Lotus Dialogue: Archon Hunts

After the Veilbreaker quest, weekly Archon Hunts will be unlocked for the Tenno. These Archon Hunts are a series of three missions to track down a specified Narmer Archon, with the final mission always an Assassination against the target. Lotus acts as mission control, and Pazuul will issue taunts as the Tenno progress. Below are the dialogue lines from Lotus and Pazuul during Archon Hunt missions, as well as the mission descriptions as seen in the World State Window.

Mission One


description unknown

(mission start) Lotus: "More and more people are following Pazuul down his deluded path. We need to know what this one knows. They will not go willingly."

(mission complete) Lotus: "Safely home. The target's awaiting unveiling. Let's hope they're grateful for it."


Archon [name] is deploying troops at [node] in the belief they will all ascend to Tau in a holy massacre. Break their ranks.

(mission start) Lotus: "Pazuul's faithful believe they can secure a place in sacred Tau if they massacre the unbelievers. [deep sigh] We have no choice but to break them with force."
Pazuul: "In blood and glory we ascend. In ecstasy we die. Can you say the same?"

(halfway complete) Pazuul: "All things… are ordained. I intended this. I planned it. Your murder. Our martyrdom."

(mission complete) Lotus: "You have done what needed to be done. Pazuul's delusion must end."

Mobile Defence

Pazuul has transferred Archon [name]'s data to a vulnerable network. His motives are mystifying as always, but we cannot pass up this opportunity.

(mission start) Lotus: "The fastest way to locate Pazuul's Archons is to upload me to Narmer's systems. I shall be strong where he was not."

(mission complete) Lotus: "I have the Archon's trail. The hunt can begin."


A former disciple of Archon [name] has torn off their veil and turned apostate. They may help us to understand Pazuul.

(mission start) Lotus: "Our target's been conditioned by Pazuul personally. Do what you can. Bring them home safe."
Pazuul: "And the blindworm deemed the scream of the condroc to be madness, for she could not see how far and free it soared."

(upon rescuing target) Pazuul: "Bite my head clean off, Mother! That's where the good meat is! Suck the guts until the little legs kick, kick, kick!"

(upon reaching extraction) Lotus: "Target is being debriefed. If any trace of Erra still remains inside Pazuul, I will bring it to the surface."


Narmer industrial production in [node] is in overdrive, causing severe environmental damage. Whatever Pazuul's warped visions are inspiring him to do now, end it.

(mission start) Lotus: "Whatever Pazuul is building, it is consuming huge amounts of power and resources. Shut his facilities down."
Pazuul: "Tau trembles within you, just as it consumes me. Kill your pride and follow me, Natah."

(when sabotage is 50% complete) Pazuul: "The 'Golden Makers' laid the System to waste! Hang your heads in shame, children of abomination! Filth-born! Chattels!"

(mission complete) Lotus: "Objective achieved. Well done."
Pazuul (mockingly): "'Objective achieved. Well done.'"


We cannot tell if Pazuul is receiving visions from Tau as he claims, or if his mind is disturbed. Analysis of data from [node] may give us an insight.

(mission start) Lotus: "We must understand Pazuul to understand his Narmer. You know these vaults. Get in. Find what you can."
Pazuul: "Oh, Natah, I am no mere cypher to be cracked. Come to me in humility. Abase yourself. And you, even you, will understand."

(after second data vault) Pazuul: "Tenno. I'm truly sorry. For everything. I saw the truth far too late. She will never forgive me. But you will, won't you?"

(after third data vault) Lotus: "Thank you. My brother is… unwell. I will… burn… the sickness out of him if I have to."

Mission Two


Narrowing down Archon [name]'s location from the data you garnered will require a specialist Operative. Keep them alive while they scan.

(mission start) Lotus: "Keep the specialist alive. Their wideband scans should reveal Narmer's purpose in this sector."
Pazuul: "And what of your purpose, Natah? Were you sired only to be wet-nurse to these putrid apes? Which of us truly needs to save the other?"

Chipper will be present as the defence objective in this mission; he also has dialogue.

