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Acrithis is the archivist of Duviri, and can be found at various points in her carriage, operating a shop where the Drifter can purchase varied items in exchange for Duviri resources. Acrithis is voiced by Samantha Boffin.

Idle quotes

"Ah. A Drifter crosses my path!"

"And whose business are you about today, Drifter?"

"Let's see what happens next."

"Will you stop, or breeze on by?"

"Curious. What does that portend?"

Greeting the Drifter for the first time

"Ah, I thought it was you. And I have a pretty good idea what you're up to. Oh, I wouldn't tell anyone. Not with your reputation. I think we could be useful to each other. I've built up quite a collection over the years, and you can get your hands on things I never could. So. Trade? Don't tell me you're not… curious?"

Greeting the Drifter in the Dormizone

"Ah. Hello… 'Drifter'."

"I won't ask where you've been lately. I can tell from the dust on your boots."

"Look at us, chatting like old friends."

"I'll have your secrets out of you. Every one."

"Something is different about you. What is it?"

Greeting the Drifter in Duviri

"Hmmm. Should I pretend I haven't seen you? [chuckles] No, this is much more interesting."

"Ah, the undying vagabond. A tale still in progress."

"Always stumble across you eventually, don't I?"

"Some faces tell a story. Yours? More of an epic tragedy."

"Whatever can you be up to, armed and unfettered in the King's own country?"

"Hmm. Interesting meeting. Let's see what comes of it."

While the Drifter browses wares

"Did you ever notice how that thing hangs in the sky overhead, and yet nobody ever wants to talk about it? Like it's not really there?"

"That Mathila. Funny how she has a smile on her face every morning. I'm sure one of the lads could tell us more…."

"Two children and no memory of her husband. Poor Mathila. I wonder if sad memories can even exist in that happy mind?"

"It's no wonder this place is in the state it's in, when there's a child on the throne. Of course, some said it should have been Lodun."

"He is a martyr to his rages, Lodun is. I think there's something at the bottom of it all. Something he's too ashamed to admit."

"He loved her, you know. Bombastine. Claims he didn't. But he cries and whispers her name when he thinks no one's listening. What do you suppose he'll do?"

"Don't waste any sympathy on Sythel. Not with her nasty little ways. I've barely scratched the surface of what she gets up to."

"There's a whole universe out there, beyond the Wall. The one that Old Thingybob in the cave comes from. Or perhaps… you already knew that?"

"You're not like us at all, are you? I've worked out that much. Now, I want more."

"I told them. I said, 'You can't just ask someone what it's like to be executed every day of their life! They'll talk about it when they're ready!' You'll tell me first, of course?"

"You know this handful of islands is just what's left, don't you? There used to be so many more…."

"There's a wealth of hidden knowledge out there in Duviri, just waiting to be discovered. [giggles] I should know. I hid it!"

"My favourite book of all is the one that details suitable tortures for people who mistreat books."

Kullervo’s Archive

(when the Drifter opens store for the first time) "Did you hear? Kullervo's Hold can be sighted just off the mainland! The place is steeped in anger, sorrow, and fear, so you only need to wait for one of our King's darker moods. My archives note that the island was first formed when a ball of fire descended from the sky! It bored a hole straight through the ground, and from the tainted debris, a dungeon spontaneously arose, complete with Warden to berate its sole prisoner, the warframe Kullervo, for his many crimes."

"From the mainland, I use my looking glass to spy on Kullervo's Hold. Have you noticed the children? What draws them there, I wonder? What redeeming value do they see in that terrible place?"

"Kullervo did not arrive empty-handed. No, it seems he brought with him the burdensome weight of a guilty conscience."

"I'd steer clear of Kullervo's Hold if I were you. It is no safe place, no matter how tantalising the details of Kullervo's crimes may seem."

"Have you noticed that Kullervo's Hold only comes into view when the king is overcome with fear, anger, or sorrow?"

"Kullervo appears to hail from that bizarre land that I am convinced lies beyond the Zariman. A violent and cold place that our captive must have been in a hurry to escape."

"That Warden is a repugnant, self-righteous man, speaking as though he too came from beyond the Zariman, but deep down both he and I are well aware he is of Duviri. Of the Void. We know our own."

"A dungeon island is all well and good, but what happens if there's a prison break?"

"When Kullervo escapes, no one seems to be safe, save the children. They calm him. Perhaps that's why so many of them are drawn to the island."

"Have you been to Kullervo's Hold yet? You should not go; it is far too perilous… but if you do… tell me everything. Promise?"

Purchasing an item

"Hmm. Curious…."

"What drew you to that?"

"I see."


"Hm. I wonder what you'll do with that…."

"Huh. Making a note of that…."

"Will that be all?"

"Hmm. Let's see what happens."

Exiting wares after purchase

[laughs] "What a riddle you are."

"And just like that, you're gone."

"You remain endlessly fascinating. Goodbye!"

Exiting wares without purchase

"You remain quite unpredictable."

"Nothing tickled your curiosity, hm?"

[sigh] "There'll be other times."

Acrithis greets the Drifter with an inbox message after completing The Duviri Paradox, which is a prerequisite for meeting her. Acrithis sells endgame weapon enhancements such as Exilus adapters and Arcanes, as well as Duviri-themed Orbiter decorations and Starchart resources, all in exchange for randomised amounts of Duviri resources. She is also the narrator of the Lost Islands of Duviri fragments that can be found scattered around the kingdom. Acrithis is mentioned by Bombastine, Luscinia, and Sythel in their dialogue.

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