Kahl-175 Dialogue: Sneaky Sabotage

Narmer Crewman on the Orb Vallis. Captura by GrayArchon.

Sabotage time, Kahl. I’ve located a Veil Factory on the Orb Vallis. It’s crawling with Deacons, so you’ll need to be sneaky. NO GUNS. —B.G.

Sneaky Sabotage is one of Kahl-175’s weekly Break Narmer missions. It sees Kahl infiltrate a Narmer factory on the Orb Vallis to sabotage veil production, and culminates in a battle against a Narmer Scyto Raknoid. Mission control is provided by Kaelli Entrati. Optional objectives may include:

  • Complete the mission without dying and without being veiled
  • Find the 4 confiscated K-drive parts
  • Find and collect Chipper’s Tools
  • Remove 5 veils using Veilbreaker
  • Collect 5 Genestamps
  • Complete the mission in under 15 minutes

First Mission: Orb Vallis Veil Factory

The mission takes place within a Narmer-ised Corpus facility on the Orb Vallis.

Kahl: “This where Narmer make veils for brothers. Kahl say blow it up.”

Kaelli: [negation noise] “Better. We can rig these veils to overload and short out every other veil in range! Whole Narmer cells liberated at a stroke! Ready?”

Kahl: “Kahl came out tube ready. Still say blow up better.”

Kahl’s way through the factory will be stopped by a red energy barrier across the door.

Kaelli: “Ugh. Energy barriers. Kahl, find a way to disable them.”

(if Kahl idles) Kaelli: “Kahl. That console seems promising.”

Kahl must access the console by the door, which lets him see through the view of the security camera behind him. Panning the camera to the side reveals the power source to the energy barrier, which can be shut off through the camera view. The next room has another security console and another energy barrier barring the way forward. Accessing the console will show a camera view of the factory floor, with a large door at the end of the room secured by 4 energy barriers.

(when viewing the camera) Kaelli: “Hm. Kahl, sweetie? See that big magnalocked door up ahead? You need to get on the other side. Could you be a darling and find a way to disable all those locks?”

One of the four energy barriers is easily disabled with the camera view. The camera can also be used to deactivate an energy barrier for one of the side rooms in the factory. Kahl can also select a different camera in view and switch perspective.

(if Kahl idles in proceeding) Kaelli: “Can’t figure it out? The security console seems promising.”

Kahl: “Kahl need other view.”

The second camera, which faces Kahl in the control room, can be used to deactivate the energy barrier for the control room, letting Kahl proceed onto the factory floor.

(when Kahl disables the control room energy barrier) Kaelli: “Kahl, I’m impressed. How did you figure that out?”

Kahl: “Point and click.”

Kahl must venture out onto the factory floor in order to disable the remaining locks. The factory is patrolled by numerous Deacons, who cannot be damaged, and a handful of Narmer Moas, who are vulnerable to Kahl’s Slaytra and grenades. There are many small side rooms, and in the closest one is a veiled Solaris worker, Chipper.

(as Kahl approaches Chipper’s room) Kaelli: “Detecting a veiled Solaris worker. Kahl, try your new contraption! 20 credits says it rips his head off.”

Kahl: “Kahl got this.”

Kahl must use his Veilbreaker ability to stun the Solaris, then grab the veil on their face and interact repeatedly to remove it.

(as Kahl grabs the veil) Chipper: “Ahhhhhhh!”

Kaelli: “Yaaaay 20 credits!”

(upon being freed) Chipper: “…YYYYYYYaaaaGHHH what the ALL bloody AS hell ONE you playin’ at?!”

Kahl: “Go wait by ship.”

Chipper: “You. With the face like a robber’s dog. That thing on your wrist’s a muckin’ threat, ya weapon. Gimme ten minutes with it and ya less likely ta deglove someone’s head with it! Ah, me face.”

On subsequent instances of the mission, after he has been rescued, Chipper will not appear again.

Two of the magnalocks can be disabled by hacking consoles on the factory floor that will raise platforms to expose the power source for the locks. The final magnalock is blocked by a pile of cargo crates, and a panel must be hacked to lower the elevator platform, revealing the power source. As with the other locks, the power sources are disabled by interacting with cameras that can see them.

(upon disabling the first barrier) Kaelli: “One down!”

(upon disabling the second barrier) Kaelli: “That’s another down!”

(upon disabling the third barrier) Kaelli: “Just one more!”

