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A conversation at Larunda Relay. Captura by GrayArchon

As we compile all the known information about the Origin System, it can be helpful to analyse our primary sources and arrive at a synthesis, a common understanding of the truth that is revealed to us in parts. These discussion posts will gather all the available lore on a particular topic and analyse it as a whole. Theorising will be kept to a minimum; the focus is on assembling the story, not making predictions.

Readers should feel free to contribute to the analysis, by comment or otherwise, and the discussion post will be amended to reflect significant contributions. As the lore of the Origin System and its inhabitants expands, the discussion posts will be updated in light of any new knowledge, so this section will be constantly evolving.

Timeline Discussions

Simplified Warframe timeline

Timeline Discussion: The Orokin and the Old War

Timeline Discussion: The Grineer-Corpus War and Project Tethra

Proposed: The Saga of Alad V

Proposed: The New War

Character Discussions


Albrecht Entrati

Faction Discussions



Proposed: Grineer

Proposed: Corpus

Proposed: Red Veil

Proposed: Cetus and the Ostrons

Proposed: Fortuna and the Solaris

Miscellaneous Discussions


Prime Warframe Cinematic Trailers

Zariman 10-0

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