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Quill Onkko Primary is an enigmatic figure who can be found in Cetus, though not right away – the Tenno must finish both Saya's Vigil and the War Within to meet him. He is so far the only representative of the Quills to make direct contact with the Tenno, and his dialogue provides much of our insight into that faction and the Unum they serve. Most of his lines are heard when interacting with him in Cetus, though he also gives advice to Tenno who venture out on the Eidolon Plains at night.


After the Tenno completes the War Within quest, they will receive an inbox message from an unknown sender directing them to find the Quills.

Inbox message:
A Gift From A Past That Is Yet To Be

From the immeasurable skein of fate, woven unseen from infinite collisions between choice and outcome, action and reaction, cause and effect, a single object has been delivered into my possession.

And, soon, from my possession to yours.

You come to Cetus. You find a door like no other. You show that door your true self. That door opens. Behind that door, I await you. From my possession to yours sweeps this single object, this impossible product of infinite choices – a singular thing intended solely for you.

To Cetus. To the door.

​Initial cutscene

Onkko's hut in Cetus can only be entered in Operator mode, which is only available to the Tenno after the War Within quest has been completed. The first time the Tenno enters the hut and approaches Onkko's table at the back, Onkko will rise from his idle position leaning against the wall, and approach the table with his hands on his hips, at which point a short cutscene will trigger.

[Onkko bends down to retrieve from under the table a coffer, similar to the one uncovered in Saya's Vigil. He hefts it onto the table, rotates it to face the Tenno, and pushes it towards them. With his right hand, he unlocks it, and it opens to reveal a device, pink and beige, reminiscent of Sentient architecture – an amp.]

Onkko: "From memories of a past that has yet to be, the Unum knows you as a terror to the Eidolons. This has been waiting for you, to deliver upon them a terrible ruin."

[The Tenno approaches the table and reaches into the coffer with their right hand, and the amp attaches to their wrist. When they take their hand out to examine the amp, it glows briefly with Void energy. The Tenno flicks their wrist to set the amp in firing configuration, then flicks it back. Satisfied, they look back at Onkko.]

Onkko: "We have had and shall have a long association, Tenno. Ha, I know our conversations well. Sho-lah."

If the Tenno begins interaction with Onkko immediately after this cutscene, his usual greeting line will be replaced with an introductory one:

Onkko: "I am Quill Onkko Primary. We have and shall have a long association, Tenno. I know this conversation well."

Syndicate information

As the only (living) Quill we have thus far seen, Onkko represents the Syndicate in its dealings with the Tenno. The Quills are described thusly:

A secretive order, loyal to the mysterious and reclusive 'Unum'. Some say their relationship to cause and effect is unnatural, their knowledge profane. When a Quill acts, things change.

The Quills provide the Tenno with Amp parts, Magus and Virtuos arcanes, and the Ceno and Vahd Operator armour sets – all as blueprints that must be crafted in the Foundry. They also offer individual Cetus wisps, various decoration items, a Captura scene, and a reusable blueprint for converting Intact Sentient cores to Exceptional Sentient cores. The Syndicate ranks, from least to most favoured, are:

  • Neutral: [no description]
  • Mote: The Quills are aware of you. Speak with Quill Onkko to learn how to increase your Standing with them.
  • Observer: The Quills reserve some attention for you. They appear willing to involve you in their mysterious efforts.
  • Adherent: The Quills consider you a useful resource. They will sell you goods not offered to strangers.
  • Instrument: After much labour, the Quills take you into their confidence. You are a trusted ally.
  • Architect: You are a key operative, vital to their efforts, and have access to the Quills' most sought-after wares.

Unlike the faction Syndicates, Standing with the Quills is earned by giving them Sentient cores of various grades.

Idle quotes

Onkko mumbles a variety of lines to himself that can be heard when standing near him but not interacting with him. These lines are not subtitled, so the exact words may not be exact, and spelling is an approximation.

