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Pazuul is the name given to the new leader of the Narmer faction, a Sentient ram's head fused with Erra's body and anchored with an Archon shard. Currently, Pazuul is not faced directly, but he has dialogue during Archon Hunt missions. He can also be heard from his propaganda drone broadcasts in Narmer territory.

Propaganda drone broadcasts

"The Mother and the Father shaped the creatures: the Owl, the Snake, the Wolf… and the Ram, who ruled them all. It was glorious, and the creatures were content. The Ram smiled among New Creation's blue glades."

"My father severed the worlds, sundered the link we had forged with Tau in the days of our enslavement. In the darkness beyond the veil, we waited. The Lords of Tau were silent."

"I am Pazuul of Narmer. I abjure the Void that scalded my father's womb. I abjure the Golden Makers. I abjure the kuva and the kuria. I abjure the manikin and the eyeless. My doctrine shall be a devouring. Let Narmer draw unto herself all things. Veils to swallow the mind. Vessels to swallow the body. A mighty maw to swallow all, and bear us to Tau as one."

"I am the flail of judgement. I scour the sinful flesh from the bones, that I may restore you to life, whole and perfect. None that are foul shall set foot upon holy Tau. The docile and the proud, the fawning and the mighty – we shall build, as it were, a… a pyramid of light… where the knucklebones tumble…."

"This is the joyful culmination. Honour and worship upon the prophet Ballas, who fell, that Pazuul might rise. Narmer, I call upon you to build as the termites build. I call upon you to conjoin as the molecules conjoin. I call upon you to burn as the stars in their orbits burn, and mark the path we shall retread to the world that is to come."

"Eat, little ones. Feast. Every cycle, a harvest. Fill your bellies with the Sun's rich blood. In Tau, there will be no hunger. Eyes and teeth and tongues – all will be renewed. Devour me."

Pazuul is seen briefly in a cutscene during the Veilbreaker quest. He is discussed by Kahl-175 and Kaelli Entrati, first during Veilbreaker, and later during their conversations in the Garrison. He is also mentioned in Kahl's idle dialogue and during Archon Hunts. His propaganda drones are present during Archon Hunts and Break Narmer missions.

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