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Kahl-175 is a former Grineer soldier who played a part in The New War, before being veiled and enslaved under Narmer. In the Veilbreaker quest, he broke free from Narmer servitude and teamed up with Kaelli Entrati (whom Kahl refers to as "Blue Girl") to form his own syndicate focused on freeing others from Narmer and taking down Pazuul, Narmer's head. Kahl's Garrison is located in the Tenno's Drifter Camp, on a bluff overlooking the Drifter's cooking area.

Syndicate information

Kahl's Garrison, unlike all other syndicates (save that of Cephalon Simaris, which has no ranks), does not have a Neutral rank. Upon completing the Veilbreaker quest, Kahl's Garrison will be at rank Shelter. The syndicate ranks, from first to last, are: 

  • Shelter
  • Encampment
  • Fort
  • Settlement
  • Home

Kahl's Garrison is unlike all other syndicates for a number of reasons. The syndicate has no Standing meter, and advances in rank through Kahl's actions, not that of the Tenno – the rank will increase automatically when Kahl completes his weekly Break Narmer mission, until it has reached its maximum rank. The advancing syndicate ranks do not represent an increase in the Tenno's favour with the group, but rather the Garrison itself growing and improving. As the Garrison advances in rank, more characters will appear in the camp to interact with Kahl. The Tenno can interact with Chipper to purchase items from his shop using Stock earned by Kahl during his Break Narmer missions. Chipper sells Archon mods, Archon Shards, Styanax component blueprints, and a handful of weapons and cosmetics.

Idle quotes

These are un-subtitled lines that Kahl says when he is not interacting with anyone.

"Kahl go fishing! Not catch dinner. New boot, though! Hahaha."

"Air smell… good. Clean."

"Brother… clean up food. Or kuaka come mess up everything."

"When Blue Girl calls, be ready, brother."

"Ah, brother, you finish chores?"

"Narmer say Pazuul want to make new forest? Then Pazuul kill all people? Leave only animals? People animals too. Pazuul no make sense."

"Ugh. Vay Hek try to kill forest but grow new brothers. Pazuul want grow new forest but kill brothers. Kahl just want to live in forest with brothers. Why that so hard?"

[contented sigh] "Good day today."

Greeting the Tenno

"Huh. Blue Girl say she live in flower. Heh. Blue Girl joke with Kahl."

"Ah. This good place. Quiet."


"Tenno! Good see you."

"Tenno… eat? We make kuaka stew."

"Nothing come here. No worm. No Grineer."

"Tenno camp is best camp."

"Narmer take all. Kahl and brothers take all back. Kahl swear it."

"Tenno… go fishing later?"

[chuckles] "Kahl like little flying guy. Talk lots, though."

If the Tenno idles

"Blue Girl find Narmer worms. Kahl stomp Narmer worms."

"Blue Girl say we got veils to break."

"Kahl itchy. Itchy to kill Narmer skoom [scum]."

"Kahl ready to deploy."

"Kahl have work to do."


Kahl's armour attachments, colour scheme, and Voidshell materials can be customised at the large Tusk resource locker to his right.

(opening customisation menu) "What Kahl wear today?"

(opening customisation menu) "Ah. In Grineer army Kahl only get one uniform. This is better."

(opening customisation menu) "Kahl need to choose. Ugh."

(equipping a new armour piece) "Huh. Not too shabby."

(equipping a new armour piece) "Ah. Kahl look good."

(equipping a new armour piece) "Huh. Wait 'til Blue Girl see Kahl."

(equipping a new armour piece) "Kahl like it."

Accepting Break Narmer mission

"Moving out."

"Huh. 'Bout time."

"Mmhmm. Kahl ready."


Bidding farewell

"Kahl got your back."

"Good working with Tenno."

"Good luck against Archon."

"Tenno always welcome."

"Kahl be here."

When ranking up Garrison

(Encampment) "Kahl new brother Sol-ar-is. That him there. Kahl find stuff, Chipper hand stuff out. Chipper tough like Grineer, but… not as smart. Chipper cut off own arms, legs, head. Over there good place for Chipper."

(Fort) "Camp still small, but we grow. Each day more brothers freed. Each day Kahl family grow stronger. Blue Girl family turn away Kahl. So Kahl grateful to Tenno. For new home. Mm. Brothers, too. Make Tenno proud."

(Settlement) "Camp strong… but can be stronger. Kahl and Blue Girl will free even more brothers. Strong boy brothers and smart girl brothers. Kahl and Blue Girl good team. Narmer scared. Blue Girl excited. Say day of reckoning be fun party. No be party. For brothers… new life. For Narmer… end of world."

(Home) "Vay Hek say Ostron Kahl enemy. But Ostron not enemy. Queens say Tenno is monster. But Tenno not monster. They lie. Narmer is enemy. Pazuul is monster. And Vay Hek. Vay Hek scared of Pazuul. Queens hide in fortress. Cowards. And Tenno? Tenno not coward. Tenno not hide. Tenno fight Archons. Tenno give home, to brothers. Tenno is friend. Tenno… is brother."

