Item Descriptions and Other UI Elements

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Within the inventory system of the game (and other interfaces, such as the Codex and Market), most items have short description text. Sometimes this text pertains to the item's in-game function and usage, as is the case with most weapons. Sometimes the text is just worthless filler, as is the case with most warframes. But for many items, especially resources and crafting ingredients, this text contains information linking the item to the larger world of the Origin System. These are reproduced below, for the purpose of archiving this kind of worldbuilding information.

In addition, certain game systems, such as Conservation or Ticker's debt dossiers, contain lore which is also kept on this page.

Item descriptions

Starchart resources

Plains of Eidolon resources

Orb Vallis resources

Deimos resources

Empyrean resources

Zariman resources

Duviri resources


Ticker debt dossiers

Plains of Eidolon Conservation

Orb Vallis Conservation

Cambion Drift Conservation

Corpus Trademarks and Logos

Solaris slang

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