(upon disabling the fourth barrier) Kaelli: “You’re done – time to go through, Kahl.”

Kahl: “Sneak, sneak, sneak. [chuckles] Smart.”

Kahl must hack a panel in order to physically open the doors. The gate will lead into another large factory room.

(when Kahl enters the next room) Kahl: “Inside. Now what?”

Kaelli: “The fun part. Find the production controls.”

In the control room of the factory, the security console gives a camera view of a large device for manufacturing the Narmer veils. Four energy conduits feed into the machine, with holographic symbols displayed at the connection points. The symbols can be cycled to new symbols by interacting with the connection points via the camera. The sequence of symbols must match the machine’s boot sequence in order to proceed.

(upon entering the control room) Kaelli: “And here’s where the evil’s made. Now the tricky part: Kahl, I need you to rekey the boot sequence. Do that and I’ll have a split second during reboot to inject my sabotage instructions. Hurry.”

(when viewing the machine through the camera) Kahl: “Kahl not understand.”

Kaelli: “Look around, do you see anything that could tell you the key sequence?”

The symbols that match the conduits can be revealed by interacting with various devices in the room and switching between the many cameras in the factory. Some symbols are hidden behind platforms that must be lowered, some must be lit up by activating drones, and some are openly displayed and simply need a different camera perspective to be seen. Once all four symbols are correct, Kahl can interact with the machine via the camera to run the boot sequence and allow Kaelli to sabotage it.

(upon successfully running the boot sequence) Kaelli: “Well done, Kahl. Now to make some noise. They have to think this is a raid. That way they won’t suspect tinkering. Marking weapons locker. You’re gonna need a gun.”

A locker at the back of the control room will open, revealing an Exergis shotgun that can be picked up.

(upon equipping Exergis, variant) Kahl: “Kahl always want one of these.”

(upon equipping Exergis, variant) Kahl: “This make big boom.”

(upon equipping Exergis, variant) Kahl: “Kahl get upgrade.”

(upon equipping Exergis, variant) Kahl: “Old gun good. This gun better.”

(upon equipping Exergis, variant) Kahl: “New gun. Hahaha. Kahl like.”

At this point all of the Moas, Ospreys, and Deacons in the facility will become alert and hostile.

(upon exiting the control room) Kaelli: “Kahl! Deacons are hunting you. But your tinkering just got me access to this facility’s automatic plasma torch! It’ll melt anything, including Deacons. Grab a target marker.”

The target marker is located on one of the upper levels of the factory.

(upon picking up the target marker) Kaelli: “Great. Now you just show me where to shoot. I’ll try not to singe your eyelashes.”

With the target marker, Kahl can enter Command Mode to mark an area, which will call down a plasma beam that deals massive damage in a moderate area of effect. In addition to dealing with the Narmer Corpus proxies, this will also kill Deacons. There is a short cooldown before the plasma torch can be used again.

(upon killing a Deacon with the plasma torch, variant) Kahl: “Hah. You burn!”

(upon killing a Deacon with the plasma torch, variant) Kahl: “Blue Girl shoot good!”

(upon killing a Deacon with the plasma torch, variant) Kahl: “Deacon skoom!”

(upon killing a Deacon with the plasma torch, variant) Kahl: [laughs] “Deacon skoom CAN die!”

Kahl must fight his way through the factory, killing those in his way. As he approaches the exit, a loud screech can be heard.

Kaelli: “Umm… Kahl? Something… big is coming your way.”

Kahl: “Kahl can handle.”

Upon advancing to the final room, a Narmer Scyto Raknoid will appear, and it must be killed to complete the mission. It is vulnerable to Kahl’s weapons, grenades, and plasma torch. Like other Scyto Raknoids, it will go temporarily inert upon reaching half health, before reanimating and attacking again.

(upon damaging the Narmer Raknoid with the plasma torch, variant) Kaelli: “I really felt that.”

(upon damaging the Narmer Raknoid with the plasma torch, variant) Kaelli: “Mmmm, I love this.”

(upon damaging the Narmer Raknoid with the plasma torch, variant) Kaelli: [giggles] “Got them!”

(upon killing Narmer Scyto Raknoid) Kahl: “Weak machine.”

Kaelli: “That’s it. They don’t suspect a thing. They think they’ve just chased off a smuggler looking for a quick find. Manipulating people isn’t fun when it’s this easy.”

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