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Chipper is a Solaris who was enslaved to Narmer and later liberated by Kahl-175. He joins Kahl's Garrison and becomes its vendor, handing out the rewards of Kahl's Break Narmer missions to the Tenno.

Idle quotes

These are un-subtitled lines that Chipper says when he is not interacting with anyone.

"Passing this stuff onto you was the previous owner's dyin' wish… I assume. Any stains are purely decorative."

"Got Archon Shards if you're interested. Only one previous owner. Ha ha HA!"

"How do. Need a shooter?"

"What you see is what I got. Shooters, mods, all untraceable, 'cos they're all stolen."

"Guns, shooters, instruments of extreme violence. I don't do those things no more – promised me dear Mum I was done with all that. Facilitatin', on the other hand…."

Greeting the Tenno

(if greeting the Tenno for the first time) "How do. Handle's Chipper. Kahl says you're a good sort. Bloke's dim as a 2-watt bulb, but you don't kill as many people as he has without learnin' a little somethin' about human nature. So: guns, bits, and pieces. Even got an Archon Shard or two lyin' around somewhere. I also do mods. Did all me own, actually. Stuff goin' into debt when a fella's got a perfectly good workshop and a handsaw lyin' around. Neighbours did not like the screamin', not one bit let me tell you. Tell ya how I got me head off sometime. There's a story. Anyway, what can I get ya for?"

"C'mon, matey. Get over here, c'mon. Show ya what all the fuss is about. Ha ha."

"How'd I get the name? Let's just say… it's nothin' ta do with me sunny disposition."


"Everyone wants to know why a Solaris is way out here… fraternisin' with Grineer. [snickers] Didn't amputate all me parts for untraceables just to spill me guts to space kids, now did I? Stickybeak. So you want somethin' or what?"

"These pieces are all straight doers. Nothin' arty farty."

"Grineer, eh? Look at the size of that mucker. Oof. I was in a dark alley, I would not like the look of that. So, what can I do ya for?"

"Know what I like about the Grineer? They don't ask questions."

"How do matey? Whaddya think a' the look a' these? Go on! Pick it up, try it out! You'll be tickled pink."

"Most a' these jokers just want somethin' that goes bang on one end and boom where they point it."

"C'mon over, matey. No need to be scared of ol' Chipper. C'mon. C'mon."

"Me guns are as good as me word and nobody questions Chipper's word. Nobody with a brain in their 'ead, anyway."

"Why am I here? Ah, y'know. Lack of oversight, primarily. Ha ha. Yeah."

"Matey. What's on ya mind?"

"Every firearm verified primo. Quite a rude shot meself, nothin' here I wouldn't trust me life to, yeah."

"Matey. No rubbish here. Checked it all meself, yeah."

"Wasn't always in this line of work, no, ya little stickybeak. Just a, uh, let's say… a humble 'sanitary engineer'. Heh. Yeah."

(if the Garrison is rank Settlement) "You don't get inta my line a' work without collectin' a few death marks. That Corpus nonce over there asked me if I ever get scared. 'Get scared'? Mate, I sawed me own head off. If someone's gonna scare me, they're gonna have to do a lot worse than that."

(if the Garrison has just reached rank Home) "Hey, matey. Boo! [cackles] Ah you're a good sort, aren't ya. Expected ya ta stick a knife in Kahl's back before long, but ya never did. Had me eye on ya; woulda hated killin' a good customer. Nah, reckon we're cut from the same cloth. We're real mates, aren't we, yeah. Real mates. Don't ever forget it."

(if the Garrison is rank Home) "Bafflin' that I make a livin' doin' this. They got a gun, you got a gun; they got a knife, you got a knife. So ya shoot and stab each other. Ridiculous. Still, if we didn't have guns an' knives I guess we'd just, I dunno, be hittin' each other with rocks. Human desire for rectification, yeah." 

(if the Garrison is rank Home) "Miss me scars, I do. Gunshot, vibroblade, icepick – one in the lung, one in the shoulder – plasma cutter to the knee, timing wire across the neck. Good little conversation starters."

(if the Garrison is rank Home) "People comin' an' goin', thinkin' they know what makes me tick. They don't know what makes me tick. Spend time alone with me an' a workshop, maybe you'll learn what makes me tick."

(if the Garrison is rank Home) "I remember the first fella pulled a gun on me. Told 'im I'd take it off 'im and stick it up his arse. So he shot me. Bit of a lesson there."

(if the Garrison is rank Home) "Yeah. Glad to have me rough days behind me. In retrospect, was good at it. But blood? Never did like the sight a' blood. Ooh. No thank you."

(if the Garrison is rank Home) "Corpus. Bloody Corpus. Namby pamby starched shirts. Like insultin' a bloke like me, they do. Paid more than a few a visit in me time."

(if the Garrison is rank Home) "People think this war's gonna end. This war's not gonna end! [laughs] Na-ah! To win a war, right, ya gotta want somethin' more than the other bloke AND ya gotta be okay with never livin' ta see it. Pfeh. These types too soft in my book. Lack commitment."

(if the Garrison is rank Home) "Ever listen to that Nora bird on the wireless? On and on about the how's and why's? Why's it like this, why's it like that? Why? Why? Tell ya why, darlin'. Bad luck. Wrong place, wrong time, that's all she wrote."

(if the Garrison is rank Home) "See that bruiser over there? Reckon he's a plant. Best take him out, knees first I reckon. Safe side."

(if the Garrison is rank Home) "Round 'ere just watch for the odd low-flyin' knife and you'll be right. Sometimes I push back, give 'em a little touch-up, 'Go on, get a bit a' that inta ya'. Give 'em a good hidin'. These Grineer got rocks in their 'eads; they don't like it, but that's whatcha get, right?"

(if the Garrison is rank Home) "Matey! Matey mate mate."

(if the Garrison is rank Home) "See anything you like the look of?"

Browsing wares

(when opening store for the first time) "Can only give ya what I got in stock. Me stock level depends on how well ol' Kahl and his imaginary girlfriend do on his little outings. Good week, lotsa stock. Lotsa stock, ya more likely to get what ya need."

"Everythin' here does the job. Dead set."

"Pretty much everything Kahl dropped off."

"Nothin' fancy, but top shelf in my book."

"Stolen? Perish the thought. Spoils of war, mate."

"Take what you need, give those Narmer idiots a bit of a touch-up."

"See anythin' ya like the look of?"

If the Tenno idles while browsing wares

"You right?"

"You havin' a go? Pick somethin'."

"I don't do special orders, princess. What you see is what you get."

Purchasing an item

"What. Ya want me to wrap it for ya?"

"There y'go."

"Now get ta work."

Exiting shop

"Suit y'self."

"Well la-di-dah."

"Ya don't like what I got, take it up with Kahl."

Bidding farewell

"No worries."

"See ya later."


Archon Hunts

When a Defence mission comes up during an Archon Hunt, Chipper will be the Defence objective, scanning for the Archon's coordinates while the Tenno protects him. Chipper has quite a bit of dialogue during these missions.

Chipper is introduced during the first Break Narmer weekly mission, Sneaky Sabotage, where he is rescued from Narmer servitude. He is mentioned by Olvar and Jarka in their dialogue, and by Kahl in his conversations with Kaelli.

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