Lotus Dialogue: Mobile Defence

In Mobile Defence missions, Tenno must find and defend multiple consoles while the Lotus hacks into enemy systems. A datamass will spawn, and the Tenno must carry it to one of the nearby targets.

Take the datamass to one of the targets, place it in the console by pressing [X] , then defend the target. When the timer is completed, pick up the datamass and move to the next target. When all the targets have been defended, head to extraction.

When the Lotus seeks to infiltrate enemy computer systems, she will sometimes send a Tenno squad to enter the base and insert datamasses into the network so as to upload her own software, allowing her to access whatever information she desires. The computer terminals must be defended during the upload process. These are the Lotus' dialogue lines during Mobile Defence missions.

This mission type requires the Tenno to enter an enemy base while carrying a datamass. When carried, the datamass prevents the Tenno from using their primary weapon. The Tenno must find a computer terminal and insert the datamass, which will cause enemies to rush the area and attack the terminal. The Tenno must defend the terminal until the timer is complete, at which point the datamass will be ejected, and the Tenno must pick it up and carry it to the next terminal (1 – 3 terminals in total). After the final terminal, the datamass will not be ejected, and the Tenno can proceed to extraction without it.

Mobile Defence missions on the Zariman are handled by Hombask.

Mission start

"This is a mobile defence mission. You must deliver payloads and defend a number of locations while I break into the network. Be prepared for heavy resistance. I can't do this without you."

During the mission

"I need access to a terminal. Find one and patch me in."

"This will only get more difficult. Get to a terminal and prepare for enemy resistance."

"We have got to find a terminal. Proceed and prepare."

Arriving at a terminal

"Here is a terminal. Get me in, and get ready to defend."

"Location reached. Drop me in and defend our position."

"Terminal spotted. Upload me and prepare to defend."

Inserting datamass

"I'm in, Tenno. This will take a moment."

While defending

"Still working on it. Continue to defend."

After a terminal is complete

"Terminal hacked. Keep moving."

"We are finished here. Move on."

"Area completed. Move on!"

When all terminals have been defended

"The odds were against us, Tenno – but we did it. Mission complete."

Grineer Asteroid

On the Grineer Asteroid tileset, after defending all terminals, the Lotus will alert the Tenno to a final, hidden objective: a warframe cryopod. This objective is on a tram hidden behind a gate. The gate must be lowered from a nearby console in order for the defence to begin.

(after the final terminal is complete) "All data logs indicate that there is an Orokin artefact somewhere here. Get to it now, defend it, and then we can leave."

(upon hacking the console and beginning the defence) "Artefact found. Defend it until the extraction team arrives."

Orokin Moon

On the Orokin Moon tileset, a pair of Sentient fighters may arrive while a terminal is being defended. If they do, they will interfere with the Lotus' hacking, causing the countdown to pause. They must be killed before the countdown will resume. The console will remain vulnerable to attack even while the hacking is paused.

(when the Sentients appear) "This isn't working. It's the Sentients; take them out."

(when the Sentients appear) "The Sentient mind has scrambled the systems. Eliminate all Sentients before I can continue."

(when the Sentients appear) "The Sentients are causing too much interference. You have to deal with them before we can go on."

(after the Sentients are killed) "That's it; they're all gone. We can resume our mission."

(after the Sentients are killed) "Sentient forces eliminated. We can continue."


Archwing Mobile Defence missions are slightly different; there is no datamass, and the hacking process will start automatically when the Tenno arrives at the satellite.

(upon mission start) "I must extract crucial surveillance data from nearby satellites. Protect them until I complete my task."

(upon mission start) "Satellites in the vicinity contain important surveillance data. Defend them while I extract that data."

(during mission) "The surveillance data is heavily encrypted. It will take time to extract."

(during mission) "The enemy would rather destroy this data than have it land in our hands."

(upon activating a satellite, variant) "This is it; defend the satellite while I extract what we need."

(upon activating a satellite, variant) "Do not let the enemy destroy this satellite before I have what we need."

(upon activating a satellite, variant) "Defend this satellite."

(after a defence is complete, variant) "I have the data. Move onto the next target."

(after a defence is complete, variant) "I got what we need. Find the next satellite."

(after the last satellite has been defended) "Mission accomplished. Proceed to your Landing Craft."

(after the last satellite has been defended) "All satellites have been hacked. Move to extraction."

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