Kermerros (Son) Dialogue

Kermerros is the son of the Entrati family on Deimos, and serves as the Conservation vendor in the Necralisk. He plays a role in the Heart of Deimos quest. Until the Tenno learns his name when reaching rank Associate with the Entrati, he is known simply as Son.

Greeting the Tenno

(if the Tenno has just completed the Heart of Deimos quest) "My family may choose to live in witless denial of our condition, but I accept it. Deimos is my mistress, whether I chose her or not. Her bitter kisses fester in my veins. Witness, Tenno. We are truly become one flesh. I crave to understand her for myself. Whatever you need to provide me samples of her processes and function – wildlife – I will provide. But, if I am to understand them, I require them intact. You sedate them, I shall arrange retrieval, you shall be rewarded."

"Wander freely through this savage romping ground, as I once did. Oh, she punished me for it. I desired only solitude, and for that, she made me scapegoat."

"She collared me like a cur. And for what? Refusing to bend the knee to her arbitrary rules?"

"She should have trusted me to strike out alone! Yes, the Infested followed me home, and yes, we became tainted travesties of ourselves, but I hadn't learned how to control them then!"

"Father massacred my Infested pets. He and Mother plunged us into this chaos – all I did was rub his face in it. Why did he take it so personally?"

"You'd do well to listen to my Grandmother from time to time. Oh, she was never a soldier or a scientist. Sometimes I think that freedom from stricture is what makes her the most intellectually nimble of us all."

"Yes, I once dressed an Infested as my father and had him blindly follow the mother-creature into the abyss. It was hilarious, and I'm not sorry."

"I was to be a scientist. Now I see the shortsightedness of mere intellect. Provide me samples. Soon my parents can come crawling to me to beg for my data."

"Deimos is bewitching. And when you're bewitched, you're not paying attention. Then… this happens. So, try to be less easily impressed out there, hm? For all our sakes?"

(if the Tenno is rank Associate or higher) "I have the honour of a name, and a little taste of freedom! Whatever you're doing out there, Tenno, keep at it."

(if the Tenno is rank Associate or higher) "Poor Kaelli thinks this family may yet have a future. Monotony is bearable. Hope? That'll kill you."

(if the Tenno is rank Associate or higher) "None of the monstrosities you'll find out there are as fearsome as the demons inside my mother's head."

(if the Tenno is rank Associate or higher) "Deimos is unfolding before us like a puzzle-box. I must have more samples."

(if the Tenno has just reached rank Family) "So. The stranger at the family feast turned out to be the one who guided us to find one another again. There will be scars, ugly ones, but healing too. Thank you, friend."

(if the Tenno is rank Family) "Mother surrounded herself with experts, married a leader in his field, and took advice from none of them. She may have some regrets, sure. But not enough. I doubt she has the capacity. That would expose too many cracks in the story she tells about herself."

(if the Tenno is rank Family) "My mother is more than just her father's daughter now. She's finally loosed her own shackles, just as she did mine."

(if the Tenno is rank Family) "I believed that Father lacked the spine to save us from Mother's hubris, but I see now that he believed her delusion as much as Mother herself – indeed, what choice did we have? Without Void travel, our people would have been helpless before the threat. Her plan was our last hope."

(if the Tenno is rank Family) "I wonder what kind of man my father will become, now he's emerged from his corroded chrysalis of duty. I wonder if we shall ever be friends."

(if the Tenno is rank Family) "Kaelli wasn't even meant to be here. She stowed away, not wanting to be left out of the adventure. Somehow still as sweet as ever, she is my greatest sorrow. My parents' too, I know."

(if the Tenno is rank Family) "Grandmother had the measure of us all from the start!"

(if the Tenno is rank Family) "Loid used to lift me on his back to ride around the gardens! How strange to suddenly think of that."

(if the Tenno is rank Family) "I was to be married, you know? She would now be as dead as the empire that raised us. Sometimes I wish I had been there, with her, when your kind came for us. No hard feelings. Our time had more than come."

