Kahl-175 Dialogue: Junk Run

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Chipper needs more Thumper parts, and you need to keep Chipper happy. I’ve found an old Grineer base on Earth. Should have plenty. —B.G.

Junk Run is one of Kahl-175’s weekly Break Narmer missions. It sees Kahl infiltrate a Narmer base on Earth to find Thumper parts, and culminates in a battle against a Narmer Thumper. Mission control is provided by Kaelli Entrati. Optional objectives may include:

  • Complete the mission without dying and without being veiled
  • Collect 5 Genestamps
  • Rescue 5 captured Ostrons
  • Remove 5 veils using Veilbreaker
  • Get 5 kills within 3 seconds
  • Find extra Thumper parts for Chipper

First Mission: Earth Forests

The mission takes place within a Narmer-ised Grineer camp on Earth.

Kaelli: “Nobody around but wrecks and a few Veilheads. [sigh] Alright. Get in, find the parts Chipper wants, get out.”

Kahl: “This a Thumper station. Thumpers all dead?”

Kaelli: “Hmm? Probably. Sure. Some of your Grineer friends are locked up here. If you want to say hello.”

Kahl: “Okay. We do this.”

Kahl starts in a clearing next to a Narmer Grineer base – identical to the base that is infiltrated by the Drifter during The New War. Firbolgs sit on landing pads around the area, retrofitted to hold cages for captive Ostrons. A red energy barrier blocks the way through the canyon. A console next to the gate allows Kahl to access a camera, which will let him disable the energy barrier by interacting with its power supply. 

In the next clearing, a Deacon patrols back and forth between two energy barriers. The gate leading into the clearing is disabled, while the gate deeper within the canyon is active. A tent in the clearing offers a hiding place from the Deacon, and also contains a security console that can be used to patch into the camera above the tent. The camera view lets Kahl interface with the power supply to the energy barriers, which will swap which barrier is active. Kahl must swap the barriers to continue, and can evade the Deacon to pass through the clearing, but he can also use the security camera to activate a dormant propaganda drone on the other side of the first barrier, back the way he had come. Activating the drone will cause the Deacon to abandon its patrol and go investigate the drone, and Kahl can time his activation of the barrier to trap the Deacon on the other side so that Kahl may progress without dodging it. This subterfuge is not necessary, however.

(if Kahl traps the Deacon) Kahl: “Hah ha ha!”

Kaelli: “That was mean. Well done.”

The next clearing is much larger and has two Deacons. A security terminal once again allows Kahl to activate dormant propaganda drones, causing the Deacons to investigate. Once lured, the security terminal can be used to detonate shock mines nearby, destroying the Deacons. However, they can simply be avoided. To continue, Kahl will need to access a separate console to release another energy barrier. Past that, a large valley holds many small Sentients, as well as veiled Grineer Hellions, who will attack Kahl on sight. The Grineer can be freed with Kahl’s veilbreaker ability, allowing them to join him in his fight and be directed with Command Mode.

Pump station

Off to the side of the valley, away from the main objective, is a small clearing with a staircase that leads down to a lower level. If the lower level is flooded and the console by the stairs is active, then this is the location of the Thumper.

(upon arriving at the console) Kaelli: “You want the parts, you better dive for them.”

Kahl: “Kahl not swim.”

Kaelli: “Haha. Right. Of course you don’t.”

The console gives Kahl access to a camera in the flooded lower level, showing two terminals with glowing symbols as well as the pump controls. Kahl must cycle the symbols on the screens so they match symbols nearby, then activate the pump controls. This will drain the water and render the area traversable.

(upon successfully activating the pump system) Kaelli: “Kahl. You surprise me. Clever boy.”

The damaged Thumper is at the bottom of the pond, and once the water is drained Kahl can walk up to it and collect the parts by interacting with it.

(upon gathering the parts) Kahl: “Rusty. Chipper won’t like.”

