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Kaelli is the daughter of the Entrati family on Deimos, and serves as the fishing vendor in the Necralisk. She plays a role in the Heart of Deimos quest. Until the Tenno learns her name when reaching rank Stranger with the Entrati, she is known simply as Daughter.

Greeting the Tenno

(if the Tenno has just completed the Heart of Deimos quest) "This would be where I showed you my birthright of ancestral fish, but… well, you've already met my charming brother. Some remnants of the original genetic matrix appear to have survived in the exocrine, though the Infestation is steadily claiming them. If you can catch any and bring them to me, I'd appreciate it. We can salvage anything useful. I can't undo what he did, but I won't let him have the last word."

"I wonder if I'll ever find out what I did. Why he hates me so much. You know what? On second thought, no. He's not that important."

"I went out fishing whenever I needed to get away from the sound of my brother's voice. Three or four times a day, on average. What can I get for you?"

"You know what Grandmother said? 'Just ignore it. Don't rise to it. It's the attention he craves.' As if one day he'll have had enough and he'll just stop."

"Look at him. Smirking. He knows what he did. You know he had the gall to call himself a scientist, before Deimos? I remember when he ate mud!"

"My father tried to lead us in 'martial discipline' every morning. It was a farce. I only wish I'd ripped him open sooner. He's so spineless nowadays."

"I've got fishing supplies. Father has useless guilt. Mother's cornered the market in disappointed tutting, and my brother does mindless vandalism. Browse away."

"You can't just chuck a spear in the exocrine and hope for the best. Not on Deimos. You've got to respect what you're up against. Take lures, dyes, all the proper tools for the job."

"It's magical, isn't it? That first moment when you see the fish glimmering down in the deep, and you know you have to have him. It's just you and the fish, and you forget all about drowning your brother."

"Ancient Orokin strains. I was meant to seed a new world with them. Burned to cinders for a cheap joke."

(if the Tenno is rank Stranger or higher) "I'm not just someone's daughter. I'm me. I'm Kaelli. Of all the people to name me, I never thought it would be him."

(if the Tenno is rank Stranger or higher) "I wasted years being angry with my brother for what he did to my specimens. Now I think they meant more to him than they ever did to me."

(if the Tenno is rank Stranger or higher) "I do know, you know. What we look like. I always did. But you didn't hesitate, did you? To help us."

(if the Tenno is rank Stranger or higher) "You understand, don't you? The feeling of splitting open a nice, fresh Ostimyr. That heady smell of acetone, liver, and corrosion."

(if the Tenno has just reached rank Family) "My father's spent years regretting what he didn't do, and my mother's spent just as long refusing to regret anything she ever did. I don't quite understand how you brought them back together, but I'm glad. And grateful."

(if the Tenno is rank Family) "Whisper it, but Mother's started listening to me again. Not just eavesdropping, either. She's more herself than she's ever been. I'll never forget what you did."

(if the Tenno is rank Family) "'Kermerros and Kaelli. Sibling pioneers researching together on the threshold of the Void.' Yes, that could work."

(if the Tenno is rank Family) "I wonder – what exactly did Grandmother cook up, to help bring this reconciliation about? Probably best not to ask. Crafty old harridan."

(if the Tenno is rank Family) "I wish Loid and Otak would visit us more often. The family isn't truly united until the servants have come home."

(if the Tenno is rank Family) "All that time wasted hating one another. You learn to relish the cruelty. Torturing ourselves was better than feeling nothing at all. Anyway, it's over."

(if the Tenno is rank Family) "[long yawn] I was just dreaming about you, Ayatan! About how different things would have been if you'd never come here. I'm glad you woke me."

(if the Tenno is rank Family) "The fish are evolving. Did you notice that about them? I wonder what they'll turn into after a thousand years. I wonder what I'll look like then."

Exocrine Assignments

Kaelli will trade Daughter tokens to the Tenno in exchange for Deimos fish parts. The requirements for the tokens are somewhat randomised, but with a consistent framework in which rare resources are worth more tokens. The names and descriptions of the tasks that reward the tokens are similarly randomised, drawing from a preset pool.


  • Analyse primordial traits
  • Balance population stocks
  • Flush the exocrine clear
  • Harvest research specimens
  • Isolate environmental pollutants
  • Recover genetic matrix elements
  • Study nutrient absorption rates


  • Excessive predation is causing wild imbalances. Let's fix that.
  • Let's find out how degraded these specimens have become.
  • Studying the insides of the Deimos specimens is the only way to track what's happening to the ecosystem.
  • The more we have, the more we can reconstruct.
  • This many specimens in one area is too many, even for Deimos.
  • We need to study the Infestation more closely.
  • We need to understand how the lifeforms of Deimos feed, especially on one another.

Filleting fish

"Be careful with the first incision. One clumsy moment can wreck everything."

"You know what you're doing, so I'll let you get on with it. I'd appreciate being allowed to watch, however."

(afterwards) "Excellent job. And hardly any mess. Well done!"

(afterwards) "A practiced hand, I see!"

(afterwards) "You wouldn't think you could fit that lot inside one fish, would you? Quite remarkable."

Selecting fish

Kaelli may comment on the fish based either on their rarity or origin.

(common fish) "Definitely plenty more of these where this came from."

(uncommon fish) "You don't see this type every day, but there's lots about."

(rare fish) "This was a lucky catch. Most of these get eaten by the others, or get so overwhelmed with Infestation they just sink to the bottom. You hardly ever see these."

(Infested fish) "Hmm. Totally Infested, this one, inside and out."

(hybrid fish) "You've got a hybrid here. Orokin and Infested ancestry."

(Orokin fish) "Ah! This is one of the uncorrupted Orokin strains. No mistaking that contouring."

(Myxostomata) "Now, this takes me back. A Myxostomata! The original Orokin stock was all but extinct. This one must have been hiding in a deep dark artery somewhere. Look at that gilding. He's an antique, aren't you? Almost seems a shame to bust him open."

If the Tenno idles

"Are you thinking of doing some fishing in the exocrine? I can help."

"There are fascinating things down in the exocrine. Grotesque, yes, but survival isn't pretty."

"There's all sorts swimming in the exocrine here on Deimos. And above it."

"By all means, go fishing unprepared. When I pick you out of a Cryptosuctus' gut sac, I'll be sure to say hello."

Bidding farewell

"You know where to find me."

"See you soon?"

"Until next time."

'Stranger' cutscene

When the Tenno reaches the rank of Stranger with the Entrati, a short cutscene will play, showing a conversation between Daughter and Son.

Daughter: "This… this specimen is a descendant of my original collection. How… how did…?"

Son: "Promise you won't yell at me."

Daughter: "You didn't incinerate them all. You…"

Son: "…dumped them in the exocrine. We can rebuild. They're still out there, and doing quite well, it seems. I wanted to wound you, not maim. You're right to hate me."

Daughter: "No. I deny you my hatred. Find something else to feed on. Whatever you've become, I am still your sister."

Son: "You are more. I see that now. I name you Kaelli. 'Water scourge'."

Kaelli is introduced in the Heart of Deimos quest as Daughter. After the quest, she is frequently mentioned in the dialogue of the other Entrati family members. Notably, she names her father, previously known as Father, when the Tenno reaches rank Acquaintance with the Entrati. Kaelli was the vendor during the Nights of Naberus event (which largely consisted of her shop of holiday-themed items). Kaelli played a major role in the Veilbreaker quest, and subsequently in Kahl's Break Narmer missions and Kahl's Garrison conversations. She is also mentioned by Kahl-175 and Chipper in their dialogue.

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