Promotional Cinematic Trailers

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Digital Extremes occasionally releases cinematic trailers to promote upcoming releases, especially flagship updates such as The Sacrifice or The New War. These often do not appear within the eventual release client as cutscenes, and so exist outside the game. They are reproduced here for the background lore they may provide. In addition, lengthy gameplay demos are shown off at TennoCon each year, with some dialogue custom to the demo. Thus, transcripts are listed here as well.


The Call

The Profit

The Sacrifice (TennoCon 2017)

The New War (TennoCon 2018)

The New War (TennoCon 2019)

Gameplay demos

Plains of Eidolon, TennoCon 2017

Fortuna and Railjack, TennoCon 2018

Empyrean and Kuva Lich, TennoCon 2019

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