Tools of Harvest

The Unum gives of herself, decreeing what parts of her Temple-body may be harvested for the good of Cetus. Drillers, climbing great scaffolds, punch cavities into the Temple wall, which are then packed with mighty shock charges. The call 'prepare to make fire!' echoes across the rooftops, and all know to clear the streets and alleys boomward of the harvest. The detonations rupture the sacred flesh, freeing great blanketpieces which are, in turn, pulled free and rolled down via the use of long billhooks. It is then the duty of agile balloon drop-drivers to deliver this bounty to the butchers below.

Flensers: those who carve up the Temple's flesh.

Eruptors: those who lay shock charges along chosen lines, and 'make fire', loosening the carved flesh for removal by balloon.

Retrievers: those who wring all oil from scrubs at the end of a shift.

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