(if the Tenno is rank Family) "Salutations, Ayatan of the Entrati."

(if the Tenno is rank Family) "Are you well, Tenno?"

(if the Tenno is rank Family) "Wonderful to see you again. Come. Let's exchange words."

(if the Tenno is rank Family) "Tenno. You appear quite intact and well-sealed. This is good. If you intend to venture out, perhaps we might talk samples?"

Pet revivification introduction

"You'll notice the lifeforms of Deimos are constantly ripping chunks out of one another. If you happen upon a Predasite or a Vulpaphyla that's been wounded by the Infested, you have a chance to save it. Just tranq it quickly before it succumbs. Use as many shots as you need. Once it's recovered, you can raise it as a loyal companion. I'll even be able to redirect some of its Infested mutations into a more useful form. Taking liberties with Creation, perhaps, but where's the harm in that?"

Reviving a pet if the Tenno has no components

"I can't wait for you to experience the joys of bringing up a festering little friend of your very own, but first, you need to catch one. Find a Predasite or Vulpaphyla the Infested have wounded, tranq it, and hurry back."

"I'm dreadfully sorry, but despite appearances, this is not a pet shop. Sedate a Predasite or Vulpaphyla that's been wounded by the Infested, then we can talk mutagens."

Selecting a pet component

"Good, good."

"As you wish."


"Very well."

If the Tenno idles while selecting pet components

"The mutagen converts Infestation into resistance. Gaining strength from what tried to kill you."

"We should apply a mutagen at this stage. If the creature could speak, it'd thank you for it."

"Depending on your eventual choice of mutagen, the creature will become robust in one of several ways."

"It's time to choose an antigen. I'm breathless with anticipation."

"Rewriting a creature's biology is a huge responsibility. Choose the antigen with care."

"The antigen you choose will determine how you can further optimise the creature's abilities."

Reviving a pet

"All done. The Infestation is purged, and the patient is well. Look out for each other. Found family is the truest."

"There. The creature's healthier than ever and looking superb with it. It's yours now, collared and bonded. May you always have one another's back."

"Congratulations, Tenno. The creature is saved. So begins a beautiful friendship, forged in the filth of Deimos. I may weep."

Capture Deimos wildlife

Kermerros will trade Son tokens to the Tenno in exchange for Deimos Conservation tags. The requirements for the tokens are somewhat randomised, but with a consistent framework in which rare animal tags are worth more tokens. The names and descriptions of the tasks that reward the tokens are similarly randomised, drawing from a preset pool.


  • Bag and tag the Deimos fauna
  • Broaden reserve gene banks
  • Demonstrate hunting techniques
  • Expand available biometric data
  • Investigate predator-prey dynamics
  • Study Infestation creep


  • Breeding programs can't proceed without sufficient specimen variation.
  • Everything feeds on something. We need more information.
  • If our research is to be truly groundbreaking, we'll need plenty more of it in these key areas.
  • It's not pleasant, but we can learn a lot by taking samples from sedated specimens.
  • Long-term study means we need to catch some designated specimens and prep them for re-release.
  • Our relationship depends on mutual respect. Don't let your skills go rusty.

Exiting tasks or wares with purchase

"Farewell. Travel safe."

"I look forward to your return."

"Don't get lazy out there."

Exiting tasks or wares without purchase

"As you wish."



Gilding a pet

"Without a name, you're only half real. What are you calling this one?"

"I'm glad to see this, Tenno. There's honour in a name. So, choose."

"So. Your friend needs a name. What's it to be?"

Confirming the name of a pet

"They are named."

"Well done. May it endure in glory."

"So be it, then."

Skipping the naming of a pet after gilding

"Taking Deimos as you find it? Very well."

[laughs] "Grandmother would approve."

"As you wish."

If the Tenno attempts to gild a pet that is not Rank 30

"Sorry. Not until you've proven you can take care of each other."

