Cetus fragments

This page lists the Cetus fragments found by scanning the Thousand-Year-Fish statuettes on the Plains of Eidolon. Each contains a hidden fragment of a story narrated by Cetus Archivist Onkko. The hidden story is listed last.

Plains of EidolonAncient HistoryThe Tower's Flesh
Ostron PatoisTools of HarvestGrineer Excavations
AmpsThe Quills of CetusMerchants of Cetus
Remnants of OrokinThe Grineer TusksScavenging Way of Life
Harvesting the TowerCetusOstron Artisans
Teralyst EidolonThe OstronsPlains Animals
Life in CetusThe UnumThe Thousand-Year Fish (hidden)

After finding all 20 fish statuettes, the Tenno will receive an inbox message from Onkko containing an Orbiter decoration of the Thousand-Year Fish.

Inbox message:

You have searched long and hard to find all my fish. Yet, your success was always known. Will you discover the secrets within them, the layer hidden? To honour your achievement, the Quills bestow this statuette upon you.


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