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Daughter Entrati gets more than she bargained for when she enlists the Tenno to investigate a call for reinforcements aboard a Narmer Murex.


The Veilbreaker quest is available after the completion of The New War, and can be started in the Codex. Upon beginning the quest, a short cutscene will play.

[In orbit around the Infested moon Deimos, a Murex looms as three Ionix ships patrol the area. Deep within the Murex, a Grineer soldier stumbles forward, panting and straining. His Narmer veil drops to the floor with a clang, and he collapses to one knee from the effort of ripping it off. As he slowly gets back to his feet, he is revealed to be Kahl-175, last seen during The New War. He catches his breath, then sees something in the distance, and grips his Grakata with determination before running forward.]

After the cinematic, the Tenno will receive an inbox message from Kaelli Entrati.

Inbox message:
Who Is Pazuul?

Tenno, I need your help. Check the message for details.

Kaelli (video message): "Nora Night keeps saying Narmer isn't dead. Someone new is at the top. All she knows is a name: Pazuul. Well, guess what, Tenno? I have a lead. I detected a dot code signal, broadcast from inside a Murex. It only says one thing, over and over again. 'NEED REINFORCEMENTS.' It's probably one of the freedom fighters Nora keeps talking about. If they made it into a Murex, they have to know about Pazuul. Come on, Tenno, say you'll help."


First Mission: Investigate the Murex (Horend, Deimos)

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The mission takes place in the Sentient Murex tileset, with occasional Sentient enemies.

Kaelli: "Whoa. The inside of a Murex… organic scaffolds… node-based circulation… but on a scale I never thought possible. The Medusa network means I'm scanner-blind in here. Knock it out, and I'll pinpoint the location of our messenger."

The Tenno is directed to find the hub of the Medusa network, waypointed deep within the Murex. Along the way, the Tenno will encounter Battalysts, Conculysts, Ortholysts, and even Mimics, as opposed to the Brachiolysts, Symbilysts, and Tyro Battalysts normally found within Murex.

Kaelli: "When Ballas and Narmer struck the System, I was ready to do something, anything… but no, the family said we had to 'guard the Heart of Deimos'. I spent the entire war lying low in the Necralisk, listening to Nora Night talk about those brave few fighters who were out there doing exciting things. Not this time."

Eventually, the Tenno will arrive at a large, open space with a large tower structure emitting a column of red Sentient energy.

Kaelli: "Tenno, I think that's the central hub of the Medusa network. Without a scanner feed, you'll need to figure out how to disable it on your own."

The Tenno must disrupt 9 energy nodes by shooting them within a short window of time. A beam of red energy will arc from each node to the next as they are destroyed (similar to the energy node puzzles seen in The New War). Upon disrupting the last node, the beam of energy will arc to the tower and cause a large explosion. The tower will cease functioning and become inert.

Kaelli: "That's it! Triangulating distress beacon. There. The signal originates from the other side of the Murex. I hope they're not too frightened to talk."

The view will fade out and a loading screen will transition into the next mission.

Second Mission: Freeing the Brothers (Horend, Deimos)

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The player has control of Kahl-175, wielding a Slaytra machete. As with The New War quest, the HUD interface is Grineer-themed. Kahl is in a small, secluded room in the Murex, where a Grineer Bolkor has crashed into the Sentient ship. Grineer bodies are scattered all around. Kahl has scavenged the communications array from the Bolkor and assembled a transmission setup on a makeshift desk, complete with video monitors. Kahl stands in front of the comms setup as Kaelli appears on the screens.

Kaelli: "Don't be afraid. We're here to—"

Kahl: "Kahl NOT afraid. Kahl need brothers. Queens send… Blue Girl?"

Kaelli: "A… a… a… a VAT RAT?! I can't believe I expected to find out who Pazuul is. Ugh, I'm an idiot."

Kahl: "Kahl know Pazuul."

Kaelli: "Excuse me?"

Kahl: "Kahl need gun. Find Kahl gun. Kahl tell about Pazuul."

Kaelli: "Of course, of course. 'Kahl', was it? There… marking a weapon signature."