[sad noise] "I can't do that for you. Yet."

"Not yet. Come back when you've spent some more time in action together."

Donating a pet

"Has the time come to set your loyal friend free forever? The decision rests with you."

"It came from the Cambion Drift. Maybe it's time to let it go back home, never to return to your side."

"If you let your companion go, you'll never see it again. But you will have my respect."

(after) "I'll let you say goodbye, then. Well done."

(after) "Very well. Let it have its freedom."

(after) "A noble choice I won't soon forget."

If the Tenno declines to donate a pet

"I understand."

"Your time together isn't over yet."

"Why end such a successful partnership?"

If the Tenno idles

"Oh. Hey. Heading for the ventricle? If you find an interesting sample or two out in the chamber – say, a Vulpaphyla or an Avichaea – I'd love a closer look. I can kit you out so it's a more pleasurable experience?"

"Am I to understand from your swagger that you intend to venture out there and bring something exotic in here? Excellent. Let's talk equipment."

"The atmo's pulsing today, friend. Just smell those pheromones. Bring me back a little something, what do you say?"

"Hey, friend. Round up some Infested for the ingested, if you wouldn't mind? I'd do it myself, but… I'm physically inconvenienced. Just mind the Predasites. Like any good antibody, they'll take you out if they can."

Bidding farewell

"See you around."

"I shall languish in weary solitude until you return."

"Bye for now, you shiny thing."

Animal conservation on the Cambion Drift

Out on the Cambion Drift, animals such as Vulpaphylas, Predasites, and Avichaeas can be found, and captured with the right gear. Conservation requires a tranq rifle and an echo-lure (specific to the animal), both purchased from Kermerros. Pheromone glands, specific to the animal, can also be purchased from Kermerros and are used to increase the chances of rare species appearing.

Once an animal trace is found, the tracks can be followed to an echo-lure point, where the Tenno can deploy an echo-lure to coax the animal out of hiding. Once it appears, the Tenno must hit the animal with a tranquiliser dart to subdue it, before calling for a drone to carry the animal away to safety.

Velocipods and Nexifera cannot be baited with echo-lures, and must be found in the wild as natural spawns.

Finding spoor

"Well, you're close to something, that's certain. N-not to backseat drive, but I think if you head that way, you might find it."

"There! Bio sign. Do you think you can find whatever left it?"

"Yes. That's what we want. Softly, softly now."

"Fresh bio sign. On your way, if you would."

"Something was here, not long ago. Yes, yes, this is promising. Please, pursue."

"Clear bio signs. Follow them, if you would."

"They're nearby. Move carefully. These things have senses we have only begun to understand."

"The specimen left in that direction. I'd be grateful if you caught it."

"Bio sign."

"Close. Very very close. Tell me: do you see a trail?"

Hearing a response to the echo-lure

(Cryptilex) "Hm. That could only be a Cryptilex. Don't underestimate them. It's a small insect, but it will attack should it feel threatened."

(Vulpaphyla) "That's definitely a Vulpaphyla. They're scavengers, who prefer to travel in packs, so I wouldn't be surprised to find more than one."

(Predasite) "That sounds distinctly like a Predasite. Deimos' most majestic predator. Let's hope it's not with its young. They can get aggressive when defending their offspring against a perceived threat."

(Avichaea) "By the sound of that cry, I'd say there's an Avichaea not far from here. You won't mistake it when you see it – they look like something from another geological era."

(Undazoa) "I'd say that's an Undazoa. A striking-looking thing. Reproduces asexually. Lives on contaminants. The sort of creature only Deimos would beget."

(if the Tenno uses the wrong lure) "A mating call excellently performed… but… that's the wrong lure."

(if the Tenno uses the wrong lure) "Wrong lure. You'll need to match their call, if you want to get their attention."

(if the Tenno uses the wrong lure) "You've chosen the incorrect lure. A common mistake."

Successful echo-lure call

"Well done. Tranq ready?"