Kaelli: “Oh, well, by all means let’s shop around for something better.”

Waterfall gate

Further on in the mission, a side path leads to a tiny clearing, choked with broken Grineer machinery, with a waterfall raining down upon the rusting metal. A Thumper is within the wreckage, but the entire clearing is blocked off by a Narmer energy barrier.

(upon arriving at the gate) Kaelli: “What about that one? The Thumper. Lots of weapons on that thing.”

Kahl: [grunts] “This one dead.”

Kaelli: [sighs] “I’m sure they’re all dead, Kahl. Look at this place.”

At the top of a broken ramp next to the gate is a console, which Kahl can activate to see through a camera mounted behind the energy barrier. The camera view can be used to disable the gate’s power source, allowing Kahl to walk through and gather the parts from the Thumper by interactive with it.

(upon gathering the parts) Kahl: “Dead. See?”

Kaelli: “Not really. Can we hurry this along?”

Back on the path to the main objective, Kahl must continue through the canyon, killing more Sentients and rescuing some more Grineer (there are 6 veiled Grineer in total, but saving them is completely optional). Eventually Kahl will come to another energy barrier, which must be deactivated by matching two symbols to the ones projected nearby, in a manner identical to the pump station. On the other side of the gate is a rope bridge leading to a damaged Tusk resource cache.

Kaelli: “Kahl, looks like there’s some bigger firepower for you ahead. Can you carry th—”

Kahl: “Kahl can carry.”

Inside the cache is a Kuva Ayanga, which Kahl must pick up in order to proceed. The Salvaged Kuva Ayanga will replace his Grakata for the rest of the mission.

(upon equipping Salvaged Kuva Ayanga, variant) Kahl: “Kahl always want one of these.”

(upon equipping Salvaged Kuva Ayanga, variant) Kahl: “This make big boom.”

(upon equipping Salvaged Kuva Ayanga, variant) Kahl: “Kahl get upgrade.”

(upon equipping Salvaged Kuva Ayanga, variant) Kahl: “Old gun good. This gun better.”

(upon equipping Salvaged Kuva Ayanga, variant) Kahl: “New gun. Hahaha. Kahl like.”

Kaelli: “Cross that rope bridge.”

Another series of rope bridges leads to a damaged, seemingly inert Thumper. The bridge is heavily defended by Sentients, but Kahl’s followers are effective at engaging them.

Kahl: “Need break Thumper open.”

Upon shooting at the damaged Thumper with the Kuva Ayanga, it will stir to life, displaying Narmer holograms.

Kahl: “Worm Thumper!”

The Thumper will immediately jump away, deeper within the canyon.

Kahl: “Chipper want… lo-co-mo-tor core. That behind armour.”

Kaelli: “Just making notes. I am learning so much from you.”

Kahl: [angry grumble]

Just through a tunnel is a clearing, with a large Grineer fortification in the centre, and defensible positions on cliffs around the perimeter. Rope bridges connect the various vantage points. The Narmer Thumper is stomping around on the clearing floor, and Kahl and his team must destroy it.

Kaelli: “Kahl, there are multiple Ramparts near your location. Heavy gun emplacements. I suggest you use them!”

Kahl (sarcastically): “Kahl learning soooo much from you.”

The vantage points at the centre and sides of the clearing have several Rampart turrets, which fire single explosive shots with a long recharge time. Sentients will continue to spawn in the arena until the fight is complete. The Thumper must be taken down like all other Thumpers: shooting off the armour plates on the legs to expose the weak points, then damaging the weak points. The Thumper is immune to damage in all other areas.

(upon destroying the Narmer Thumper) Kaelli: “Okay, I admit, I’m a little impressed. Go on then. Tell me. How did you do that?”

Kahl: “Shoot in right place. And not die.”

The extraction point is in the next tile, where Kahl’s Bolkor waits on the landing pad.

(mission complete) Kaelli: “All aboard. Keep your heads and biceps inside the windows.”

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