Kahl is waypointed to a spot further inside the Murex, with the HUD objective marked as "Get gun". Along the way, Kahl will encounter Sentient enemies like Brachiolysts and Tyro Conculysts. Kahl will arrive at a pair of crashed Grineer ramsleds. A dead Grineer is propped up against one of the ramsleds, and his Grakata rifle is on the ground nearby. Kahl is prompted to "Take Grakata".

(upon picking up the gun) Kahl: "Oooh."

Kaelli: "You got your gun, and I will guide you out of here, but first, I need you to tell me about Pazuul."

Kahl: "Kahl find brothers. You help. Then talk."

Kaelli: "'Brothers'? 'Brothers' was not what we agreed to. You said 'gun'! I got you your gun! Now tell me about Pazuul!"

Kahl: "Find brothers. Then talk."

Kahl will eventually arrive at a Grineer soldier trapped within a red stasis field, being guarded by a Tyro Conculyst that must be killed.

Kaelli: "Ugh, perfect. The field your brother is locked in is entangled with complex restraints. Get close. I'll use your signal to target a dissipation beam."

Kahl: "Kahl know what to do."

Upon interacting with the Grineer captive, the stasis field will begin to dissipate, tracked by a meter on the HUD that counts up to 50. As the field dissipates, Kahl will have to defend against Brachiolysts and Battalysts. The Sentients will occasionally drop grenades when killed that can be used for Kahl's first ability. Once the meter reaches halfway, it will stop, and a location will be marked a few metres away.

(variant) Kahl: "Blue Girl need Kahl in that spot."

(variant) Kahl: "Need to get in position."

Kahl must stand in the new location in order for the field dissipation meter to progress. Once the meter is finished, Kahl must interact with the field again to "Free brother". The Grineer captive is a Hellion named Rogg-417, armed with a Grakata. Rogg's health will appear in Kahl's HUD as a teammate, under Kahl's own health bar.

Kahl: "Brother, wake up. Kahl give orders now. Come!"

Rogg-417: "…Kahl? Where you lead, Rogg follow!"

The way to the next room is blocked by burning debris.

Kaelli: "Ugh! A blockage? Not even a brutish Grineer fist can punch through that… [sigh] think… think…."

Kahl: "Blue Girl stop think, Kahl see Rogg has bomb."

The teammate interface shows how Kahl can enter "Command Mode" to issue directives to his brothers, roughly similar to Veso-R's mission in The New War. Once in Command Mode, selecting the debris will cause Rogg to go over to the blockage, place an explosive device at the base, and run away. After a couple seconds, the bomb will detonate and the debris will be destroyed. Command Mode can also be used to instruct Rogg to hold a particular location or attack a particular enemy. The Regroup command will cancel all previous commands and cause Rogg to follow after Kahl.

(upon clearing the blockage) Kaelli: "Grineer are good at destroying things. Shocking."

Kahl: "Blue Girl, where others?"

Kaelli: "Grineer have a lot of brothers, Kahl. They're not all going to fit aboard my friend's lander."

Kahl: "Get bigger ship."

Kaelli: [exasperated sigh] "Scans show what appears to be a Grineer dropship, but it might not even be operational."

Kahl: "Kahl make work. First find all brothers."

The next room has a large chasm that Kahl cannot jump across.

Kaelli: "I don't know how, but you need to find a way across."

Kahl: "Hmm."

Near the chasm is a dead Grineer Hellion, with his Hellion jetpack still intact.

(upon approaching the dead Grineer) Kahl: "Kahl… 180. Same tube."

Kahl is prompted to take the Hellion pack. Upon doing so, it will appear on his back.

Kahl: "Hellion pack. How hard could be?"

The HUD will instruct Kahl how to operate the Hellion pack to hover and fly. More Sentient enemies will appear to fight Kahl. Rogg, as Kahl's follower, will automatically attack any enemy he sees. On the other side of the chasm is another Grineer in a stasis field. As before, Kahl must interact with the field in order to start the dissipation process. For this and subsequent brothers, however, the field dissipation meter goes up to 100 instead of 50. Kahl and Rogg must defend against Sentient enemies during the process.

When the meter reaches 33, Kahl will need to go to a new location, back across the chasm, in order to continue the dissipation process.

(when the meter is halfway complete) Kaelli: "Hold tight, Kahl. Just a little bit longer."

