Jarka Dialogue

When Kahl's Garrison reaches rank Home, a Grineer named Jarka will appear in the camp (along with a silent male Grineer). She cannot be interacted with, but will speak if the Tenno is nearby.

Idle quotes

"First Jarka had the Queens in her head. Then Jarka had the Worms in her head. Then Kahl free Jarka. Now… nothing in Jarka's head but Jarka. Echo, echo, echo."

"Jarka gets confused sometimes. She forgets this war is over now. [long pause] She shot Kahl. But Kahl says it is okay. Jarka can stay."

"Kela de Thaym said Jarka's marksmanship was 'adequate'! The Kela de Thaym!"

"Jarka stood in her high watchtower and looked out into the night. And somewhere in the night, the walking thing called out in a great big voice, all lonely and sad. And Jarka wanted so much to call back to it and say, 'Hello, Jarka hears you, she is here too. She is lonely too.'"

"Jarka wants to go back to the lake and float upside down like a fishy."

"Horrek! Stew ready soon?"

"Jarka is lining up all her bad thoughts. She is putting a big sun above them so she can see them clearly. Then Jarka get her lovely Vulkar. Then shoot them one by one."

"Chipper is funny. Sometimes Jarka gets two wrenches and plays skeg drums on his head! The Queens! They must never know Jarka likes skeg."

"Tenno! Tenno in the camp! Jarka has eyes on them. Tracking. Nobody engage. It will probably go away if we all pretend we have not seen it."

"Okay. Does everyone see the Tenno? Listen. Jarka has dealt with them before. Wait until it starts mining. Or fishing. Then attack!"

[yawn] "Jarka is sleepy."

Jarka is mentioned in the dialogue of Horrek and Olvar, and has additional dialogue in the Kahl's Garrison conversations.

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