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A Captura image of Lodun, standing in a courtyard in Upperhaven. He holds a tablet in his hand, while a stack of books is seen beside him. Captura by GrayArchon.
Captura by GrayArchon

Lodun is one of Dominus Thrax's courtiers within the kingdom of Duviri and serves, among other roles, as the king's executioner. He is the focal point of the Anger Spiral in Duviri. Lodun is voiced by David Shaughnessy.

Idle quotes

During non-Anger Spirals, Lodun can be found in Upperhaven, holding a tablet. These are quotes he says when the Drifter is nearby.

Lodun: "I haven't forgotten how you spoke to me, 'Drifter'. I should have your tongue for that."

Lodun: "What are you gawping at?"


Lodun: "Peasants. Getting their filth all over everything."



Lodun: "Someone find me some troops with some COMMON SODDING SENSE!"

Lodun: "Next time I'll stay in control. Keep out of Wyrm form. Dethrone the little bastard."

Lodun: "One day, Imp. One day I get to hear your scrawny neck go snap."

Lodun: "One more second of that miserable bloody singing and I'll go to the edge and jump off."

The Prince of Fire

During Anger Spirals in Duviri, the Drifter has the opportunity to play through the tale of the Prince of Fire, centring on Lodun, as part of the Tales of Duviri. These dialogue lines are narrated by Euleria Entrati.

(introduction) Euleria Entrati: "Hear now of the one they called Lodun – the high and mighty prince of… nothing. For within him burned a fire and a fury he could not control."

(introduction) Euleria Entrati: "Lodun of Duviri was nicknamed 'the Prince of Fire'. A mocking title, for he ruled over nothing, least of all himself."

(first stage) Euleria Entrati: "As the never-to-be-king's fortune rose, so too did his fire… his indignation… his Anger."

(first stage) Euleria Entrati: "The most petty and trivial things could spark Lodun's anger. But the flames quickly rose."

(second stage) Euleria Entrati: "So everything was met with Anger. And Anger was his undoing."

(second stage) Euleria Entrati: "Now anger is a powerful weapon, be sure of that. But it burns friend and foe alike."

(third stage) Euleria Entrati: "Friends and family were scorched and retreated away from him, so his rage became like a stone in his chest, weighing him down."

(third stage) Euleria Entrati: "The more Lodun's anger drove people away, the more certain he became that he was right."

(fourth stage) Euleria Entrati: "Lodun turned his anger inward… and found the source. Not the world of folly and betrayal, but his own shortcomings."

(fourth stage) Euleria Entrati: "In his heart, Lodun knew he was angry with his own powerlessness. And no amount of screaming could remedy that."

(fifth stage) Euleria Entrati: "He became an enemy to even himself."

(fifth stage) Euleria Entrati: "He saw there was nothing righteous or noble about his anger. It was just the raving of a petty, paltry man."

(when the Orowyrm appears) Euleria Entrati: "The fire within Lodun was his Anger. Unable to control it, thus was he consumed. Behold the great dragon of Lodun!"

Anger Spiral

As the Drifter plays through the Anger Spiral, Lodun will give dialogue when they approach their main objectives, as well as at the beginning and end of the Spiral.

(Spiral start) Lodun: "I've seen YOU drifting among the isles of MY kingdom! If it weren't for that manic little IMP! He's got it in for you. If you're not a complete idiot, you'll see that we should… HELP… one another."

(Spiral start) Lodun: "Another day, another insult to my dignity… my right! Return me to my rightful place OR SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES!"

(Assemble the shrine) Lodun: "The relics of my ancestors, shattered! He's trying to erase my proof of ancestry! Rebuild my great-grandmother's shrine AT ONCE!"

(Assemble the shrine) Lodun: "If I have to summon the ghosts of the past to back up my claim to the throne, I WILL! All YOU need to do is put the shrine back together."

(Defeat Kullervo) Lodun: "They fear this berserking… 'Kullervo'. Hm. Calm him… calm him and ensure that idiot Warden does not kill him. I would make use of this Kullervo… at a future time of my choosing."

(Defeat Kullervo) Lodun: "Like knows like. This Kullervo has more spirit than any lickspittle calling itself a Dax. But it will destroy him, if not tamped, measured. Provide his righteous rage the dignity it deserves, in martial combat."

(Defeat the Dax) Lodun: "The imp's grown suspicious of me. His spies approach even now to surveil. ME! One more BUCKET OF PISS splashed in my face for the world to see. Take care of this before we're both in the stocks."

(Defeat the Dax) Lodun: "The Imp thinks he can send his clanking cretins to haul ME away? As if I were nothing but a filthy Tamm-snaffler? RIP THEIR ARMS AND LEGS OFF!"

(Defeat the Dax guarding the treasure) Lodun: "I'm the rightful king of Duviri, so the Imp's taxes are MY taxes. If these Dax have a PROBLEM with that, then you can make problems FOR them, can't you?"

(Defeat the Dax guarding the treasure) Lodun: "Oh, that Imp has gone too damn far this time! He's had his Dax confiscate MY BELONGINGS! POUND THEM INTO THE DIRT AND GET MY GOODS BACK!"

(Energise the shrine) Lodun: "Grah! I can never work these STUPID mazes out! Wait. YOU can do it for me!"

