Drusus Leverian Dialogue

A typical Leverian gallery. Screenshot by GrayArchon.

Drusus Leverian is the curator of a collection of Orokin-era artefacts, including warframes and other Tenno relics, which is creatively titled "The Leverian Collection".

Entering a gallery

Drusus will greet the Tenno according to the cumulative amount of credits the Tenno has donated to his museum.

Visiting the Leverian for the first time

"Hello there. So, first time, then? Drusus Leverian. Welcome to my humble cabinet of curiosities. Drop any donations in the little box. Now, the Leverian is a bit of a work in progress, but please do look around. I only ask you be gentle with the collection. The displays are quite valuable, quite rare, and some may still be… armed."

Less than 50.000 credits

"Hello again."

"Drusus Leverian. Welcome."

"Any friend of history is a friend of the Leverian."

"Feel free to look around. All donations are appreciated."

"Welcome. Try not to touch anything."

"Hello, hello! Exhibition is that way. Donation box just over there."

"Greetings! What piques your interest this fine day?"

"The Leverian exists thanks largely to the donations of patrons such as yourself – please leave a little something."

"Enjoy! And please leave something in the little box over there."

"Welcome to the Leverian. We are, of course, always open. Donations are appreciated."

Less than 250.000 credits

"Ah, lured back by the promise of knowledge?"

"The Leverian welcomes you once more."

"This place is sacred, Tenno. Tread lightly."

"History has taught me that people praise their ancestors because they never knew them."

"If you enjoy my displays, please, consider leaving a donation."

"The Leverian is always open. Care to leave something to help keep the lights on?"

"You know, I never stopped loving the Grineer. Or started, to be honest."

Less than 500.000 credits

"The Leverian's generous friend, welcome!"

"Welcome, friend! If you need anything, just call!"

"Welcome, once again, to the Leverian!"

"Tenno! I trust you are well."

"Your kind donation has gone toward further exhibits. History thanks you!"

"This is your history, Tenno. Your family."

"History. It's like time travel, without the consequences."

Less than 1.000.000 credits

"Tenno! Welcome! Please, enjoy."

"Welcome! Your more than generous contributions have aided the Leverian a great deal."

"The Leverian. The history you see here is in part preserved by your generosity."

"You are a friend, Tenno, and a champion of posterity."

"Ah yes, quite a story to this one. Take a closer look."

"Welcome! Now, square your shoulders, for you are in the company of greatness."

"History teaches us that we long for a better world, but hunger too quickly to do anything about it."

Less than 3.000.000 credits

"The voices of the dead ring out again – thanks to your largesse, Tenno. Continued largesse, I hope?"

"Tenno! Of course, the Leverian always has time for our more generous patrons. Welcome!"

"Tenno, an honour as always. We exist in part thanks to your generosity."

"Most valued patron, friend to history. Welcome!"

"Ah, most valued patron! The donation box is there, as always. Haha, hahahaha."

"'Money spent on education is never wasted,' he said, gesturing towards the donation box."

"Most generous Tenno, welcome. Our donation box stands ready, as always."

Less than 5.000.000 credits

"Tenno, I wasn't expecting your arrival. Please, um, make yourself at home, of course."

"Most generous patron, if it pleases you, may I elucidate as to this exhibit's storied history? It is quite riveting."

"Oh my, Tenno. You honour us."

"Tenno, your— your generosity has breathed new life into this humble museum. How may I serve?"

"Tenno, please. Allow me to escort you among the treasures your bountiful generosity has preserved!"

"Tenno, I've been considering one of those new Domestiks – would you recommend such a purchase?"

5.000.000 credits or more

"Our sole allegiance is to truth, Tenno. This place is testament to that."

"The future thanks her guardian, the most generous Tenno."

"Tenno. I am forever your most humble servant. How may Drusus serve?"

"Most honourable Tenno. Most vaunted patron. The Leverian awaits your pleasure."

"The Leverian welcomes her most valued patron."

"Tenno, the Leverian, and all her treasures, are open to you."

"We are forever in the company of those who have gone before."

"I find simplicity to be the height of sophistication."


The Leverian consists of many independent galleries, each dedicated to a particular warframe's exploits. The Leverian is not a single connected museum; each gallery is accessed through its respective warframe's entry in the Codex or Market. The galleries are listed below in order of the warframe's release and in order of Leverian gallery release.

Warframe release orderLeverian release order


At the entrance to each exhibit is a collection box for visitors to donate credits to the collection. Drusus' gratitude scales with the amount of the donation.

(1 – 999 credits, variant) "Mmmm hmm."

(1 – 999 credits, variant) "That's fine."

(1 – 999 credits, variant) "Well… anything helps."

(1.000 – 9.999 credits, variant) "Thank you."

(1.000 – 9.999 credits, variant) "Appreciated."

(1.000 – 9.999 credits, variant) "I will put it to good use."

(10.000 – 99.999 credits, variant) "Unexpected… I'm speechless."

(10.000 – 99.999 credits, variant) "Oh? Humbled, truly."

(10.000 – 99.999 credits, variant) "Very generous! Thank you."

(100.000 – 999.999 credits, variant) "A real patron of history! I am honoured."

(100.000 – 999.999 credits, variant) "Are you… sure? My sincerest thanks. "

(100.000 – 999.999 credits, variant) "This is too much… but I will accept it."

(1.000.000+ credits, variant) "Well- I um…R-Really…? Um…T-Thank you…!"

(1.000.000+ credits, variant) "Ahh… with that… I could buy my bo— a lavish gift for the Leverian!"

(1.000.000+ credits, variant) "You must be insane! A pleasure to meet you!"

The Leverian museum is mentioned in the bio of a possible Arbiters of Hexis crewmember, and in Disruption missions on Deimos.

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