Hombask Dialogue: Mobile Defence

A computer terminal within the Zariman. Screenshot by GrayArchon.

Hombask guides the Tenno during Mobile Defence missions on the Zariman. These missions operate identically to Mobile Defence missions on other tilesets and in other locations, with the added appearance of Thrax enemies. Zariman Mobile Defence missions are only seen on a single mission node: The Greenway, Zariman. Like all Zariman missions, it can only be accessed after completing the Angels of the Zariman quest.

Mission Start

"We need to take back this ship one room at a time. That means getting back control of the network. That little datamass will scrub a whole sector clean if you can get it to the right port and let it work in peace."

"Housekeeping time. There's whole sectors of the Zariman whose systems rotted ever since the jump. I've prepped you a datamass that'll bring 'em back under our control, but you'll need to pop it in at the right nodes, and keep the system safe while it purges."

"Keeping our home in order means having control of the ship's systems. Right now, we don't have that. You're gonna have to go in with a datamass and manually bring consoles back online."

Approaching a terminal

"There's a terminal! Plug in the thingy and keep it in one piece!"

"You found a terminal. Pop the datamass in there and defend it."

"Terminal in sight. You know what to do."

Inserting datamass

"Okay. Scrubbing the system."

When defence is halfway complete

"Nearly done. Keep defending, please."

Terminal defence complete

"System's clean. Great work. Keep moving."

"This system's back online. Find us another."

"Job done. On to the next."

Mission complete

"You just brought an entire sector back to functionality. I'm proud of you. Take a well-earned break."

"Old-fashioned elbow grease and a bit of brute force can work miracles! Sector's ours. Well done."

"Systems are waking up across a whole sector. I'll send some cleaning drones in and get it ready for use. You did good."

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