Lotus Dialogue: Rescue

A valuable ally has been captured by the enemy. Infiltrate their stronghold and search for the prison. Once there, hack the door and free the prisoner. Be warned, the prison cell has been rigged with a killswitch. If the Wardens detect an intrusion they will start an execution sequence. Failure to rescue the hostage before that sequence finishes will result in their termination.

Once the prisoner is free, they will begin to follow the Tenno. Protect them and get them to extraction.

Tenno can choose to give the Rescue target a weapon to help defend themselves. Walk up to the target and press X  to give them your Secondary Weapon.

At times the Lotus will take interest in a prisoner – either a defector, an ally, or one of her human operatives – being held by hostile forces. When a hostage must be recovered alive, she sends in a Tenno strike team to breach the prison complex, free the prisoner, and escort them to a safe extraction. Here are the Lotus' dialogue lines as she guides them throughout the process.

This mission type requires the Tenno to search a hostile facility for a large prison block. The prison block is patrolled by upgraded heavy troopers called Wardens who, upon spotting an intruder, will run to a computer console to initiate the hostage's execution. Any automated security measures such as cameras or laser barriers will also start the execution if they are triggered. The prison block contains several jail cells which must be hacked to open, but only one will contain the hostage. If the hostage is rescued before the execution timer runs out, they will follow the Tenno to extraction. The hostage will be unarmed, but the Tenno can provide them with their sidearm if necessary. The Tenno will then have to escort the hostage to extraction without letting them die.

On the Infested Ship tileset, the prison block is not patrolled by Wardens but is instead criss-crossed by laser beams, which will set off an execution timer if they are touched. Instead of hacking the cell doors, the Tenno must destroy a large tumour node blocking the door, before opening the cell to see if the hostage is inside.

On the Orokin Moon tileset, the hostages are imprisoned on the other side of a portal. The Tenno must hack security consoles to change the destination of the portal, enter to see if the hostage is on the other end, then exit and try a different console if needed until the hostage is found.

On Sortie and Invasion Rescue missions, a stealth rescue is impossible – the execution timer will begin as soon as the Tenno reaches the holding area.

Mission start

Lotus: "This is a rescue mission. We need to find and liberate the hostage before any harm comes to them."

Lotus: "Our intel suggests that our person of interest is in the vicinity. Search for the hostage, and bring them home."

Lotus: "There is a prisoner here that is vital to our operations. Search for the holding location."

(Infested Ship tileset) Lotus: "You're here to rescue an operative who has been trapped by the Infestation."

(Infested Ship tileset) Lotus: "The Infestation has trapped our operative in an emergency airlock. Find and free the captive."

(Infested Ship tileset) Lotus: "One of our operatives has been trapped by the Infestation. You must rescue them."

(Orokin Moon tileset) Lotus: "One of our allies has been trapped by an ancient Orokin security system. Get them out alive."

(Orokin Moon tileset) Lotus: "While searching vault portals for lost artefacts, a Tenno ally has been trapped by a long-forgotten Orokin security mechanism. Rescue this agent."

During mission

Lotus: "There's no telling what the captors are doing to our rescue target. You need to find the holding cell immediately."

Lotus: "We can't leave without rescuing the prisoner. Keep searching."

Lotus: "Find the captive as soon as you can. We don't have much time."

(Infested Ship tileset) Lotus: "The Infestation has spread to this location faster than anyone predicted. Everyone is gone, except our operative."

(Infested Ship tileset) Lotus: "Our operative was able to survive by hiding in an airlock. Unfortunately, they've now become trapped by the Infestation's growths."

(Infested Ship tileset) Lotus: "It is almost as if the Infestation has deliberately captured our operative. This sort of behaviour is highly unusual."

(Orokin Moon tileset) Lotus: "Vault portals are a link between this place and secure vaults across the System. Orokin security has trapped our agent in one of those vaults."

(Orokin Moon tileset) Lotus: "The security system is waiting to release our agent to Orokin authorities – authorities who are long dead."

(Orokin Moon tileset) Lotus: "Our scavenger has been snared by a long-dormant Orokin security system. It's our duty to see that they make it home safe."

(Invasions and Sorties) Lotus: "The enemy is on high alert. The moment you enter the holding area they'll trigger the execution sequence. Rescue the hostage before it finishes."

