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Bombastine is a character in the upcoming and mysterious kingdom of Duviri.

Duviri Amphitheatre, TennoCon 2022

During TennoLive at TennoCon 2022, when the Duviri Paradox gameplay demo was being shown, there was a Relay orbiting Earth in-game labelled “Duviri Amphitheatre”. Entering this Relay took the Tenno to a floating island with Duviri-like architecture and wildlife. In the centre was a stage upon which stood Bombastine. During the gameplay demo, as each new character or concept was shown, a facsimile would appear on the stage in the Duviri Amphitheatre in-game, and Bombastine would announce it. As there were connection problems for some players due to high server traffic during TennoCon, the entire presentation was re-run during DevStream 163, roughly 6 weeks later.

(before presentation begins, variant) “Ah, the tingle of mounting excitement.”

(before presentation begins, variant) “Savour the anticipation while you can!”

(before presentation begins, variant) “Come on, come on! Plenty of room for everyone!”

(before presentation begins, variant) “We crave your patience for just a little longer.”

(before presentation begins, variant) “Do not shove! You’ll all be able to see, I promise!”

(before presentation begins, variant) “The performance will commence presently.”

(beginning of presentation, while showing an image of Dominus Thrax) “Welcome, one and all. Vagabonds and wastrels, nobles and nobodies, tatterdemalions, tramps, and troubadours! Welcome to a display without equal among the trillion wonders of the ever-giving Void. But first. A salutation to Him by whose will we are gathered here. The brightest of stars in the firmament! Our magnificent Majesty, by whose very whim we exist! Our most modest and serene sovereign! DOMINUS THRAX!”

(while showing an image of Duviri Dax) “In Duviri, our Dax are not flawed, mortal flesh and blood. They are legends given form. A pure ideal, smithed into shape by our King’s will. I advise you not to cross them.”

(while showing an image of Luscinia) “Here, your eyes are treated to what your ears have already feasted upon. Behold Luscinia, whose voice blesses all in Duviri. Through her song, the King sleeps soundly and deep, untroubled by fell dreams.”

(while showing an image of Kaithe) “The Kaithe of Duviri. A memory clad in a steel dream. Swifter than bowshots, more loyal than a steadfast soldier’s heart. Run true, noble Kaithe!”

(while showing an image of Teshin) “Teshin Dax. A veteran veiled in scars and sorrows. I cannot tell you how long he has dwelled with us. I only know that something has compelled him to watch and wait.”

(when Orowyrm flies around the Amphitheatre) “LOOK UP, UP TO THE SKY! Meet one of our primordial enigmas. One of the titanic entities that coil around our world at its very root. Behold, the Orowyrm LODUN!”

(when the presentation is over) “Alas, merciless Time has not stinted on his forward march, and our dalliance together draws to a close. How different from the hours in sweet Duviri, where the same day may be lived over and over, like a beloved song, and never grow old! Of course, it is not so sweet for those who the King wishes to see suffer, and death is no release when it can be undone and decreed again… but enough of such dark forebodings. Duviri awaits. And we shall meet again.”

Bombastine also appeared in the gameplay demo itself during TennoCon 2022, and had additional dialogue. This dialogue is presumed to be identical to his upcoming appearance in the Duviri Paradox update and quest.

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