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Hok is the master weaponsmith of Cetus. His stall is located in the central market area, near Nakak and Master Teasonai. He offers access to Zaws – custom-built weapons of Ostron design, fitted together from pieces specified by the customer.

Hok sells the blueprints for the Zaw parts, which Tenno can then craft in their Foundry, and bring back to Hok to be forged into a weapon. Once the weapon has been mastered, it can be brought back to Hok to be gilt, improving its stats and unlocking its true potential as a weapon, even giving it a name. If the player does not have a sufficient reputation in Cetus to take advantage of Hok's services, he offers a daily special: a Zaw pre-built from random parts, offering the customer convenience in return for creative control over their weapon. Hok also sells blueprints for unique Exodia arcanes that can be slotted onto Zaws, and he will also rename a Zaw, or indeed any melee weapon, for a small fee. Lastly, Hok will accept gilt or mastered Zaws as donations to the Cetus militia, rewarding the player with Ostron Standing. In all of this, he is "assisted" by his apprentice, Pedlek, who often seems to be doing nothing at all, much to Hok's disdain.

Idle quotes

"Blades! Components! Gilding! Blades! Components! Gilding!"

"Bladed weapons, master-crafted from the hilt up, designed to suit your particular need, surah!"

"You have dreamed of your perfect blade! Well, dream no longer! It resides in the space between yourself and Hok, Master Craftsman, waiting to be born!"

Greeting the Tenno

(if the Tenno is new to Cetus) "A-ha! You desire the Zaw weapons Hok is so famous for. Allow Hok – I am Hok – to sell you blueprints for weapon parts! Forge them in your Foundry, and then return here so that Hok may construct a fine weapon for you."

"Ai yo. What a day: Hok has been busier than a one-armed mime with a skin rash. What may I provide?"

"Oof. That last customer? Nice guy, but couldn't hit water if he fell out of a boat. What do you need?"

"Ah, swazdo-lah. Both the world and his wife are on Hok's back this accursed day. How may he improve yours?"

"No excuses, Pedlek! Last time there was a dead squirrel floating in it! [sigh] I am a bright star surrounded by an accretion disk of cretins and ding-dongs. [sigh] How may I serve?"

"Haha! I do not like your chances, Pedlek, for you are barely symmetrical! Oh. Swazdo-lah. How may Hok serve?"

"Pedlek! Did your mother jump around whilst pregnant? Those aren't pets! They're carnivorous as ffff… far as I know. Hello there. How may Hok serve?"

"No, Pedlek, I will not be attending your poetry recital! Hok would rather get a plate in his head and collect magnets. How may I serve?"

(if the Tenno is rank Trusted or higher) "Ai yo! Cetus' favourite Tenno! Welcome! Welcome!"

(if the Tenno is rank Trusted or higher) "Aaaaaah… surah. A joy as always."

(if the Tenno is rank Trusted or higher) "Swazdo-lah, Tenno! Your presence makes joy fountain from Hok's eyeballs."

(if the Tenno is rank Trusted or higher) "I will not tolerate this behaviour, Pedlek! You look like a jerk and have a crappy face! Swazdo-lah. What do you need?"

(if the Tenno is rank Trusted or higher) "That money in your sock, Pedlek, is for bail! [sigh] Swazdo-lah. What do you need?"

(if the Tenno is rank Trusted or higher) "Knock it off, Pedlek! You laugh like an electrocuted hamster. Oh. Swazdo-lah. How may Hok serve?"

(if the Tenno is rank Trusted or higher) "By the Unum, Pedlek. It would be wiser to simply fire you and use your face to make squid biscuits. Oh. Swazdo-lah. How may Hok serve?"

Forging a Zaw if the Tenno has no Zaw components

"Hok would love to help. Perhaps if you return with some weapon parts, he could assemble a fine blade for you."

"Supply the parts, and I shall create the weapon."

"Without the proper components, alas, I am helpless to assist."

Selecting a Zaw component

"Very good, very good."

"They shall work wonderfully together."

"A most astute choice, surah."

If the Tenno idles while selecting Zaw components

"There is no rush. Hok has… all day."

"It is important to make the right choice, of course."

"Pedlek! Fetch me my lunch while this customer… browses."

"Perhaps the most important part of the weapon. Choose wisely."

"Take your time, take your time."

"Grip and link must, of course, be chosen with utmost care."

Forging a Zaw

"Hok does marvelous work, does he not? Marvelous-utz."

"Not too shabby. Pedlek helped with some of the smaller touches, so my apologies if it falls apart in your hands."


Exiting store without purchase

"Really? Step into the winners' circle occasionally, friend, we'd love to have you."

"So you've just wasted my time, is what your face is telling me."

"Are your eyes in your pockets? You'll not find the equal of Hok's merchandise elsewhere!"

Exiting store after purchase

"Walk like there's a knife in your boot, eh?"

"Keep swinging 'til they're more red than… well, anything else."

"Getting old isn't for the weak. Be well, surah."

Viewing Hok’s daily special

"Big special today. Hok knows you're interested."

"Behold, my special for today."

"Another day, another masterwork."

"Today's special is a thing of such beauty that I had to slap Pedlek for looking at it indecently."

Gilding a Zaw

"Such beautiful lines. She requires only… a name."

"It is ready, waiting to come to life with your touch. Will you name her?"

"Your blade, Tenno. Name her, and bring her to life."

Confirming the name of a Zaw or other melee weapon

"A name to strike fear into the hearts of the wicked."

"You are quite the poet, Tenno. Beautiful."


Skipping the naming of a Zaw after gilding

"You see her for what she is. Truly, you share a bond."

"Her nature is her own. As you say."

"Of course, surah. She is yours."

If the Tenno attempts to gild a Zaw that is not Rank 30

"Test your blades in battle. Return to me once their worth is known. Only then will Hok gild."

"If your weapon is tested, then Hok shall gild it – but not before."

"Untested metal is unfit for gilding. Return to Hok once the worth of that blade has been proven, surah."

Donating a Zaw

"Dah-dap, surah. Your contribution to our defence is gratefully accepted."

"Ai yo! Dah-dap, surah! The militia thanks you!"

"You are too kind, surah! Dah-dap, dah-dap utz!"

If the Tenno attempts to donate a Zaw that is not Rank 30

"The militia will only accept battle-hardened Zaws, Tenno."

"If the steel is tested, the militia will gratefully accept. Otherwise… not so much."

"We cannot arm recruits with anything less than battle-hardened weapons, surah."

Bidding farewell


"Sho-lah, surah."

"Come back soon."

"Remember, Hok has new specials everyday."

"Dah-dap, surah."

Hok makes a brief appearance in the New War quest.

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