Lotus Dialogue: Location- and Enemy-Specific

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During missions, the Lotus may have unique dialogue for specific enemy types or situations encountered by the Tenno.


(if the Tenno is approaching the edge of free space) "Tenno, are you abandoning this battle? Return to your objective or I will have Ordis extract you."

(if the Tenno continues) "Ordis, commence extraction. This mission is over." [mission fails]

Note that these lines can also be said by Ordis.

Resource caches

In most Sabotage missions (as well as Exterminate missions on the Gas City, Orokin Moon, and Kuva Fortress tilesets), three resource caches will appear throughout the map. These resemble storage lockers that glow white and emit a ringing noise. These resource caches can contain unique rewards not found elsewhere. The caches are usually well hidden in secret rooms or out-of-the-way locations, and are not waypointed. The Lotus will encourage the Tenno to search them out, but cannot help them do so.

(mission start) "My intel suggests there are rich enemy supply caches in the area, but I am unable to pinpoint their exact location. Search them out if you are willing to shoulder the added risk."

(upon completing main objective before opening any caches) "Tenno, there are still undiscovered supply caches in the area. You may want to locate them before leaving."

(upon opening the first cache) "You found the first resource cache. I'm detecting two more faint hints."

(upon opening the second cache) "You found a second cache. My readings indicate one more."

(upon completing main objective before opening the last cache) "An undiscovered supply cache remains. Do you want to find it, or proceed to extraction?"

(upon opening the third cache) "You found all the caches."

(after opening the third cache if main objective is complete) "All your objectives are complete. Proceed to extraction now."

Orokin Vaults

The Orokin Derelicts of Deimos contain vaults with powerful corrupted mods. Every Derelict mission except Defence and Assassination missions spawn a vault room. This room is guarded by a door that can only be opened by one of four Dragon keys – Bleeding, Decaying, Extinguished, or Hobbled. These keys exact penalties on the Tenno that carry them, and the exact type of key required is random. If a Tenno finds a vault and has a matching key, they can use the key to unlock the vault and retrieve the artefact. The artefact will inflict a random corrupted penalty on the Tenno, and they must carry it to extraction. Upon retrieving the artefact, Corrupted enemies will begin spawning to stop the Tenno. The artefact's true nature is not revealed until extraction.

(unlocking vault) "You've opened an Orokin vault. It appears unaffected by the Infestation."

(unlocking vault) "A pristine Orokin vault… curious."

(unlocking vault) "You've unlocked an Orokin vault. It's… clean."

(retrieving artefact) "You have the vault artefact; let's go."

(retrieving artefact) "Vault artefact acquired. You'll need to extract before we can verify its function."

(retrieving artefact) "You've got it. Something is different about this artefact…."

(retrieving artefact) "The artefact you are carrying appears to be affecting your warframe."

(retrieving artefact) "Until we get you to extraction, that artefact will continue to affect your warframe."

(retrieving artefact) "Your warframe is being impaired by the artefact."

(Corrupted appear) "Looks like some Corrupted stayed behind to guard the artefact. It must be valuable."

(Corrupted appear) "It appears that you've triggered security. The Corrupted are here."

(Corrupted appear) "The Corrupted will stop at nothing to prevent that artefact from escaping. This won't be easy."

(Corrupted appear) "Something's wrong…."

Granum Void

After completing the Deadlock Protocol quest, Granum Crowns can be used on Granum Tributes on Corpus Ships to open gateways to Granum's Void. There, the Tenno must kill a high number of Errant Spectres within 60 seconds. Time can be added by collecting small pyramid-shaped pickups or freeing Solaris prisoners with the Xoris. There are three tiers of Errant Spectre kills that can be obtained; the Tenno will be ejected successfully from the Void upon achieving the highest tier, even if they still have additional time.

(upon activating the tribute) "Void rift detected. Granum's realm. It's already closing. If you want in, get moving."

(upon activating the tribute) "Void disturbance. Tenno forces need backup within Granum's Void. Gateway collapse imminent."

(upon activating the tribute) "A gateway to Granum's Void has opened. Hurry, before it closes."

(upon activating the tribute) "An expedition to Granum's Void has been initiated. Seconds remain until gateway collapse. Hurry."

(upon activating the tribute)  "A Granum Void gateway has been opened. It won't last long. Move."

(once inside the Granum Void) "Ready your Xoris if it's equipped. Spectre particle spillover imminent. Thin the Spectres and save any Solaris you can."

(once inside the Granum Void) "Free stranded Solaris with the Xoris and destroy Parvos' spectres. You don't have long."

(if the Tenno does not reach the third tier of Spectre kills in time) "Origin-side particle count has dropped, but not enough. I will assign a second team."

(if the Tenno does not reach the third tier of Spectre kills in time) "There's still too many Spectres. They're pushing through. I will alert nearby teams."

(if the Tenno does not reach the third tier of Spectre kills in time) "Not enough. Get clear. Another team may be able to clamp a lid on this."