When the meter reaches 65, it will stop again, and a new location will be marked some distance away; however, the current location still needs to be held. Kahl must use Command Mode to send Rogg to one of the two locations while remaining in the other. Only when both positions are occupied will the meter progress.

(variant) Kahl: "Kahl need to be in two places."

(variant) Kahl: "Need to split up. Kahl go there, brother go there."

(variant) Kahl: "Must send brother to other spot."

The Grineer captive will also be a Hellion. Unlike Rogg, his name is randomised. Possible names include: Graan-474, Oggor-787, and Betan-245, though this list is not exhaustive.

Rescued Grineer: "For the Queens!"

Kahl: "No. Queens abandon us. Fight for brothers now."

Rescued Grineer: "Huh?"

The next captive is a Corpus.

Kaelli: "This one's just a Corpus. Ugh."

Kahl: "Kahl know what Veil like. Nobody deserve Veil."

The Corpus captive must be rescued in an identical manner to the previous one. Now that Kahl has multiple followers, Command Mode will apply to all of them as a group. If any followers are downed, they will kneel, inactive, and Kahl can revive them in a similar fashion to a Tenno. Kahl's followers do not have bleedout timers.

The Corpus captive will have a Ranger jetpack and will be armed with a Supra. Like the Grineer, his name is randomised, and has a title. Possible names include: Drit-Z, Generalist Specialist; Qryn Chad, Manager; and Savi-U, Tester, though this list is not exhaustive.

Corpus Captive: "I as ttee. I as it yout petp!" [I am free. I am in your debt!]

Kaelli: "That's everyone. Can we go now? Dropship marked."

Kahl will be waypointed to a dropship further within the Murex.

Kaelli: "You're coming up on the Bolkor… and – of course – it's held in place by a Tether Node. I've devised an eight-step plan to evade security and gain access. Step One—"

Kahl: "No time, Blue Girl! Kahl do!!"

Within another large open room with many floating ledges is a gray tower-like structure, surrounded by red Sentient energy. Three Immunodes are placed on ledges around it. These Immunodes, like others found throughout the Murex, confer invulnerability to nearby Sentients, but unlike other Immunodes, they take almost no damage from Kahl's weapons.

Kahl: "Can brother bomb node thing?"

Kahl must use Command Mode to mark the three Immunodes. Similar to the debris from earlier, Rogg-417 will place bombs to destroy them. Once the three Immunodes are destroyed, Kahl and his brothers must attack the tower itself.

(upon destroying the tower) Kahl: "We fight for no Queens. We fight for brothers!"

A Bolkor dropship is in the next room. The cargo bay door is open, but the ship is held in place by energy tethers emanating from two large red crystals.

Kaelli: "I can pilot this thing remotely, but I need you to man the guns."

Just inside the cargo bay is a Grattler turret. Kahl must man the emplacement and shoot the red crystals to free to dropship.

Kaelli: "That Tether Node still has a grip on you. Take it out."

Once the crystals are destroyed, the ship will depart immediately. Kahl will remain in the Grattler turret, and can use the Grattler to shoot down pursuing Ionix fighters as the Bolkor threads the internal passages of the Murex.

Kahl: "Now find the other brothers."

Kaelli: "Make any more stops, and you risk everyone you already saved. And you still haven't told me about Pazuul."

Kahl: "Blue Girl have brother? Would she leave him to die?"

Kaelli: "Ugh… you're loyal; I'll give you that. Plotting a course to the second Narmer holding facility. Hold on tight."

The Bolkor will take hits from the pursuing ships as well as stationary defences throughout the Murex.

Kaelli: "Hull integrity dropping!"

Eventually the Bolkor's alarms will start sounding.

Kaelli: "Losing control! Kahl!"

The sounds of an engine spinning out can be heard.

Kahl: "Brothers! Get out!!"

The dropship will crash inside the Murex. After a brief flash of white, Kahl will slowly stand up amidst the wreckage of the Bolkor, as his brothers do the same. All four managed to survive the crash.

Kahl: "It over. Kahl tell you about Pazuul."

Kaelli: "Not now, Kahl. I'll see if there's another way to get you and your brothers out of here."

Kahl will be able to grab the Grattler from the wreckage of the Bolkor and use it as his primary weapon (though this is not necessary). Kahl is waypointed to another pair of Grineer captives within the Murex, and they must be rescued in identical fashion to the previous set.

