Chipper Dialogue: Archon Hunts

Sometimes, a specialist operative will be required during an Archon Hunt to scan for the Archon's location. That specialist will be Chipper, whom the Tenno will have to protect during this scan, in a 10-wave Defence mission against Narmer enemies and Sentients. This is Chipper's dialogue during these missions.

Mission start

"Yeah, it's me. Y'know what they say: want a job done right, kneecap every mucker between you and whatever 'right' is."

"Mornin', sunshine! Got the short stick, didja? Haha. Get a move on, then."

"Sent you, did they? Righto. This'll be good for a laugh."

"Howzagarn? HaHA! Lead on, matey."

Enemy spotted

"Ooh, this fella's feelin' lucky."

"Lookit that tryhard wanker."

"Ooh, someone needs some sense knocked into 'em."

"Come an' 'ave a go, ya muckin' imbecile."

"Oh ho ho. Someone's bein' a smart arse. Try it on, ya little prick."

"Ya can try it, sunshine, but you will not like where it goes."

Under fire

"Yeah, better men than you have tried, ya wanker!"

"Keep shootin', sweetheart! Who knows? Maybe you'll get lucky."

"I'd take a welder to ya, but the gas makes me nose run!"

"One at a time, me darlin's. One at a time."

"C'mon, fellas! This is gettin' boring!"

Killing an enemy

"There y'go. Have yaself a little learnin' moment."

"I don't hold a grudge. Once they're dead, bygones are bygones."

"Ooh, messy."

End of wave

"I kinda suspect this may take a turn for the worse."

"I think ya just annoyed 'em, matey."

"Yeah, I think they're gonna make a day a' this."

"Ya not likely to get mercy from someone who's never been shown it, now are ya?"

[pants] "What they are not lacking… is tenacity."

[pants] "Scan's, uh, yeah… scan's are about half-done, I reckon?"

"Stop sweatin', Margaret. Scan's doin' fine. I'm old enough and ugly enough to do two muckin' things at once."

[pants] "See, now they're just takin' it personal."

"I think she's just about good, matey. [pants] Scan's comin' along nicely. Just give it another minute, I reckon."

[panting] "There ya go. One Archon. Coordinates n'all. Pretty. As a muckin' dinner."


"Agh. They got me. Give 'em credit, though, that was some nice speedwork."

"Ugh, I do not like that. Not one bit."

"Oi. Give us a hand. No hospitals!"

"Agh. Not lookin' good for ol' Chipper, matey."

"Oi! If I don't make it… bury me under… the ol'… maprico… tree…."

"Ugh… I've had worse… but this might be lights out for ol' Chipper."


"Nah nah nah. No worries no worries."

"Ugh. Feel a bit crook…but she'll be right. She'll be right."

"Ah, yer a good sort, aren't ya?"


"Well. Wouldja… look… at that…."

"Ah, what…."


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