About the Curator

I'm GrayArchon. I've been playing Warframe on PC since the beginning of open beta in March 2013, with a couple of hiatuses when I've dropped the game, only to pick it up a few months later. I'm a Founder, LR2 (MR32), with 2700+ hours logged. I am also the warlord of a Ghost clan, Xurro.

I've seen this game grow and evolve into what it is today, and in directions I never imagined. Now, I focus a lot on helping out other players – partly in helping newcomers learn the game, which I mostly do through my clan, but also in providing a source for all the lore we encounter in Warframe. Due to its fragmented presentation, many players have access to only a fraction of the lore that has been given out. Messages from past events which players may have missed, text from out-of-game sources like the official website or YouTube channel, or even Codex entries that have since been removed from the game – the multitude of possible "gaps" in one's knowledge has the potential to engender unawareness, or worse: elitism and gatekeeping. The fan-made wiki can help, but does not possess the thoroughness some seek. This website seeks to fill that role.

I absolutely love the visual design, gameplay, story, and worldbuilding of Warframe. In my opinion, it's one of the most unique games out there in many ways. This website is a way for me to compile all of the lore of Warframe so that you can get your fix, or, if you're a newcomer, hopefully get you hooked too.

If you want to contact me, you can do so in-game (GrayArchon on PC), on the Warframe Forum, or on Discord (GrayArchon#7435).

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