(upon freeing a captive, variant) Kahl: "Your brothers wait."

(upon freeing a captive, variant) Kahl: "Time for revenge, Brother."

(upon freeing a captive, variant)Kahl: "Follow Kahl."

(upon freeing a captive, variant) Kahl: "We go now."

(upon freeing a captive, variant) Kahl: "Brother, wake up. Killing time."

(upon freeing a captive, variant) Kahl: "Move!"

(upon freeing a captive, variant) Kahl: "Time to fight."

(upon freeing both captives) Kaelli: "Kahl, I've called in a favour. Get to the hangar and you just might live."

Kahl is waypointed to a hangar a few rooms away.

Kaelli: "Railjack just up ahead."

Kahl: "Tenno? Hmmm. Brothers trust Kahl, and Kahl trust you. Brothers, get in!"

Kahl will enter a large hangar space, where the Tenno's Railjack is idling.

(variant) Kahl: "Blue Girl bring brothers aboard. Kahl check everything safe."

(variant) Kahl: "Save teleport for wounded. Kahl walk."

(variant) Kahl: "No teleport! Kahl go old-fashioned way."

Upon reaching the waypoint, a cutscene will trigger.

[Kahl sprints to the edge of the hangar and jumps into the air, activating his Hellion pack and flying towards the Railjack's airlock. He enters and the Railjack immediately flies away. As it does, a group of Sentients stands in the hangar watching. Among them is a new, tall Sentient with gangly legs. As it turns around, it is clear that it is Erra's body, but with an animal-shaped head of Sentient flesh, similar to the Archons seen during The New War. The head atop Erra's body is that of a ram. An orange Archon Shard is embedded sideways through the skull. The Erra-Archon turns and walks away.]


Kahl is now set up in a makeshift garrison in the Tenno's Drifter Camp, with an Ostron rug for a bed, a Grineer comms array, and a tall pole of Grineer dog tags and armour – either a memorial of the fallen, or a symbol of rejection of the Queens. The scene cuts to Kaelli contacting Kahl over the comms array in his camp.

Kaelli: "Kahl. This is Blue Girl. Did my friend get you all set up?"

Kahl: "Tenno is friend. Kahl tell Blue Girl about Pazuul: Body is dead worm. Head like animal."

Kaelli: "'Dead worm'. Is that all?"

Kahl: "What more to know? Want kill Pazuul? Find brothers. Break veils. Kill Narmer. That what Kahl do."

Kaelli: "Fine. I'm in. We'll get more done working together. Face it, Vat Rat, you NEED me."

Kahl: "If Narmer make Veils, Kahl and Blue Girl break them."

The Tenno is directed to talk to Kahl.

Kahl: "Who help Grineer today? Not Queens. Not Vay Hek. Tenno and Blue Girl help brothers. Other brothers still have veil. So Kahl break. This camp little. But soon, it get big. You see. Kahl not afraid. And now Kahl not alone."

The quest is now marked complete. When the Tenno returns to their ship, they will have an inbox message from Kaelli.

Inbox message:


Heard you're going to start hunting Archons. Now that sounds exciting!

What if I told you that Archon Shards can be used to enhance your warframe?

My brother has designed a new Helminth segment for you. Build and install it, then give it a Shard to work with, and enjoy.

(Of course, you'll need to be on speaking terms with your Helminth in order to use this, and if you don't know what I'm talking about you probably should be spending a bit more time on Deimos.)

You know, what with Kahl doing the intel gathering on the ground, me running mission command, and you all ready to take down the Archons, this team is synergising quite deliciously.

—'Blue Girl'

This message contains the Helminth Archon Shard segment blueprint, which requires 2 Entrati Lanthorn, 10 Devolved Namalon, 5 Sporulate Sac, and 50 Thrax Plasm to craft, and takes 50.000 credits and 24 hours. When installed, this segment allows the Helminth to enhance the Tenno's warframes using Archon Shards rewarded from the weekly Archon Hunts.

After completion of the quest, the Tenno has access to Kahl's "Break Narmer" weekly missions and the accompanying Kahl's Garrison syndicate, as well as the weekly Archon Hunts.

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