Loid Dialogue: Disruption

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Loid acts as mission control for Disruption missions in Albrecht's labs. Mechanically, the missions are almost identical to Disruption missions on other tilesets; however, the keys that unlock Conduits are called "dockets", and the Demolishers are slow-moving Necramechs without a nullification field. Gruzzlings, which are also present in other missions in Albrecht's labs, are guaranteed to drop a docket when killed. Sanctum Anatomica Disruption missions are only seen on a single mission node: Armatus, Deimos. Like all Sanctum missions, it can only be accessed after completing the Whispers in the Walls quest. During the mission, the Tenno will also hear transmissions from Drusus Leverian and Parvos Granum.

Starting mission

Drusus: "My friend, without Dante, I need an associate to bring me the goods Parvos demands. To convey the gravity of my situation, I have relayed my comms with that Corpus robber baron to your ship's cephalon. I trust you can and will be that associate for me."

Drusus: "Tenno, if there was ever a time to find artefacts to donate to my plight, now would be that time. If I can't pay Parvos Granum soon, I'll lose the Leverian and all the knowledge stored within."

Drusus: "Tenno, if you can hear this, then you will have decided to act as my field associate. I need Entrati artefacts to keep Parvos Granum from taking control of everything I have built. I am counting on you, Tenno."

After hacking door

Loid: "Arterial Conduits, Albrecht's inter-lab transport and storage system for high-value goods and materials. If you can get them working, you should be able to find what Drusus needs… and more."

Loid: "System's up. You'll need the correct docket to open an Arterial Conduit. Start looking. Also, the conduits share the same technology that makes Keyglyphs so burdensome. I do regret implementing that now."

Loid: "All you need to get into an Arterial Conduit is the correct Docket. Ready for a hunt?"

Mission tips

(upon finding Conduit) Loid: "You found an Arterial Conduit, but you need the matching docket. Eximus may have them; Gruzzlings most definitely will."

(if the Tenno delays) Loid: "The Murmur have captured the dockets you need. Be aware: the Gruzzlings have a particular appetite for dockets."

(upon picking up first docket) Loid: "A docket. Excellent. Look for a Conduit with a matching glyph."

Upon activating conduit

(first Conduit of a mission) Loid: "That's it. Protect the Conduit and watch out for enemy Necramechs. They'll blow the whole apparatus up just to keep you out."

Loid: "Docket verified. Protect the Conduit until the transfer arrives."

Loid: "Legacy security protocols dictate that a Necramech must now demolish the Conduit. Do not allow that to transpire."

Loid: "Conduit activated. Explosive Necramechs incoming. Stop them."

Loid: "Security systems responding to your intrusion. Watch out for explosive Necramechs."

Loid: "Conduit transfer in progress. Stay focused."

Loid: "Explosive Necramech coming for that Conduit. Put it down."

Loid: "That was it. Conduit warming up for transfer."

Loid: "Eyes and ears open. The system thinks you're hostile and will do everything in its power to destroy the Conduit to thwart you."

Loid: "When you hear beeping, you know something explosive is coming your way."

Loid: "Conduit online. Let us hope this one has what Drusus needs."

(upon activating conduit with a boon) Loid: "Seems I still have limited control of the conduit's systems. I've converted this Conduit's burden to a blessing."

(upon activating conduit with a boon) Loid: "How are your systems? Feel a boost? You should; I just reversed that burden's effects."

(upon activating conduit with a boon) Loid: "With a little luck I was able to reverse the Conduit's burden. Can you feel the difference?"

(upon activating conduit with a boon) Loid: "I have managed to invert the polarisation of this Conduit's burden. It's working for you now."

When a conduit is destroyed

Loid: "Oh. They got one. Listen for the beeps."

Loid: "They blew it up. When they do that, you get nothing."

Loid: "That Conduit is now defunct. May I remind you that our friend Drusus is counting on you?"

Loid: "Lost one. Try again."

Loid: "They just took down a Conduit!"

Loid: "That one got through. Shake it off and get back in the fight."

Loid: "Damn. Lost one."

Loid: "Conduit destroyed. Please focus. That may have had what Drusus needed."

Gruzzling spawn

Loid: "Ugh… a Gruzzling. For whatever reason, those little horrors eat dockets as if they were sugared biscuits."

Loid: "A Gruzzling! It'll certainly have a docket, but it might also have the final chapter to the book I was reading."

Loid: "Oh great. Gruzzling in your area."

Loid: "Gruzzling nearby. That thieving freak is certain to have a docket."

Loid: "Gruzzling detected. That little monster will have a docket."

Loid: "Marking a nearby Gruzzling. They always have dockets. And probably half my library."

Loid: "Gruzzling in your vicinity!"

Loid: "A Gruzzling has appeared. (sarcastically) Hoo-ray."

Conduit failsafe

(upon finding conduit failsafe, variant) Loid: "Is that… why, yes, it is. A Conduit failsafe. This will negate any negative forces the Conduit has inflicted on you."

(upon finding conduit failsafe, variant) Loid: "A Conduit failsafe. An emergency off switch for the Conduit's negative burdens. A fortuitous find."

