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Fisher Hai-Luk is the fishing merchant in Cetus, located near the entrance to the market. She sells Ostron fishing gear and blueprints to frame fishing trophies, as well as a rotating stock of fish parts. In addition, she can aid the Tenno in filleting fish for their useful byproducts, and will also accept donations of whole fish in return for Ostron Standing.

Idle quotes

These are un-subtitled lines that Hai-Luk will say when she is not interacting with the Tenno.

"Spears! Bait! Trophymaking! Come to Fisher Hai-Luk! A bad day fishing beats a good day working!"

"Fishing! Feed yourself and the ones you love! Spears! Bait! The lifetime of knowledge! Fisher Hai-Luk at your service!"

"Lure rare and mighty beasts of the deep with Fisher Hai-Luk's prime bait! Capture it with one of her master-crafted spears! Mount your victory on a fine board to beautify your home and impress your friends! Fisher Hai-Luk!"

"Anglers! Want to bring home a fish that will make the mighty Eidolons look like minnows? Come, talk to Fisher Hai-Luk!"

Greeting the Tenno

(if the Tenno is new to Cetus) "Different fish need different bait, and Fisher Hai-Luk is your one-stop shop. Swazdo-lah, stranger."

"A bad day fishing's better than a good day working. Swazdo-lah, friend."

"Lok heb, surah! Let's get you fitted out and ready for the big blue."

"Hello! It is my aim to ensure you fully enjoy your time upon the water, which is absolutely not filled with unknowable horror."

(if the Tenno is rank Trusted or higher) "Ah! You're still alive! I'm so happy!"

(if the Tenno is rank Trusted or higher) "Fisher Hai-Luk happily places herself at the service of Cetus' champion."

(if the Tenno is rank Trusted or higher) "Lok heb, surah! It's wonderful to see you again!"

Exiting store after purchase

"Come again!"

"I… hope… to see you again? Goodbye."

"A fine selection! Be well!"

Selecting fish

(Common fishes include Charc Eel, Goopolla, Khut-Khut, Mawfish, Yogwun.)

(small common fish) "Just a wee one, nothing to fear."

(medium common fish) "Hmm… medium size. Good length. Teeth… mmm, still too big."

(large common fish) [gasp] "This one will feed the whole family. And the cousins too!"

(Mortus Lungfish, Tralok, Sharrac, Karkina) "[gasp] Hmm, look at that! Don't see many of these anymore."

(Murkray, Cuthol, Norg) [gasp] "Now this is something special! A rare catch!"

(Glappid) "By the Unum! Is that—? [gasp] I can't remember the last time this species was seen in our waters. What did you use for bait?"

(Tenno has no fish) "Let's see what you've got! Wait… you have… no fish? Well, what are you waiting for? Go catch some!"

Filleting fish

"I find a use for every part of the beast."

"Let's… uh… open 'er up then."

"Kruna metta! Allow me to… help… with that."

(afterwards) "That was expertly done."

(afterwards) [chuckles] "You're quite handy with a blade, aren't you?"

(afterwards) "That… that smell… is quite something, isn't it?"

Providing fish

"If you have any fish to spare, I will see they reach the tables of our poor and infirm."

"Can you spare a fish or two for the people of Cetus, Tenno?"

"We have many who go without. A fish or two would make their dinner table a less sombre affair."

(afterwards) "These will be received gratefully. Thank you."

(afterwards) "The people acknowledge your generosity, Tenno."

(afterwards) "These will feed many! Thank you, Tenno."

Exiting fishing services or offerings without purchase

"Hmph. I should have been a plumber."

"Well… all right, then."

"Check back tomorrow! New stock regularly!"

Fisher Hai-Luk makes a brief appearance in the New War quest, and is mentioned in the conversations in Kahl's Garrison.

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