"Call for Comics" contest

Some of Warframe's story is told outside the game, through alternate visual media such as comics – both webcomics and physical issues published by Top Cow Productions.

Due to the visual and artistic nature of these stories, it is recommended to view them in their original format and in their original locations. Links will be provided for this purpose. For the webcomics, we reproduce transcripts, while for the physical issues, we have very brief synopses, in the interest of encouraging readers to purchase the comics themselves.

"Fragments" webcomics

What Remains (tie-in to Octavia's Anthem)

Rell (tie-in to Chains of Harrow)

The Ascension (tie-in to Operation: Ghoul Purge)

Top Cow comics

Warframe: GHOULS, Part 1

Warframe: GHOULS, Part 2

Warframe: GHOULS, Part 3

Warframe: GHOULS, Part 4

Warframe: GHOULS, Part 5

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