(Energise the shrine) Lodun: "While I deal with whichever of the Imp's INCOMPETENT ministers set this travesty up, YOU can take it back down again."

(Enter the Undercroft) Lodun: "The Undercroft is an ulcer in the guts of Duviri. Something's happening down there. I can feel it. SORT IT OUT, for Void's sake!"

(Enter the Undercroft) Lodun: [laughs] "The blasted Undercroft! Nothing but a haphazard mass of chaos under the Imp's rule! Get a portal open. I have HAD ENOUGH. We are FIXING this mess."

(Enter the Undercroft) Lodun: "Does that brat on the throne have ANY IDEA how often I've had to send forces into the Undercroft to clean up his mess? Maybe you'll do a better job. See what's amiss."

(Enter the Undercroft) Lodun: "The Imp allows chaos to brood under his very nose! If I had my way I'd have all those Undercroft portals BRICKED UP! Get in there and find out what's wrong this time!"

(Find all lost belongings) Lodun: "'His Majesty' doesn't like the caves. 'His Majesty' is afraid of the dark. Weakling. Go and find me the treasures he's too gutless to claim."

(Find all lost belongings) Lodun: "I'm sure that simpering homunculus thought scattering my royal effects would put a stop to my ambitions. Oh no. Not when I have you to find them for me."

(Find the hidden chest) Lodun: "MY REGALIA! This is where the bastard Imp hid it! Find it, and I'll get you a front-row seat at my coronation!"

(Find the hidden chest) Lodun: "Wait. You're near where the succession scrolls are hidden. If that wretched Imp hasn't burned them all, that is. What are you waiting for? Find them!"

(Guide your reflection into the light) Lodun: "One of the Imp's mirrors is up ahead. Slaughter the guards and find out what it wants from you. (aside) When I'm King, I'll have them all smashed!"

(Guide your reflection into the light) Lodun: "I don't know what Void-cursed nonsense that mirror is harbouring, and I don't care. I just want it dealt with. Get rid of those Dax and find out what it wants!"

(Herd the Tamms) Lodun: "That stunted brat can't even keep the Tamms in order. If you don't sort them out sharpish, we'll be tripping over the brainless things for weeks!"

(Herd the Tamms) Lodun: "You see how the Imp neglects his duties? Beasts left to roam at will, eating and shitting wherever they like! IT'S MADDENING! ROUND THOSE STINKING THINGS UP!"

(Kill the mounted Dax) Lodun: "The king's bounty has risen on both of our heads! You'll need to deal with this before we go any further."

(Open chest and defeat its guardian) Lodun: "I TOLD the Imp these Void-sodden travesties were a STUPID idea. 'But they're so strong, Lodun!' Kill one. Take what it's guarding. Prove me right!"

(Open chest and defeat its guardian) Lodun: "That's him. Thrax's enforcer. MY REPLACEMENT. For two pins, I'd come down there and smash his face in myself! But I can't, so you have to. Help yourself to his chest."

(Purge the darkened areas of Liminus) Lodun: "A legion of FARTY LITTLE ANCESTOR PHANTASMS is attempting to deny me my birthright. Some nonsense about ineligible bloodlines. Purge them!"

(Purge the darkened areas of Liminus) Lodun: "That gormless CHILD in the Palace is letting his night-terrors run free. While diddums slurps his cup of warm milk, show them what a real nightmare looks like."

(Reconnect the power lines) Lodun: "Fix this blasted generator! I'm going to find whoever let it break down in the first place, and, eh, WHIP THEM RAW!"

(Reconnect the power lines) Lodun: "Damnation! This ABSURD contraption has broken down AGAIN! Fix it for me. I need all the power I can get!"

(Stay close to the prisoner to free them) Lodun: "I find ONE citizen willing to support my claim, and the bastard Dax are trying to kill him! Keep him alive!"

(Stay close to the prisoner to free them) Lodun: "Thrax has a prisoner. The Imp wants him dead. I want him alive. I respect your skill, the Imp does not. Clear?"

(Win the kaithe race) Lodun: "Thrax has a favourite kaithe. None but his own dainty arse may sit upon it. I want YOU to ride it and beat the King's own record! That'll teach the little toe-rag."

(Win the kaithe race) Lodun: "He treated his bloody kaithes better than he treated me, his own executioner! I want YOU to outrace his champion. That'll wipe the smirk off Thrax's mewling face!"

(after completing the Spiral's tasks) Lodun (holding his head and shaking): "I was the rightful heir, but the boy was chosen…. Why is this always happening to me? What is wrong with me? Am I not… GOOD ENOUGH FOR ALL OF YOU?"

(after completing the Spiral's tasks) Lodun (holding his head and shaking): "I could have been a good King! But I'll never get the chance, because they HATE ME! EVERYONE HATES ME! WELL, GUESS WHAT? I HATE MYSELF MORE!"

Lodun plays a small role in The Duviri Paradox. He has additional dialogue in the Orowyrm fight at the conclusion of the Anger Spiral. Lodun is mentioned in the dialogue of Acrithis, Bombastine, and the singing children of Duviri, and in the Caves of Academe story of the Lost Islands fragments. Lodun was also present in the TennoCon 2022 gameplay demo of Duviri, where he was named Lequos (although the Orowyrm was still named Lodun).

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