About the Archives

The Orokin Archives is a compendium of information on the Origin System, assembled by the Curator, GrayArchon.

The Orokin Archives largely concerns the Tenno, including their nature, their exploits, and their history. Most of this information is gleaned from transmission logs and communication transcripts, which are stored here. Some texts have also been imported to the repository, such as memory-scripts obtained by Cephalon Simaris and legends compiled by Cetus Archivist Onkko. Where necessary, the text has been slightly altered such that it adheres to a unified style guide. The vast majority of these alterations involve punctuation, capitalisation, or spelling, and do not precipitate fundamental changes in the record.

All entries can be reached via the Navigation Hub. Navigation bars at the bottom of each page can be used to retrace your steps or access other sectors. Please notify the Curator if you identify errors with any entry or the archive itself. Feel free to contribute to discussion posts, or in any other way you are inclined. The archive is currently still under construction. If you’d like to support the website to cover hosting costs, you can help by sending a Ko-Fi.

Important note: Bots often leave spam comments on this site for some reason, so if you wish to leave a comment, please make it clear that it’s coming from a person. Comments that discuss the content are appreciated. Comments that are irrelevant, overly generic (eg “Loved this post!”), or contain shady links will be presumed to be spam and deleted. Apologies if you get swept up in the bot-purge.

Good fortune to you as you explore the knowledge of the Origin System, and enjoy your visit to the Orokin Archives!

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