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In Kahl's Garrison in the Drifter Camp, Kahl has a simple Grineer communications array. As each rank of the Kahl's Garrison syndicate is reached, two conversations between Kahl and Kaelli become available by interacting with the console (ten at the final rank). These conversations only happen once, and after being heard, will not recur.

Upon reaching rank Shelter (immediately after Veilbreaker quest)

Kaelli: "Kahl. Pick up. Kahl. Pick up this instant."

Kahl: "Kahl-175. Hear Blue Girl loud and clear."

Kaelli: "Kahl. Did you really think that an Orokin matron like my Mother would allow a pack of filthy clones to set up camp on her estate? Did you not consider the kind of hell her knowledge of our association might bring down on my head?"

Kahl: "Brothers need home. Kahl… Kahl find friend. Brothers and Kahl make home here instead. Kahl sorry."

Kaelli: "Not good enough, Kahl. Not good enough."

Upon reaching rank Shelter (second conversation)

Kaelli: "Kahl. Are you sulking? Don't be a child."

Kahl: "Kahl not know 'sulk'. Kahl busy planning. Brothers need Kahl."

Kaelli: "Yes, well, I'm bored."

Kahl: "Not everyone get to be bored. Kahl 'filthy clone'. Built to kill. Built to die. Kahl want to not be slave, to free brothers, he need to plan. To work. Maybe die. You want clown? Find other Kahl. Orokin made plenty."

Kaelli: [scoff] "Kahl, how da—" [comms channel shuts off]

Upon reaching rank Encampment

Kaelli: "That was a pleasing enough distraction. And Mother appears to have forgotten about my misdemeanours in light of what my brother has been up to."

Kahl: "Kahl and brothers not slaves."

Kaelli: "What?"

Kahl: "No Captains. No Queens. Look around. Just Kahl, and brothers. Today: just us. Tomorrow: much more. Kahl and brothers not slave clones. Not any more."

Kaelli: "No. No, I suppose you're not, are you."

Upon reaching rank Encampment (second conversation)

Kahl: "Emergency. Camp under attack. Worm Condrix sighted. Send assistance. Emergency!"

Kaelli: "Kahl? Kahl, what the f—"

Kahl: "Test done. Emergency channel work fine. Brothers, stand down."

Kaelli: [catching breath] "We are going to have words about this."

Upon reaching rank Fort

Kahl: "Blue Girl. Narmer veil make brothers love Pazuul. Kahl know that. But Kahl not know why brothers still love Queens. Why?"

Kaelli: "You can't change anyone, Kahl. Try and go mad. If you're lucky, you can help those who want to change. Everyone else is a lost cause."

Kahl: "Does Blue Girl want change?"

Kaelli: "What, exactly, are you suggesting?"

Kahl: "Hm. Fancy talk about rich old family. Empire. Orokin. But rich old Orokin family empire? [spits] Dust. This new world now. Kahl think Blue Girl want to be part of new world. That why she help Kahl make it. Kahl want to… help… Blue Girl. If Blue Girl want help?"

Kaelli: "I… I have to go."

Upon reaching rank Fort (second conversation)

Kaelli: "Little people are so strange. This insistence on surrounding yourself with strangers. I can't tell if it's a desire for approval or existential panic. Is this what mortality does to a person?"

Kahl: "Brothers not strangers. Blue Girl not love her family?"

Kaelli: [laughs] "You're funny. 'Love'. [laughs] Oh, by the Void, you're serious."

Upon reaching rank Settlement

Kaelli: "Tell me more about your brothers. Each one is identical to the last, none of them long for this world. What possible benefit can they be to you? It's… so very odd."

Kahl: "Kahl part of brothers. Brothers part of Kahl. World want brothers dead. Kahl say no."

Kaelli: "Clone rot undermined genetic conditioning. [gasp] You developed death fear."

Kahl: "Kahl 'developed' eyes. Kahl know how you see brothers. How Captains and Queens see brothers. 'Honour'. 'Duty'. 'Glory'. Trick. All trick. Grineer die so Captains and Queens… even Orokin… do not. Kahl say to them: from now on do own dying. Brothers help."

Kaelli: "No. You didn't develop death fear. Back in the day they would have called it dignity."

Upon reaching rank Settlement (second conversation)

Kahl: "Blue Girl. Kahl got question."

Kaelli: "Proceed?"

Kahl: "Chipper and Horrek and Kahl tell stories. You not here, but you still part of camp. So, Kahl say it your turn. What worst fight you ever been in?"

Kaelli: "Well… I… cut my father's arm off once."

Kahl: "Cooool."

Upon reaching rank Home

Kaelli: "Kahl, before you go. I… it has been very interesting for me, seeing how you… what I mean is…." [stammers]

Kahl: "Kahl and brothers not what Orokin lady expected. You respect Kahl and brothers. You look at own family differently. Feel lonely. Kahl have family and you have… Kahl not know."

Kaelli: [sniffs tearfully]

Kahl: "It okay."

Kaelli (haltingly): "I'm fairly sure this level of intuition was not included in your design specs."

Kahl: "Kahl self-made man."

Upon reaching rank Home (second conversation)

Kahl: "Blue Girl. You do science stuff. Right?"

