Lotus Dialogue: Spy

This is an espionage mission. Tenno must search through enemy ships and outposts to find data vaults containing crucial intel.

The data vaults are guarded by a myriad of security measures, from laser traps to sensor drones. Tenno should attempt to extract the intel without being detected. If the enemy detects any intrusion, Tenno will only have a short time to retrieve the intel before it is destroyed.

Most missions will contain multiple data vaults. The number of successful extractions required changes by mission.

Often, the Lotus will send the Tenno to extract intelligence directly from enemy computers. The most sensitive data is often housed in specially designed data vaults with heavy security, which the Tenno must covertly penetrate.

This mission type requires the Tenno to enter a hostile enemy base and infiltrate three specific rooms called data vaults. Each data vault has a computer console that must be hacked, surrounded by an array of sensors, security measures, and patrolling enemies. If alarms are tripped by sensors or activated by enemies, the data in the vault will begin self-destruction, shown as a timer on the HUD. The Tenno must hack the data console before the data is destroyed, or the vault will be considered a failure. If all three data vaults are failed, the mission will result in a failure. Some mission modifiers, like Sorties, require all three vaults to be successfully completed. All three vaults must be attempted, and either successfully hacked or failed, before extraction will appear. If the Tenno sets off alarms in every data vault, an additional Exterminate objective will appear after the last vault.

Mission start

"Tenno, I need you to get inside enemy data vaults and retrieve crucial intelligence data."

"Tenno, you are here to infiltrate data vaults and retrieve highly sensitive enemy information."

"Your mission is to break into enemy data vaults and steal any intelligence files you find."

During mission

"Tenno, be on the lookout for increased security measures."

"Tenno, be on the lookout for increased security measures. The enemy would rather destroy their data than let it get into our hands."

Approaching data vault

"You're nearing the console. Trigger the alarms now, and they will start destroying the data."

"The target console is nearby. If you trigger the alarms now, the enemy will start destroying data."

If the alarm is triggered

"Alarms! Data destruction is imminent. You need to hurry."

"Alarms have been triggered. You need to retrieve that data before the data destruction is complete."

(if data loss would trigger mission failure) "You've triggered the alarms. Lose this data and the mission will be a complete failure."

If the data is destroyed

"It's too late; we've lost this data. You will need to be more careful with the next vault."

"They destroyed the data. This must not happen again with the next vault."

(if the mission fails, variant) "We allowed the enemy to destroy all their data. This mission is over."

(if the mission fails, variant) "The enemy has successfully destroyed all the data. This mission is a failure."

After hacking a vault

(no alarms, variant) "Excellent work. A clean extraction with no alarms."

(no alarms, variant) "Data extracted. They won't even know it's gone."

(alarms, variant) "You got it. The data is still intact."

(alarms, variant) "Data integrity verified. Retrieval was successful."

After hacking the last vault

(if some data was destroyed) "The data we retrieved will have to suffice. Get to extraction."

(if all data vaults were successful) "We have everything we came for. Get to extraction."

(if all data vaults had alarms go off, variant) "We cannot let enemy command know we were here. Eliminate everyone."

(if all data vaults had alarms go off, variant) "We've set off too many alarms. Eliminate all remaining enemies so that news of our infiltration does not reach high command."

Orokin Moon

On the Orokin Moon tileset, used on Lua, the data consoles are completely destroyed. Tenno must use Void rifts to travel back to a time when the data vaults were functional, and extract the data then, before returning to the present time. Data vaults will often require multiple time crossings to complete.

(during mission) "The Moon's sudden exit from the Void has had unforeseen consequences. Be on the lookout for localised continuity disturbances. You may be able to turn these to your advantage."

(when approaching data vault) "This console has been severely damaged. You can't get anything out of it in this state."

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