(halfway complete) Pazuul: "Above, the Lords of Tau. Below, my people. Below them, yours. And I, I shall serve as shepherd and minister."

(mission complete) Lotus: "The scans are complete, Tenno. Prepare for an assault on the Archon."
Pazuul: "Cruel sister! Harpy! Gorgon! Why do you PERSECUTE ME?!"


Raid the conduits on [node] where Narmer keep their sacred regalia and artefacts. They may provide clues to Narmer's ultimate objectives.

(mission start) Lotus: "Pazuul has stowed sacred Narmer artefacts in Corpus Conduits. We need to ransack them. Little Duck will guide you."

(halfway complete) Pazuul: "Narmer offers freedom. Is that so terrible? Freedom from desire and responsibility alike. Find freedom in surrender, as I did."

(mission complete) Lotus: "We will examine this haul in detail. We will learn Narmer's secrets."
Pazuul: [angry growling] "Examine your own heart, Natah. Peel back its blackened layers and look deep."


Pazuul is demanding Archon [name] provide him with massive amounts of cryotic in holy tribute. Exhaust the veins, starve the Archon out, and he will be forced to act.

(mission start) Lotus: "Pazuul's project is consuming huge amounts of cryotic. Extract it before Narmer can."
Pazuul: "You abandoned me! In the hour of my sacrifice, you turned your face away. And so, there is no place for you in the eternal fields of Tau."

(halfway complete) Pazuul: "Bones of my father, fathom-drowned, behold me. Carcass of my mother, flame-devoured, behold me. Limbs of my children, piecemeal, unblinking, behold me!"

(mission complete) Lotus: "Pazuul will need to look elsewhere for his cryotic supplies. Good work."


Pazuul's messages blend prophecy with fragments of religious text and apparent gibberish. Intercept his encrypted comms on [node] so we can make sense of them.

(mission start) Lotus: "This facility is a communications crossroads for Narmer. Listen in. I want to know what he's telling his flock."
Pazuul: "Do you remember, Natah? That first day? How our father lifted you screaming from the manifold? How we sang?"

(halfway complete) Pazuul: "And I beheld a great Ram, and the horns of him were crowned with Sol and with Tau. And upon his tongue, the Zariman flame. And the mighty daemon of the Void cowered before him and he feared it not." 

(mission complete) Lotus: "All messages decrypted. Pazuul is not merely insane, Tenno. There is another mind at work within him."
Pazuul: "Just admit it, Natah. You're scared to face the possibility that I'm right."


Mount a coordinated Tenno raid on a Narmer site in [node]. This should buy us time to study Pazuul's response.

(mission start) Lotus: "We can divide Pazuul's fractured mind against him. Draw attention with a raid, while our Grineer operative and his Entrati guide ransack Pazuul's archives."

(upon triggering security) Lotus: "Narmer have ordered an environment purge. You must endure. I will send what help I can."

(mission complete) Lotus: "Kahl reports he has found the Archon's current location. Pazuul has no idea what we have achieved today."

Mission Three

Assuming success in your previous missions, we will have tracked Archon [name] to their current lair. Destroy the Archon and their complement of Deacons.

Our prior activities will have pinpointed Archon [name]. It only remains for you to end the threat.

Once Archon [name]'s exact location is established, you are to eliminate them and their Deacon retinue. Good luck.


(mission start, variant) Lotus: "Erra always dreamed of power. It is how he was shaped. But he is no leader, and his mistakes have left the Archon Boreal vulnerable. Take the Archon down."

(mission start, variant) Lotus: "Whatever Pazuul may preach, Boreal and his fellow Beasts are the ones destined to rule. Erra is merely a tool to them. We must strike where we can."

(mission start, variant) Lotus: "Archon Boreal serves only the Ram. He cares nothing for the twisted servant that carries him, the being I once called brother. Destroy Boreal, and Erra's mind may become clear again."

(encountering Boreal) Lotus: "Boreal is here. Strike fast, use cover, and do not let him heal."