(if the Tenno does not reach the third tier of Spectre kills in time) "It's not enough. We have to go back."

(if the Tenno does not reach the third tier of Spectre kills in time) "You're disentangling but our target hasn't been hit. Particle count still critical. We can't let up."

(upon hitting the third tier of Spectre kills) "That's enough. Particle count dropping sharply on our side. Pulling you back."

(upon hitting the third tier of Spectre kills) "Particle reads have fallen off a cliff. Good work. Prepare to disentangle."

(upon hitting the third tier of Spectre kills) "Crisis averted. Prepare to disentangle from the Granum Void."

(upon hitting the third tier of Spectre kills) "They will multiply again, but for now the situation is under control. Come on home."

(upon hitting the third tier of Spectre kills) "Spectre particle count is below critical. Good work."

Silver Grove

If the Tenno is on the Grineer Forest tileset on Earth carrying an Apothic in their inventory after the completion of the Silver Grove quest, the Silver Grove will spawn as part of the map. Upon reaching a tile directly adjacent to the Silver Grove, the Lotus will inform the Tenno of its presence.

"Tenno, my readings indicate an increasingly dense neural network beneath the forest floor. This can only mean one thing: the Silver Grove is nearby."


Prosecutors are Eximus variants of Guardsmen, found primarily on the Grineer Shipyards tileset. They have extreme resistance to all damage but a specified element, and can extend this resistance to nearby allies. The Lotus will warn when one approaches.

(when a Prosecutor appears) "Use caution. I am picking up traces of Prosecutor shield auras in your vicinity."

(when a Prosecutor appears) "Tenno, get ready. A Prosecutor is approaching."

(when a Prosecutor appears) "I am detecting a Prosecutor. Get ready for a tough fight."

(when fighting the Prosecutor) "The aura from these Prosecutors is blocking most damage types. Throw everything you've got at him; something has to get through."1

(when fighting the Prosecutor) "That Prosecutor shield aura has to be vulnerable to something. You need to figure out what that is."2

(when fighting the Prosecutor) "My scans show that the Prosecutor shield aura may be vulnerable to some elemental damage, but I am having difficulty discerning specifics."3

(when fighting the Prosecutor) "The Prosecutors vulnerabilities appear variable. Your squad will need to come to battle-ready to break any type of defence."4

(upon killing the Prosecutor) "Prosecutor eliminated. Watch out for more."

(upon killing the Prosecutor) "Good work. You have proven the Prosecutors are not invincible."

(upon killing the Prosecutor) "Prosecutor down. Stay alert, there could be more ahead."


Bursas can show up in Corpus missions at high enough level if the alarms have been left on long enough.

"Watch yourself; the alarms have attracted a Bursa."

"The alarms have triggered a Bursa."

"They've brought in reinforcements – a Bursa."


Juggernauts can spawn in Infested missions. If one is eligible to appear, its roar will be heard. The Tenno must kill a sufficient quantity of Infested after the roar to lure it out; otherwise it will not spawn.

(when a roar is heard) "A Juggernaut nearby? It will only attack when it senses high concentrations of Infested blood. Slow the fight if you want it to go away."

(when a roar is heard) "That was a Juggernaut. They're lured out by the death of Infested. Lay low, and it should go away, or amp up the fight to draw it out."

(upon drawing out the Juggernaut) "The Juggernaut… I think you made it angry. Good work."

(upon drawing out the Juggernaut) "That did it. Here comes the Juggernaut."

(if the Tenno fails to draw out the Juggernaut) "The Juggernaut has moved on. It's safe to proceed."

(if the Tenno fails to draw out the Juggernaut) "I am no longer detecting signs of a Juggernaut. Move on; you are safe."


The only Starchart location where Sentients spawn with regularity is Lua. During any Lua mission, two Oculysts will drop into the map. If they see the Tenno, they will leave, to be replaced with two Sentient fighters (Battalysts or Conculysts). The Lotus will alert the Tenno of these developments. While Oculysts also spawn in the Grineer Sealab on Uranus, they do not call in reinforcements after leaving. The Lotus' dialogue about Sentient adaptation can trigger whenever the Tenno fights Sentients, whether on Lua or in uncommon places such as the Enrichment Labs, Gas City, or Veil Proxima.

(Oculyst appearing) "Sentient scouts! If they detect you, fighters will soon attack."

(Oculyst appearing) "Oculysts! If they scan you, Sentient fighters won't be far behind."

(Oculyst appearing) "Those Oculysts are scanning for targets."

(upon being seen) "The Sentient has detected you. Fighters incoming."

(upon being seen) "The Sentient is onto you. Look out for troopers."

(upon being seen) "They know you're here. Prepare for Sentient fighters."

(when the Sentient adapts) "Sentient fighters can adapt to your attacks. Hit them with something else."

(when the Sentient adapts) "The Sentient has adapted to your damage. Surprise them with something new."

(when the Sentient adapts) "It has developed immunity to your attacks. Try something different."

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