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During TennoCon 2019, there was a panel from Cameron Rogers and Ryan Mole titled "Building Fortuna's Society". As part of this panel, an image was shown with a list of Solaris slang along with their definitions (the list was later posted to Cam Rogers' Twitter). As these slang terms are essential to understanding many of the dialogue lines from Solaris characters, this list and its transcription are reproduced here.

abigail: assassin1 ("Mind you don't run afoul of that cove's abigail. He's got a hair trigger, that one.").

action doc: a person, usually at a low-class truck stop, that can arrange a variety of illegal services for a fee.

adrift: turned loose; unemployed; at a loss.

affirmative: yes, okay.

aground: failed.

ah, guts: damn it.

ambidexter: someone who plays both sides.

brain-shelving: the final stage of repo (see repo, below). The brain is stored ('shelved') in the hope that friends or family may eventually be able to have the brain reinstalled into a rig.

bundled out: loaded heavy, to max capacity.

come back: invitation for other pilot to talk.

copy / copy that / roger: understood.

copycats: Grineer.

convoy: group of ships travelling together.

cove: a scumbag or friend.

crater-faced: a place overrun with Infestation ("that jungle was crater-faced").

crud diver: worker who physically works beneath the surface of tanks/pools/lakes of coolant and effluent, breaking up blockages by hand – among other things.

deadhead: empty vessel, no cargo.

eyeball: to see something.

fatboy: heavy-duty cargo ship/tractor.

furball: lots of Grineer (copycats).

go-go juice: fuel.

Got your ears on?: Anyone listening? Anyone on comms?

gib-faced: unattractive.

green: good to go. All's well. ("We're green, let's do it.")

handle: name.

(the) horn: comms. ("Get 'em on the horn.")

jockey: pilot or driver (as in rig jockey or tractor jockey).

leg it: to run.

lugger: one of the simplest jobs: carrying heavy equipment from one site to another. 'Lugging it', essentially. Usually performed by heavily reinforced 'squat-rigs'.

meat wagon: ambulance/medical transport.

merk-merks: mercantile mercenaries (Corpus).

moving on: leaving.

mucking: [profanity].

old mate: 'friend' or 'this person here'. Noun. More warm and familiar than 'cove'. ("Taking it easy, like old mate, here.")

personnel cleric: a non-Corpus Temple officiate. A worker tending to the spiritual needs of the [Solaris]2.

piked: bailed, failed to show, ran away. ("They piked on us.")

poppin' zits: killing Infestation.

Rail agents: SU tractor jockeys who ply the Rails.

repo (noun, pejorative): one who has been subject to limb, organ, or sensor repossession. Almost always due to failed payments to a Corpus ('Taxman') controller.

repo (verb): bodily repossession.

rig: a Solaris' mechanical body.

rig jockey: a Solaris worker.

rubbernecking: slowing down to ogle something.

scuttling: to abort.

(to) sham [x]: to fake something (illness, bravery, etc).

silver stamps: Rail agent lingo for credits, payment.

slurry monitor: worker who monitors levels of waste coolant.

smoke the brakes: slow down fast, wait up, say what?

spaced: blown out an airlock; exposed to hard vacuum.

sprog: child.

stay on the right side of the grass / keep the shiny side up: have a safe trip; don't have an accident.

sumper: job. Works in the sumps. Lowest of all levels.

surveyor: finds new resources out on the Vallis with a theodolite, etc. Marking sites for excavator drops.

Taxmen: Corpus.

thrower: casual labour that unloads your ship, often for cash payment.

tractor: ship.

tractor jockey: ship pilot.

tractor race: two Rail agents competing for the same contract. Often means racing to beat the other to a delivery, or to prove themselves to a desired employer.

triple digits: high speed.

whisper network: spy network. Network of informants, of Solaris workers secretly sympathetic to Solaris United.

wide-bore: a). full throttle ("That convoy's runnin' wide-bore for the Rail."). b) turbocharged, overclocked, amped up (as in "wide-bore engines"). c) with great force ("Hit 'em wide-bore.").

zits: Infested/Infestation.

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  1. This word was not included in the document, but its definition was provided by Cam Rogers in a different tweet. It has been added here for clarity's sake.
  2. This word was cut off in the image. It has been inferred.

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