During missions

Every week, one of three Break Narmer missions will be available to complete. These missions are played by Kahl, not the Tenno, with Kaelli as mission control. Completion of these missions advances the rank of Kahl's Garrison, and competition of optional objectives during the missions (such as "Rescue 5 captured Ostrons" or "Collect 5 Genestamps") awards Stock to use with Chipper. The three Break Narmer missions are:

During these missions, Kahl will speak largely unsubtitled lines that are also used during the Veilbreaker quest.

Collecting Genestamps

"Kahl will remember."


"Your fight is over."

"Goodbye, brother."

"To dust now."

"Find peace."

"You rest now."

Breaking veil

"Veil coming off!"

"You see clear soon."

"Not fight Kahl."

"Kahl bring you back."

"Narmer done."

"No more lies!"

"Kahl set you free."

"This not hurt."

"Wake up time!"

"Kahl help."

"Back to real world."

"This all over soon."

"Narmer lose one today."

"Kahl break every veil in System."

"No Narmer! No Queens!"

Upon freeing a captive

"Your brothers wait."

"Time for revenge, Brother."

"Follow Kahl."

"We go now."

"Brother, wake up. Killing time."


"Time to fight."

Spotting enemy

"Not clear here."

"More ahead."

"Kahl see you."

"Got target."

"Huh? More."

"Garkot spotter." [Target spotted]

"Orre klegra!" [Over here]

"Garkot akkruhurer." [Target acquired]

"Found more."

"Kahl mark target."

"Got one."

"You next."

"New target."

"That one moving."


Spotting Deacon


"Deacon! Not see Kahl."

"Narmer got Deacon here."

"If Deacon see Kahl, it all over."

"Got Deacon here."

"Need be careful. Deacon."

"Deacon. Kahl not get veiled again."

"Kahl see Deacon."

"Deacon! Gun no good."

"Careful. Deacon here."

"Sneak now. Deacon ahead."

"Kahl no fight Deacon. Kahl not stupid."

"Deacon. Kahl sneak."

"If Deacon see Kahl, Kahl back on Murex."

"Deacon. Kahl hate Deacons."

Under fire

"Need cover, ah!"

"Getting hit!"

"Under fire!"

"Need Blunt!"

"That all you got?"

"Flesh wound."

[grunts] "Kahl bleed."

"Armour not hold."

"More wound, more scar!"

[panting] "Push… through… pain."

"Kahl not stop!"

"Ah, Kahl taking fire!"

"Kahl feel that!"

"They hit Kahl hard."

"Kahl not take this forever!"

Deploying Blunt

"Kahl make own cover."

"Dropping Blunt!"

"Kahl use cover!"

"Blunt in place."


"Blunt should go here."

"Try shoot through this!"

"Blunt up!"

"Kahl put Blunt here."

"This soak up some fire."

"Kahl place Blunt."

"Blunt better than nothing."

"Got cover now."

"Blunt is Trooper best friend."

"Kahl drop Blunt."

Throwing grenade

"Boom out!"

"For the brothers!"

"Get down!"

"Eat this!"

"This for you!"

"You burn!"

"Kos gar!" [unclear]

"Fire in hole!"

"Take cover!"

"Head up!"

"Burn! You! Out!"



"Grineer surprise!"

"Grenade out!"

Command Mode

When Kahl has followers, he can use Command Mode to issue commands such as "Hold Position", "Attack Enemy", or "Regroup". No matter what command is given, Kahl will say one of the following lines:

"Go go go go!"

"Brother, that where you go."

"You! Go there!"

"Go where Kahl say!"

"Kahl in charge. Go."

"Brother, take point."


"Brother, move!"

"Hurry, brother!"

"Go quick. For the brothers."

"Move out, brother."

"Go to place!"

"Get over there!"

"You! Move now!"

"Take position!"

Killing enemy

"You dead already!"

"Rah, no get back up!"

[grunts] "Skoom!" [Scum]


"Kahl teach you good!"

"Target dead."

"Ha. Kahl make mess."

"Kahl finish you."

"You done!"

"Ha, scrape you off boot."

"You fight like tube runt."

"Gutora!" [Bitch]

"Call that a fight?"

"Clean kill."

"Dead now!"

"One less!"

"That Grineer mercy."

"Va su kuut, skoom!" [unclear]

"For my brothers!"

"Stay down!"

"Good kill."

"You all done?"

"Night night."

"Hahaha! Another!"

"Ha! Easy kill!"


Health low

"Kahl blood all over."

"Not now, gutora [bitch] death."

"Been… through worse."

"Must… fight… on."

"Kahl… won't stop."

"For… for the brothers!"

"Not… done… yet!"

"Not… die… so… easy."

"Kahl… keep… going."

"Brothers… need… Kahl."

"Everything… going… dark."

"You… not break… Kahl."

"You… think… Kahl… done?"

"Brothers… wait for Kahl!"

"Kahl in bad shape."

Reviving a brother

"Brother, get up."

"Not your time."

"Not done killing."

"I know you still have fight, brother."

"Not yet, brother."

"Get up. Need your help."

Kahl is mentioned in the dialogue of Chipper, Horrek, Jarka, and Lotus, and has additional dialogue in his conversations in the Garrison.

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