(bypassing gate for second phase, variant) Lotus: "Boreal is consumed by hatred. He blames both your people and ours for what was done to him. Pazuul provides him with easy targets for that vengeful spite."

(bypassing gate for second phase, variant) Lotus: "On Tau, the Owl was solitary. He seemed to think himself above us and recognised the Ram alone as an equal. To be mutilated like this, turned into a weapon, was humiliating for him."

(bypassing gate for second phase, variant) Lotus: "Pazuul promises his Narmer cultists a new creation. I do not know how much of that comes from the Ram's memories of Tau, and how much from Erra's dreams of a kingdom of his own to rule."

(mission complete) Lotus: "Boreal is down. Narmer's spying eyes have been torn out. Excellent work."


(mission start, variant) Lotus: "Amar. Pazuul's assassin. Used to silence those who speak out against Narmer, much as Pazuul himself tries to stifle the voice of Erra within his mind."

(mission start, variant) Lotus: "Be on guard, Tenno. Archon Amar is stalking his prey. This is the grotesque truth behind Pazuul's gospel of a new Eden: Sentient beasts ruling over a docile human herd."

(mission start, variant) Lotus: "Archon Amar yearns for the New Creation that Pazuul has promised him. He imagines he will be a lord of the wilderness, instead of… what he is now. The price of that vision is measured in innocent lives. Stop him."

(encountering Amar) Lotus: "Amar! He will close the distance shockingly fast. When he creates duplicates, look for the one that is armed."

(bypassing gate for second phase, variant) Lotus: "The Wolf was a mentor to me long ago. From him I learned the wisdom of deception. Amar will prove a cunning opponent."

(bypassing gate for second phase, variant) Lotus: "On Tau, the Wolf roamed without prey. He was created in the image of ancient records from Old Earth, a naïve tribute to ecosystems long extinct. Those savage jaws were never meant to bite."

(bypassing gate for second phase, variant) Lotus: "Despite his pride, Erra never could stand alone. Time after time he allowed himself to be used. First by our father, then by Ballas, and now what is left of him is puppeted by the Ram. I will not say he deserved better, but I grieve for who he could have been."

(mission complete) Lotus: "Amar thought himself a hunter. Now he is a mere trophy. Good job."


(mission start, variant) Lotus: "Nira. Could she somehow be responsible for what Erra has become? A repayment for what he did to her? The Serpent is old, Tenno, and full of secrets."

(mission start, variant) Lotus: "Who whispered dreams of dominion into Pazuul's ear? Who keeps Erra suppressed and tormented with delusions? The stench of Nira's venom is upon this, Tenno."

(mission start, variant) Lotus: "To rebuild Paradise, Pazuul's Narmer will destroy all those they consider 'makers'. Archon Nira will be at the forefront of the slaughter."

(encountering Nira) Lotus: "You found her. Stay on the move. Those eyes can kill."

(bypassing gate for second phase, variant) Lotus: "I do not know if Pazuul is truly the leader of the Archons or their puppet. Of all of them, only Nira has the guile to seduce Erra like this."

(bypassing gate for second phase, variant) Lotus: "Pazuul preaches of Tau, where once the great beasts held dominion. But none have seen Tau in centuries, nor heard it speak. Nira and her kin were doubly abandoned."

(bypassing gate for second phase, variant) Lotus: "Nira devoured her brothers. I will not stand idly aside while she and Pazuul devour mine. Be my sword, Tenno. Strike."

(mission complete) Lotus: "You dealt with Archon Nira expertly, Tenno. Her kind may expect no mercy. No redemption."

Upon approaching Deacon gate

(upon approaching gate, variant) Lotus: "This gate only opens to Narmer prayers. Tear the veils from Deacons and use those."

(upon approaching gate, variant) Lotus: "Pazuul has barred the way to us 'heathens', but stolen Deacon veils should allow you to deceive the barrier."

(upon approaching gate, variant) Lotus: "Deacon veils are holy regalia in Pazuul's eyes. They will open this gate even if their bearer is dead."

(if attempting to kill the Deacon) Lotus: "The Deacon is invulnerable! Take down his flock first, then him."

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