"Actor zhwong-sahd-point-half-hesh travelling on foot. Impending mishap on Forward Complex Node half-sahd-point-sahd-sahd. Observe and report consequences to multiple actors at site, via Quill Non Eran Secondary-sahd, via Quill Vata Khupa Tertiary-hesh."

"Mercury, Pantheon. Actor zhwong-half-point-hesh-zhwong, impending intersection with Actor half-seer-point-sahd. Outcome unclear. Quill Oben Nuwar Primary, observe and relay."

"Venus, Tessera. Actor zhe-seer-point-now will combine with Complex Node at zwhong-point-zhul. Notify Quill Veder Soon Tertiary-zhwong, via Quill Montan Secondary, via Quill Onkko Primary. Risk of uncontrolled consequence propagation. Observe and contain."

Greeting the Tenno

"We watch, we anticipate, we intercede."

"What things are and what they should be are indivisible."

"We are each one viewpoint in the myriad that comprises the Unum."

"You will make the necessary sacrifice. Inevitably."

"Eidolon seer-zhwong intercepted at Isolate Node sahd by Tenno sahd-pahk. But first: interaction."

(if the Tenno is rank Adherent or higher) "We shall make use of you."

(if the Tenno is rank Adherent or higher) "You were anticipated. Our interaction begins."

(if the Tenno is rank Adherent or higher) "Consequence to consequence brings you to me."

(if the Tenno is rank Adherent or higher) "You are an instrument most perfect, Tenno. Tuned to the pitch of the Unum."

(if the Tenno is rank Adherent or higher) "We are bound, family to family, clade to clade, as children of the all-seeing Unum."

Amp assembly

(if the Tenno has no Amp components) "Every choice closes off an infinite number of possible futures. The Amp you craft, then, is unique in all the multiverse. Where you end and it begins… an unanswerable question. Research. Craft. Assemble. Strive to answer the unanswerable."

"Here we create the instrument with which you might co-author the future. The Amp, Tenno, will magnify your power and your will."

"The Amp is an extension of your will. No part of it may be chosen lightly."

"The Amp – your primary tool in control and defeat of the Eidolons. The stylus with which you will inscribe your name in the pages of future history."

(if the Tenno idles) "Time is relative. Choose when ready."

(if the Tenno idles) "I see permutations tumbling, resolving behind your eyes. Beneath your skin. Exquisite!"

(if the Tenno idles) "Once, long ago, I would look backwards, feeling for the fading tendrils of our might-have-beens. But those avenues are closed now, too far gone. Instead, I comfort myself with the music of the universe and the sense of her close by. Her choices brush against me, like the arm of a passing stranger, and I am… happy."

Forging the Amp

"The choice is made. We are here."

"The sum of consequence to consequence resolves here, in this extension of your will."

"You end here, at this choice: the inception point of who you will become. Behold the product of that becoming!"

Browsing offerings

"We are prepared to provide."

"These will assist."

"Allow us to improve your efficiency."

Purchasing an item

"A wise choice."

"That will prove beneficial. For you, and for us."

"Well chosen."

Exiting offerings without purchase

"Was it ever thus?"

"In time."

Exiting offerings after purchase

"So it is."

"It is done."

Exchanging Sentient cores for Quills Standing

"Yes. Commit."

"Is it time?"

"Allow us to improve your efficiency."

Other services

"Closeness or nearness? Push or pull? Hold or release? Which will it be?"

"Which string will you pluck? Which note will you sound? Play well, and the universe dances."

"Which of us will give, Tenno? And which of us will take?"

Gilding an Amp

"This has served you well. Cement that bond."

"A bold reaching towards consequence. How shall this be remembered?"

"Infinite possibilities fall away as this declaration codifies itself into a single, clear path. Name it."

(if the Tenno attempts to gild an Amp that is not Rank 30) "No effect without a cause. No reward without an earning. No name without a legacy. Return once the Amp has proven itself."

Donating an Amp

"This has served you well. Has that time passed? Released, it may yet serve a greater plan."

"You release, it falls. To create one last outward-spreading cascade. Causality awaits your decision. This Amp may arm another."

"Some paths end. Others circle back on themselves. Release this Amp, that it might serve another."