(upon bringing the failsafe to a conduit, variant) Loid: "That did it. Your Conduit burdens are no more."

(upon bringing the failsafe to a conduit, variant) Loid: "Conduits burdens wiped. Your timing is impeccable."

(upon bringing the failsafe to a conduit, variant) Loid: "Failsafe engaged. Feeling better?"

Upon completing a round

Loid: "New Conduits coming online momentarily. Steady yourself."

Loid: "A new set of Conduits is opening. Up for another round?"

Loid: "You are fighting admirably so far. Think you can handle another set of Conduits?"

Loid: "That's all of them. Stand by for more Conduits."

Loid: "Catch your breath. New Conduits will be appearing shortly."

Drusus: "Mr Granum, sir. I know you are a man of reason. So I ask of you the courtesy of a slight extension on this term's payment. Entrati artefacts are very difficult to come by and—"
Parvos Granum: "Drusus Thelonious Leverian, do you think me a gullible man? No. I desire precision. So does our contract, which clearly states: the penalty for missed payment is immediate forfeiture."

Parvos Granum: "Drusus, you do remember the penalty for late payment, don't you? Forfeiture."
Drusus: "Mr Granum… I… I assure you, it will not come to that. I'll have more artefacts for you very, very soon. My associate will come through for me."

Drusus: "My associate will have your goods imminently, but I must ask, why do you seek these… 'mementos' of Albrecht Entrati?"
Parvos Granum: "Drusus, you and I are not so different in this regard. I desire knowledge. Any wayward item that crossed his path may offer hidden insights."

Drusus: "Mr Granum. Payment. Promptly. As promised. Now… piss off."
Parvos Granum: "As you wish. Until the next payment's due."

Parvos Granum: "Is that all, Drusus? Doesn't look like much."
Drusus: "The goods provided exceed the agreed-upon sum by several times. Something any student of history could tell you. Such is the value of history. Hmm… in all your years, you've never learned this?"

Parvos Granum: "Drusus Leverian. What purpose does your Leverian serve? What does it build? What does it earn? Nothing. A dusty temple for idle history worship."
Drusus: "How dare you. It's… no such thing! You will get your payment. As agreed. My associate will make sure of it."

Parvos Granum: "If you truly desired greatness for the Leverian, you would have made it happen, Drusus. But you haven't. Instead, you idle away the years, content with unfulfilled dreams and comfortable mediocrity. I desire greater things from the Leverian and her archives."
Drusus: "You will get your payment, Mr Granum, and nothing more."

Parvos Granum: "When I take ownership of your museum and all its contents, will you, Drusus Leverian, be included? Make this easy for me, and I will make that transition comfortable for you. But if you prolong the inevitable…."
Drusus: "I… I… cannot lea— You… You will be paid. And I will keep the Leverian."

Parvos Granum: "Do you know the problem with glass, Drusus Leverian? It is so very fragile. But you wouldn't know anything about glass, would you, Drusus?"
Drusus: "As a museum curator, I do know this: when not handled carefully, glass will cut you."

Drusus: "Mr Granum, is this what you desire? You could furnish a hundred Leverians. When will you have enough?"
Parvos Granum: "When I find the artefact that speaks to me."

Parvos Granum: "Yes! I haven't seen something this beautiful since the days before the Old War."
Drusus: "My my. Was that an expression of… sentimentality, Mr Granum? Careful! You might develop an interest in something other than yourself."

Parvos Granum: "Drusus, this associate of yours seems uniquely resourceful. If they could be convinced to do my bidding, things would become much easier for you."
Drusus: "Do understand, Mr Granum: My associate is a friend performing a favour. To earn my friend's favour, you'd first have to learn compassion and empathy."

Parvos Granum: "Goods received. But… I must ask. You wouldn't hold back on me, would you? Your… hmmm… associate hasn't any warframes, have they?"
Drusus: "Mr Granum, our deal was for Entrati artefacts. If I did find a warframe, I assure you, it would not be for sale. And even if it was, you could never afford it."

Drusus: "Mr Granum. My associate is, as always, reliable. Your goods."
Parvos Granum: "Mm. I should hope nothing happens to this associate of yours. For your sake."

When next round starts

Loid: "New Conduits at the ready… if you can find the right dockets."

Loid: "What do you say, Tenno? Once more unto the breach?"

Loid: "New Conduits active. Time to start looking for dockets."

Loid: "You're on."

Loid: "Here we go again."

Loid: "Conduits up."

When extracting

Loid: "Quite the haul you've got there. Come and see me. I'd like to take some of it off your hands."

Loid: "Good work. Come and see me in the Sanctum to exchange what you've found."

Loid: "Given the circumstances, you've done very well."

Loid: "It's time. Come on home."

Loid: "All done. I'll put the kettle on."

Drusus: "Thank you, Tenno."

Drusus: "I owe you all my gratitude."

Drusus: "A true friend to the Leverian you are."

Parvos Granum: "You get to keep your dusty junk, Drusus, for now."

Upon failing

Loid: "We lost them all. It's over."

Loid: "You've lost this one. Get back to the Sanctum and regroup."

Loid: "All Conduits destroyed. There's no salvaging this mission."

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