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After the Tenno reaches rank Illuminate with the Cavia, they will unlock a new activity called Deep Archimedea. Access to Deep Archimedea requires spending two Netracell search pulses per week, and draws from the same reward pool, with altered drop rates. Deep Archimedea is a set of three missions within Albrecht's labs that must be completed in sequence, in a single attempt. Each mission has additional difficulty modifiers, and the Tenno may choose to add other restrictions and modifiers in order to bolster their reward chances. The Necraloid acts as mission control, replacing the normal mission control for these missions (so an Exterminate mission in Deep Archimedea will not feature any dialogue from Bird 3, for example). Loid also has occasional dialogue at the end of the sequence.

This dialogue page is not complete and will be filled in as additional mission types are seen in the future.

Mission One


(mission start, variant) "Elemental resources. Highest possible purity. You don't need to know why; you only need to procure them and procure them now. Crucible marked. Go."

(mission start, variant) "Pure elemental resources are essential to the completion of this experiment. Crucible marked. Impress me."

(mission start, variant) "Without elements of the highest purity, our efforts will fail. Should we fail, the enemy succeeds; if the enemy succeeds, the manor falls. The manor will not fall. Crucible marked."

(mission complete, variant) "Elements tagged and bagged. Ready for more?"

(mission complete, variant) "Those elements will do nicely. Shall we proceed?"


(mission start, variant) "Updating mission parameters. Secure key materiel from Arterial Conduits. I shall monitor your progress from here."

(mission start, variant) "Lock and load. Your task is the retrieval of valuable materiel from Arterial Conduits. Make it happen."

(mission complete, variant) "Verifying. Arterial payloads are intact and laboratory-ready; on to the next!"

(mission complete, variant) "You got everything we needed. I would hazard to say this is going swimmingly so far."


(mission start, variant) "The enemy has massed and moves to strike at the heart of our labs and, from there, the manor. Phase one: repel the assault. Phase two to be initiated on the move."

(mission start, variant) "Incoming assault. Respond and repel. Situation evolving. Expect updates. Move!"

(mission complete, variant) "Counterattack successful. Fingers off triggers. Stand by for orders."

(mission complete, variant) "Murmur forces eliminated. Analysis has suggested a logical course of action."


(mission start, variant) "Master Entrati's experiments have gone a tad… awry. Significant off-gassing of elements harmful to you but not, alas, the Murmur. Please accept life support as I attempt to rectify remotely."

(mission start, variant) "Bugger. The experiments have boiled over. Dropping life support. Prevent enemy vandalisation while I get things under control from this end."

(mission complete, variant) "Experiments stabilised. Very good. Let's continue."

(mission complete, variant) "Well done. Live and learn. Last time I leave one of those unattended. Moving on."

Mission Two


(mission start, variant) "All right, we need elements, and we are short on time. No time for a conversation; just go. Crucible marked."

(mission start, variant) "Now, be aware: this next stage is going to require high-quality elements, and lots of them. Proceed to the marked Crucible."

(mission complete, variant) "Elemental resources still warm, just the way I like them. All right. One more thing to do, and we can all go home."

(mission complete, variant) "Well done. Yes. Those will serve quite handily. All right, let's wrap this up."


(mission start, variant) "Arterial Conduits. Located… here. Move in. Secure. Retrieve materiel. Go."

(mission start, variant) "Check your HUD. You're going to be retrieving a supply of key scientific materiel from tagged Arterial Conduits. In and out. Hop to."

(mission complete, variant) "Quick and clean. Top-notch. Initiating final phase."

(mission complete, variant) "Arterial materiel received. Stand by for orders."

Mirror Defence

(mission start, variant) "Phase Two: the Murmur are converging on Master Entrati's sensor arrays. Loid is utilising those to analyse Murmur behavioural patterns. Protect them at all costs! Go!"

(mission start, variant) "Redirect to sensor arrays at marked location. They are key to furthering our understanding of the Murmur. Ensure the enemy does not succeed in destroying them!"

(mission complete, variant) "Sensors remain online, and they tell me the Murmur have redirected. Stand by for update."