(if the Tenno attempts to donate an Amp that is not Rank 30) "Drop a stone, a ripple. Drop a grain, nothing of consequence. Come to me with stones, Tenno, instruments of tested power, and I will accept."

Confirming an Amp donation

"Gratefully received back into the Weave."

"It is done."

"Do you feel that? Consequence brushing consequence. Already, the future shifts her expression."

Entitling an Amp

"It is time. Utter the name."

"The past is dead. Name the future."

"With a name, emerge."

Confirming an Amp entitlement

"Yes, the name I have always known."

"It could never have any other."

"And so, it begins."

Skipping the naming of an Amp

"As it has always been."

"A name whispered by the universe itself."

"As a note of music, carried from a distant room."


"Saya… if he— if Onkko— if I could have shown her how catalogues of possible futures found out from the moment I could choose— could have chosen, to stay, none of them end— ended well. None, save one: this one. The one where I left. [sigh] This future ends so well for her, for Konzu, for Cetus. As eviscerating a choice as it was, it was the only one I could live with. Some day, I swear, this is— but— this was… this will be borne out. Speak of this no more. To be crushed by the singular excruciates. [sigh] What's done is done. Enough."

Bidding farewell

"Tenno separating from Simple Nexus at Quill Onkko Primary."

"Ah, the history you will have."

Teralyst hunting on the Plains

Onkko will also speak to the Tenno when they are wandering the Plains of Eidolon at night, giving them tips on fighting Eidolons.

(when a Teralyst spawns) "And now, a massive Sentient energy spike in your area. I advise you to be careful."

(upon approaching an Eidolon Lure) "Those devices draw energy from Vomvalysts. Make use of them."

(upon disabling an Eidolon Lure) "Next, you attempt to take control of it."

(if the Tenno attacks the Teralyst with their weapons) "Your weapons have no effect on its shields. Try something else."

(after the Tenno destroys a synovium) "Energy spike! I advise falling back."

(if the Eidolon teleports away due to the Tenno destroying a synovium without an Eidolon Lure linked) "The Teralyst retreats, but remains nearby close by, wary of you."

(if the Tenno destroys a synovium while only one Eidolon Lure is linked) "That device is insufficient. You are directed to secure and deploy additional Eidolon lures."

(after the Tenno destroys the last synovium with the proper number of Eidolon Lures linked) "Sentient energy contained. You are closing on victory. Act now!"

(after all synovia are destroyed and the Eidolon summons Vomvalysts to heal itself) "Smaller Sentients rush to the Sentient's aid, healing it. Stop them!"

(when dawn approaches) "Sunrise nears. Sentient retreats. Strike now, for in moments, the future decides itself!"

Cetus fragments

After finding all the Thousand-Year Fish fragments, the Tenno will receive an inbox message from Onkko containing a Thousand-Year Fish Orbiter decoration.

Inbox message:

You have searched long and hard to find all my fish. Yet, your success was always known. Will you discover the secrets within them, the layer hidden? To honour your achievement, the Quills bestow this statuette upon you.


Onkko is mentioned by Saya, his "widow", and later becomes a focal point of the quest Saya's Vigil. He is also mentioned by Little Duck, as well as Nakak in the quest Mask of the Revenant. His voice (from before he joined the Quills) can also be heard in the hidden lore fragments unlocked by scanning the glass shards in Saya's Vigil and the Thousand-Year Fish statuettes scattered across the Plains. The Quills, as a faction, are frequently mentioned by Konzu when issuing bounties, as well as by Saya, Little Duck, Cephalon Simaris, the Vox Solaris crew in Fortuna, various Solaris civilians, and Nora Night during Nightwave: Glassmaker. They are mentioned in the Cetus fragment The Quills of Cetus, in possible Solaris debt dossiers (including Little Duck's), and in Little Duck's memory fragments. A Quill, possibly Onkko, appears in the final issue of the Warframe: GHOULS comics. Onkko's hut appears in the New War quest, though Onkko himself is absent, as are the Quills.

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