Upon reaching the holding area

Lotus: "You are approaching the holding area. Careful – if the wardens detect you, they will surely initiate the execution sequence."

(Infested Ship tileset) Lotus: "Beware: those lasers are linked to the poison tumour nodes growing on the airlocks. Contact with the lasers will put our operative in immediate peril."

(Orokin Moon tileset) Lotus: "There is a vault portal nearby. If security detects you, it will start the process to shut down the portal, severing any link with our agent."

Upon reaching prison cells

Lotus: "We've reached the prison. Find our prisoner in one of these cells."

Lotus: "Here are the holding cells. Search each one for the hostage."

Lotus: "The captive will be in one of these cells. Search them."

Lotus: "This is the jail. Our hostage is in one of these cells."

(Infested Ship tileset) Lotus: "The operative is trapped in one of these airlocks. You must destroy the tumour nodes before you can rescue them."

(Infested Ship tileset) Lotus: "Destroy the tumour nodes and open the airlocks. Our operative is in one of them."

(Orokin Moon tileset) Lotus: "Quick, use those consoles to change the destination of the vault portal. One of them has to lead to our agent."

If the execution sequence is initiated

Lotus: "Hurry up. You are running out of time."

Lotus: "The hostage is almost out of time. Hurry."

(Infested Ship tileset) Lotus: "You set off a laser. The Infestation is responding by gassing our operative. Get them out of there immediately."

When execution is imminent

Lotus: "Hurry up, you are running out of time."

Lotus: "The hostage is almost out of time. Hurry."

(Infested Ship tileset) Lotus: "The gas is killing our operative; they can't take much more. Hurry, Tenno."1

Male Operative: "Hurry up, I'm running out of time."

Male Operative: "Tenno, in here!"

Male Operative: "In here. I'M IN HERE!"

Female Operative: "Hey! Is someone out there??"

Female Operative: "I'm in here!"

Female Operative: "Quick, get the door open!"

If the hostage is executed (mission failure)

Lotus: "They killed the hostage. This mission is a failure."

Lotus: "You let the hostage die. This mission is over."

(Infested Ship tileset) Lotus: "Our operative has succumbed to the gas toxin. This mission is a failure."

Upon releasing the hostage

Male Operative: "I thought I was going to die in there. Thank you."

Male Operative: "I am in your debt, Tenno. Let's go home."

Male Operative: "Thank you, Tenno."

Female Operative: "Thank the stars. Not a minute too soon."

Female Operative: "I knew you would come. Thank you."

Female Operative: "I will not forget this, Tenno."

Lotus: "Prisoner located. We need to get them back to command in one piece. Find your way to the exits and don't leave the subject behind."

Lotus: "Subject found. You need to bring the captive to safety. Protect them at all costs."

Lotus: "You've located the hostage. Escort the prisoner to the extraction point and I'll take care of the rest."

(Infested Ship tileset) Lotus: "You found the operative. Now bring them home."

(Infested Ship tileset) Lotus: "You located the operative. Make sure they get to extraction alive."

(Orokin Moon tileset) Lotus: "You found our agent. Escort them to extraction."

(Orokin Moon tileset) Lotus: "It's our agent. Make sure they get home safely."

Requesting a weapon

Male Operative: "Got an extra weapon? They won't just let us walk out of here."

Male Operative: "I can fight too, if you give me a weapon."

Male Operative: "Give me a weapon and I'll watch your back."

Female Operative: "I don't suppose you have an extra gun?"

Female Operative: "Got a weapon for me? I've got some scores to settle."

Female Operative: "I need a weapon."

If the hostage is downed

Male Operative: "They got me. Tenno, help."

Male Operative: "I'm down."

Male Operative: "Ahh… bleeding out."

Female Operative: "This looks bad. Help."

Female Operative: "It hurts. Help, it hurts."

Female Operative: "I can't go on."

On extraction

Lotus: "Escort mission complete. The hostage is safe now. Let's get out of here."

Lotus: "Mission complete. The captive has been liberated. You will be rewarded for this, Tenno."

Lotus: "The captive has been secured. You've done your part, Tenno. We'll take it from here."

(Infested Ship tileset) Lotus: "The operative is safe. Good work, Tenno."

(Infested Ship tileset) Lotus: "You freed the captive. Well done."

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  1. This dialogue line no longer plays.

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