(mission complete, variant) "Eyes and ears are 20/20. Stand by. Initiating Phase Three."


(mission start, variant) "Murmur interference has dropped pressure in key experiments. Toxic compounds have become airborne. Sending life support. Prevent further damage while I stabilise things."

(mission start, variant) "We're just in time! The Murmur have damaged Master Entrati's experiments, polluting this section. Take this life support and keep them busy while I try to ventilate the area."

(mission complete, variant) "You can breathe easy. Had we been a minute later, the off-gassing would have had a terminal effect on Loid's experiments as a whole. Stand by for final orders."

(mission complete, variant) "Air is clear. The threat to Loid's current sequence is almost nullified. Just one last thing to take care of."

Mission Three


(mission start, variant) Necraloid: "Home stretch. Crucible marked. Loid's brief demands the urgent retrieval of high-quality elemental resources. Prevent enemy sabotage of same. Go."

(mission start, variant) Necraloid: "Crucible marked. The enemy would deny Loid access to high-quality elemental resources critical to his ongoing studies. Deny. Retrieve. Return. Phase Three initiated. Go!"

(mission complete, variant) Necraloid: "Elements secured. That's what Loid was after. Well done. And well done me, I suppose. I'm really not designed for this kind of thing."

(mission complete, variant) Loid: "I'll take those samples, thank you. 99.3% purity. Appropriately conductive… while being highly spallation-resistant? How…? Did… did you do this?"
Necraloid: "I… took the liberty of adjusting the initial process, yes. To prevent a heavy ion strike triggering a nuclear shower. Wouldn't do to have you irradiated, now would it?"


(mission start, variant) Necraloid: "Initiating final phase: kill the envoy responsible for this fiasco. Priority One is getting serum into a Vitreum Scanner so we can find the envoy. This ends now."

(mission start, variant) Necraloid: "Primary target is the envoy directing this chaos. Get serum into a Vitreum Scanner, and that envoy won't be able to hide. You have your orders."

(mission complete, variant) Necraloid: "Necraloid to Loid: primary target eliminated. Master Entrati's experiments remain undisturbed. Well done, team. Time to head back."

(mission complete, variant) Loid: "I… have to admit: you've done quite well. Handily done, Construct."
Necraloid: "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree."


(mission start, variant) Necraloid: "Phase Three: your efforts have ensured the production of essential materiel within Arterial Conduits. Secure said materiel; ensure the continuation of Master Entrati's research efforts. Go."

(mission start, variant) Necraloid: "Excellent. Arterial Conduits are now producing materiel essential to Loid's continuation of Master Entrati's experiments. Ensure said materiel does not fall into the enemy's many, many hands. Green light. Move."

(mission complete, variant) Necraloid: "Optimal. We have the arterial materiel Loid tasked us with retrieving, and the family slumbers on. Ah. I need a lie-down."

(mission complete, variant) Necraloid: "Loid, we're back. Materiel secured. Tenno intact."
Loid: "Let me see. These are… well, they're… ideal. Thank you… construct. You have been… you have been most helpful."


(mission start, variant) Necraloid: "Here they come! A last-ditch effort. Emphasis on 'last'. Wipe them out!"

(mission start, variant) Necraloid: "As expected, denying them Master Entrati's resources has provoked a response. Safeties off, remember to breathe, FIRE!"

(mission complete, variant) Necraloid: "All right, stand down, stand down. You're clear. We're clear. We're done. I t's over. We can go home. I… I shall inform Loid that all is well. My gratitude, Tenno. You have served the family well."

(mission complete, variant) Loid: "Construct! Tenno! Construct? Construct… are you alright? I saw… on the screens… Construct?"
Necraloid: "We are all fine, Loid. Thank you. As are Albrecht's experiments. I shall see you on my return."

Mission failure

"I'm sorry to say we have made a complete hash of this."

"I think we'll be leaving that little escapade OFF the report, if it's all the same to you?"

"Well… if nothing else, we have learned never to do THAT again."

"Let's add this to the ever-increasing pile of 'things we never speak of', shall we?"

"Right. Unmitigated disaster. Provide a distraction, would you, Tenno? I have some records to incinerate."

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