Ordis Dialogue: Gas City Sabotage

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Ordis acts as mission control for Sabotage missions on the Gas City of Jupiter. This mission is implied to occur during Alad V's Sentient partnership, when the Lotus was unavailable to issue missions to the Tenno. Thebe, Jupiter is the only node that normally possesses this game mode, though it can appear in time-limited Alerts and other unique missions.

Mission start

"Elemental condensers… helium-3 processors…. Alad's facility is consuming Jupiter's resources on a massive scale…. Operator, you certainly have an eye for strategic targets. Ordis has marked key infrastructure for demolition… —GET IN THERE AND KICK AAAAAAA—access the facility."

Auxiliary targets

The Tenno will arrive at a central room that holds the reactor core for the complex.

(upon arriving at the reactor room) "First targets marked: render them non-functional."

Branching off from the reactor room are two other paths that lead to the auxiliary targets: the elemental condensers in one direction, and the helium-3 processors in another. The Tenno may destroy them in any order desired.

(upon arriving at the elemental condensers) "These elemental condensers are the heart of Alad's operation. His profit centre. —SMASH IT UP."

The elemental condensers are two massive cylindrical structures. Each condenser has four condenser injectors and two large condenser turbines – all must be destroyed.

(upon arriving at the helium-3 processors) "Helium-3 processors are key to the operation of this facility's reactor cores. It would be a shame if something happened to them."

The helium-3 processors are three large tanks of green gas. Destroying the first tank will cause blast shields to deploy on the other tanks, and the blast shields must be destroyed to expose the tanks and destroy them as well. Each helium-3 processor will release its contents when destroyed, creating a gaseous hazard condition that fills the room and procs Gas status.

(upon destroying the first auxiliary target) "Most efficient, Operator! Ordis has located the next bank of machinery."

(upon destroying the second auxiliary target) "Now, turn your attention to the reactor core. Locate the console and initiate the overdrive sequence."

Reactor core

Once both auxiliary targets are destroyed, the Tenno must return to the central reactor room and hack the reactor control panel. This will begin a 90-second process of overdriving the reactor.

(upon hacking the reactor console) "Overdrive sequence in progress. This will take a few moments. Do not allow Alad's personnel to reverse the sequence."

The Tenno will be attacked from all sides by Vapos Corpus troops. Nullifier Crewmen will frequently spawn and head directly for one of the two consoles located on either side of the reactor. If a Nullifier Crewman reaches the console, the overdrive sequence will halt and control of the reactor will degrade (counting down from 100%). If the Nullifier Crewman is killed, the overdrive sequence will continue, but reactor control will not recover, and thus integrity is a cumulative meter that must be watched. If overdrive sequence integrity ever reaches 0%, the mission will fail.

(once the countdown is complete) "Success! Core melt initiated. In a few brief moments, this facility will cease to exist. May Ordis suggest—running for your life."

Once the overdrive process is complete, the Tenno may head for extraction. As with other types of Sabotage missions, there is a chance a 5-minute timer will start, in which the Tenno must find extraction or fail the mission when the facility self-destructs.

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