Cinematic Prime Warframe Trailers

Starting with Saryn Prime, prime warframes often come with a cinematic trailer, narrated by Executor Ballas. His narration reveals tidbits of information about the nature of the warframes, and so they are contained here.

Saryn Prime

Vauban Prime

Nekros Prime

Valkyr Prime

Banshee Prime

Oberon Prime

Hydroid Prime

Mirage Prime

Octavia Prime

Gara Prime

Nidus Prime

Khora Prime

Revenant Prime

Hildryn Prime

Wisp Prime

Grendel Prime

Gauss Prime

Release notes

Prime warframes often release simultaneously with their Prime trailers, but there have been many exceptions, where the Prime trailer was delayed due to constraints on the animation team or other factors. The Hydroid Prime trailer in particular is notable for being released roughly three years after it would have normally come out.

After Mirage Prime, there was a long gap from 2017 – 2021 where no Prime warframes received Prime trailers, though some of these were accompanied by Leverian exhibits. Prime trailers resumed with Octavia Prime, but occasionally a Prime warframe will not receive a trailer (Garuda Prime and Baruuk Prime). In 2023, for the first time, a Prime trailer was released significantly before the Prime warframe was made available in-game (Grendel Prime).

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