugh?"

Alad V: "A pity… you could have used that. Hmm, but I'm bad at sharing, you know."

Alad V: "This week on Nightwave: Tenno lose big, give up on life! Details at the next cycle."

Alad V (to CT): "Finally. Some investments take longer to earn out."

Alad V (to CT): "These disciples finally show some merit. Credit where credit is due: I am an excellent leader, yes."

Alad V (to CT): "CT, fast-track these disciples for promotion… I mean… conversion, of course."

Alad V (to CT): "I thought you were better than this! You're making me look bad in front of my new business associates."

When a conduit is defended

Ordis: "Scans indicate these Conduits are connected to a massive stockpile of resources. Just how long is the Operator planning to fight for?"

Alad V: "Take your trinkets. A small price to pay for a superior product."

Alad V: "Good! Keep it up. Every single bit-stream of this carnage only makes me richer."

Ordis: "Impressive! Ordis is just fluttering with anticipation! What will the Operator—murder—find next?"

Alad V: "Thank you for your generous brutality and violence! My Amalgams have never been better!"

Alad V (to CT): "What did they get? This is spiralling on us. I'm haemorrhaging inventory."

Ordis: "Operator, the stockpile of tech and resources connected to these conduits seems beyond Alad's means. Where did he get all this?"

Ordis: "Ordis thinks Alad will miss this."

Alad V: "The smart move would be to walk away while you still can. Consequences aren't your strong suit, are they?"

Alad V (to CT): "CT, transfer more disciples and begin conversion at once. We're deep in the red now."

Alad V (to CT): "I don't like this. Inventory as bait was a mistake. What do I do now?"

Alad V (to CT): "More losses. More debt. How am I going to explain this to that… that thing?"

Alad V: "Oh, are you still floating there? Like a twit tetrapod, oblivious to the rising heat."

Ordis: "Ordis will add this to the pile."

Alad V: "Ready for more, Betrayers? I have to admire your greed! Sure! Let's go again!"

Ordis: "Excellent find. Might the Operator now consider returning to the warm embrace of the Orbiter?"

Alad V (to CT): "Steady… steady now, follow the plan. Trials make data, data is sold, Amalgams evolve… Tenno die. And I won't have to beg for mercy from the Partners."

Alad V (to CT): "Keep the losses on the quiet channel, CT. Sweep this from the records."

Alad V (to CT): "Useless disciples! CT, is it so hard to get good help these days? The sooner they're all Amalgams, the better."

Alad V (to CT): "CT, rescan the comm channels. I can't shake the feeling that someone's listening in. The Board? Our Partners? I don't know."

Upon finding conduit failsafe

Hidden in an out-of-the-way room can be found a datamass. This datamass can be inserted into an active conduit projecting a hazard in order to cancel the hazard.

(upon finding conduit failsafe, variant) Ordis: "Some kind of failsafe? If placed in a conduit, it will cancel the running interference routines. Use it wisely, Operator; there's only one!"

(upon finding conduit failsafe, variant) Ordis: "You found a conduit failsafe. This will likely cancel active interference. There's just one, Operator. A real tactical dilemma, isn't it?"

When an Amalgam is killed

Alad V (to CT): "The data's good, at least. Worth more than a few trinkets to our business partners, yes."

Alad V (to CT): "CT, integrate this for the next generational cycle. We need to recoup… aggressively."

Alad V (to CT): "Unfortunately. But this is how evolution works. One generation closer to an Amalgam they just can't kill."

Alad V (to CT): "Wasteful, but failure teaches faster. Our Partners will be pleased."

Alad V (to CT): "Another weakness revealed and removed. Who knew these violent prongs would be so good at science!"

Alad V (to CT): "This is getting out of hand."

While waiting for next round

Alad V: "Is that all you're good for?"

Alad V: "Stay awhile… stay… forever!"

Alad V: "We're just getting reacquainted. Don't leave the party just yet!"

Alad V: "Smell that? Newly evolved Amalgams, fresh from the oven! Want a taste?"

Alad V: "You could have so much more…."

Ordis: "For how much longer will the Operator play along with Alad's twisted game?"

Ordis: "May Ordis suggest extraction? Nothing Alad has is worth your life."

Ordis: "Ordis knows the Operator has the wisdom to choose comfort and safety over material gain. Ordis… is right, is he not?"

Alad V: "You're greedy, Tenno, very greedy. It's an inspiration to us all."

Alad V: "Don't leave, Betrayer! Think of all the science we could be doing…."

Alad V: "Impressive performance, Betrayer. But, if you don't mind, we're going to change things up."

Alad V: "Keep testing me, Betrayers. And I'll keep testing you."

When a new round starts

Alad V: "The next Amalgam cycle will show you what it means to be on the bleeding edge."

Alad V: "Destroy them, my Amalgams!"

Alad V: "We have unfinished business. Shall we?"

Alad V: "So… feeling better, Tenno? I can fix that."

Alad V: "Another roll, Betrayers? I think your number's bound to come up."

Alad V: "I told my Partners you were insatiable… but even I'm impressed!"

Alad V: "Let's see if that shiny Tenno luck holds."

When extracting

Alad V (to CT): "It's not an ideal outcome. I just hope it's enough to appease that flying freak." [sigh]

Alad V (to CT): "They'll be back. And my Amalgams will be waiting."

Alad V (to CT): "Costly. CT, send combat results to our Partners, but… omit our losses."

Mission failure

Alad V (to CT): "This… this is how we do it. CT, prepare the revised Amalgam routines for the next production cycle."

Alad V (to CT): "Well done, disciples. CT, promotions. Fast-track them for Amalgamation!"

Alad V (to CT): "That should keep the Partners happy. Or, at least, less… un-happy." [sigh]

Alad V (to CT): "Disciples performing well. Perhaps I should start a profit-sharing program? [snickers] No."

Alad V: "Game over! You lose… but take comfort in what that means: that I win!" [laughs]

Alad V: "You got greedy, Tenno. Best leave that to a professional."

Alad V: "Thank you, Tenno. By your thick-headed violent demonstration, my new Partner Amalgams are ready for full production!"

(if the Tenno uses all their revives, variant) Alad V: "I told the Partners you were stronger than this. You've made a liar of me."

(if the Tenno uses all their revives, variant) Alad V: "Look at all those shattered warframes! Zanuka's going to get a new litter!"

Game mode history

Disruption was first unveiled with Operation: Hostile Mergers in Update 25. The mission at Ganymede, Jupiter is identical to the Operation, and was also released with Update 25. In Update 25.7, Disruption was expanded to six new missions on other planets and tilesets. These missions had their own separate reward pools unique to their location (eg, credit caches on Neptune and kuva on the Kuva Fortress) and were handled by Little Duck instead of Ordis, with no enemy taunts. The Amalgam Demolysts were replaced with Demolishers, upgraded versions of enemy units fitted with explosive devices. Like Demolysts, Demolishers periodically pulse a nullifier field. Aside from minor tweaks to aspects such as reward tables and Demolyst power levels, Disruption has remained mechanically unchanged since its debut.

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