Kaelli: "Xenobiology and xenobotany with a special focus in synergetic Void harmonics, yes. Disqualified from application to the Archimedian Collegium on a technicality."

Kahl: "Kahl want be smarter."

Kaelli: [sighs, stammers] "I don't think that's something I can do, Kahl."

Kahl: "Kahl know you can. Kahl look forward to talk science together soon."

Upon reaching rank Home (third conversation)

Kaelli: "Kahl? Why do you keep those tag things?"

Kahl: "Those genestamps. Record how we made. Record how we die."

Kaelli: "To what purpose?"

Kahl: "Hmm. Queens put genestamp in machine. Next time brothers come out better. Kahl remember brothers his way."

Upon reaching rank Home (fourth conversation)

Kaelli: "Kahl? Come in. Are you awake?"

Kahl: "Kahl one-seven-five on-station."

Kaelli: "I had a terrible dream. [yawn] Horrid. Guess you get those [yawning] alla time…." [long yawn]

Kahl: "Grineer never dream."

Kaelli (sleepily): "Hmm? Never? Even when you're floating… inna little tubes…."

Kahl: "You sleep. Kahl keep watch."

Upon reaching rank Home (fifth conversation)

Kahl: "Blue Girl! Hai-Luk bring package! Kahl got fish you send from Deimos!"

Kaelli: "Did you like your Cryptosuctus?"

Kahl: "Oh, it very ugly. Kahl love it."

Kaelli: "Sometimes things have to become ugly to survive."

Upon reaching rank Home (sixth conversation)

Kahl: "Kahl see pretty bug today. Body like blue metal. Wing like glass. Fly right down and sit on Kahl hand. Kahl look right into little bug eyes."

Kaelli: "And then what?"

Kahl: "Bug… sting Kahl."

Kaelli: "Oh dear. Mistake."

Kahl: "Kahl not kill it. Not bug fault. Kahl big, bug little. Next time bug know."

Upon reaching rank Home (seventh conversation)

Kahl: "Blue Girl? Who is 'Nora'?"

Kaelli: "Nora Night? Nobody knows. Just another malcontent trying to move mountains. Which, these days, I find myself respecting."

Kahl: "Huh. She sound like she know Kahl, but Kahl never see her. Sound like angel."

Kaelli: "Never meet your heroes, Kahl. They always disappoint."

Kahl: "Hm. Maybe Blue Girl got wrong heroes."

Upon reaching rank Home (eighth conversation)

Kahl: "Many animal on Plains. Condroc and kuaka, and kavat. Used to shoot because they got in way. Now Horrek leave food out."

Kaelli: "I think it's… good… that you're helping out the local wildlife."

Kahl: "Maybe Kahl tame some. Bring home."

Kaelli: "Okay, Kahl, get comfortable. Because I need to tell you all about my brother."

Upon reaching rank Home (ninth conversation)

Kahl: "Blue Girl. Camp need supply of Thrax Toxin in case Plague Star fall here."

Kaelli: "You need what in case of what?"

Kahl: "Plague Star. Big ball of Infested. Make everything Infested all over. Stink bad!"

Kaelli: [scoffs] "Well, for your information? Kahl? Grineer smell like a bag of armpits. In the sun. In a toilet."

Kahl: "Huh. [sniffs] You can smell from all way over there?"

Upon reaching rank Home (tenth conversation)

Kaelli: "Well, that's another freed brother safely arrived at Iron Wake. Cressa Tal sends her thanks and respect, blah blah blah. [annoyed sigh] Why don't you two just join forces?"

Kahl: "Steel Meridian too big. Worms see them coming. Kahl work better like this. Little group. Like kubrow pack."

Kaelli: "So this is enough? This is as far as it ever needs to go? Just the camp, the brothers, and breaking veils?"

Kahl: "Blue Girl got something more important to do?"

Kaelli: "Right now… no."

Veilbreaker conversation

Behind Kahl on the table is his Veilbreaker device (worn on his wrist during missions). If the Tenno interacts with it, it will trigger a conversation between Kahl and Kaelli. This conversation can be replayed at any time.

Kaelli: "Grineer design? Wait. Did you make that weapon?"

Kahl: "Mm-hm. Used to be EMP ram. Kahl change."

Kaelli: "This won't kill any Narmer. The frequencies are all wrong."

Kahl: "This 'Veilbreaker'. Not supposed to kill."

Kaelli: "You really aren't like other Grineer, are you?"

Kahl: "How many Grineer Blue Girl know?"

Idle conversations

Some of the Garrison's members' idle dialogue are conversations between different characters. These have been moved from their characters' dialogue separate pages into this section. The first conversation requires the Garrison to be at rank Fort, and the other two require the Garrison to be at rank Home.

Horrek: "Kahl. When is your blue girl going to send us more polyps? I want my world to undulate again."
Kahl: "She say you not allowed. She say, er, 'He knows what he did.'"

Olvar: "Horrek, would you like help with—"
Horrek: "NO!"
Olvar: "Okay then!"

Jarka: "The Corpus boy is easy target. Very slow and very stupid."
Olvar: "Hey."
Jarka: "Or is he? Perhaps it is all Jarka's clever trap. Perhaps anything that comes for the Corpus boy will DIE! Safer just to walk away, yes?"

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