"Tranq rifle ready… easy now…."

"You'll likely only get one shot, so let's not choke, hmm?"

"Here they come. Get your eye down those sights."

"Time to put my money where your mouth is. Wherever your mouth is. Tranq ready."

"I'm very keen to examine this one. Tranq ready?"

"Lovely. Now, drop that thing like a sack of rocks."

"Tranq ready. If you need to sneeze, do it now."

"'The quarry approached; the noble hunter raised their weapon, and with one shot theeeeey….'"

(Cryptilex) "Don't underestimate a Cryptilex: they're small, but quite aggressive."

(Cryptilex) "If you spot a Cryptilex, best tranq it before it bites. They are very bitey."

(Cryptilex) "Ganglia are considered quite a delicacy by Cryptilexes. So it might behoove you to search any Haptic Fronds you come across."

(Cryptilex) "Cryptilexes will respond to a call. Just be sure you're ready with that tranq rifle."

(Vulpaphyla) "Vulpaphyla. Skittish, agile, somewhat tactical. Non-aggressive."

(Vulpaphyla) "Vulpaphyla is a scavenging bioform, surviving by doing its best to not get killed."

(Vulpaphyla) "You'll need patience and cunning. Vulpaphyla's first instinct is to distance itself from a threat."

(Vulpaphyla) "Vulpaphyla is a bioform adapted from old Earth canid scavenger stock. Likely cargo from one hapless wreck or another."

(Vulpaphyla) "Vulpaphyla. Easy to take down, if you can sight them before they flee."

(Predasite) "Some Predasites spit, you know. Very rude. Especially when you notice you're being digested."

(Predasite) "You won't have seen anything like Predasite mating season in the swamps. Methane and pheromones. It's a head-spinner."

(Predasite) "Predasites. Two concepts in one. Neither one of them good."

(Predasite) "Predasites usually hunt alone. That makes it easier for you to hunt them. Of course, you might fail to spot a lone specimen."

(Predasite) 'Be wary when luring Predasites. You might get more than one coming to the party, and you won't be the kind of company they were expecting."

(Avichaea) "Avichaeas are primitive, high-strung creatures. Definitely more inclined towards 'flight' than 'fight'."

(Avichaea) "While cautious, an Avichaea's curiosity can be piqued with a call."

(Avichaea) "Avichaeas are known to cling to walls, so inspect your surroundings thoroughly."

(Avichaea) "If you're trying to locate an Avichaea, my first inclination would be to simply look up."

(Undazoa) "Undazoa are extraordinarily simple organisms, subsisting primarily on what Deimos excretes. That alone makes them a trove of potential discoveries."

(Undazoa) "Undazoa require a fluid environment. Secreted within some warm runnel or artery. They will surface to investigate. Tranq it before it can escape back to the depths."

(Undazoa) "The Undazoa will not emerge from its endoplasmic home if it senses a threat. Wait until it flops ashore before tranqing it."

(Undazoa) "Undazoa. Luscious. Wait for it to emerge from its plasm before firing, lest it escape back into that velvety thickness."

(if the Tenno does not successfully mimic the target's call) "Bravo! That was terrible. We are not at home to stage fright. Let's do it again, and sustain the note this time."

(if the Tenno does not successfully mimic the target's call) "Sustain the note, Tenno. If it doesn't sustain, it won't carry."

(if the Tenno does not successfully mimic the target's call) "You have to hold the note for it to work. Once more, from the top."

(if the Tenno does not successfully mimic the target's call) "Too short. Too short too short too short! Hold the note. Hold."

(if the Tenno does not successfully mimic the target's call) "Yeah, no. The tune needs to be a bit longer than that, my friend."

(if the Tenno does not successfully mimic the target's call) "No. Longer, more sustained. Again."

(if the Tenno does not successfully mimic the target's call) "You've essentially screamed, 'Hello, I'm a total fraud!' to every specimen in earshot. Try again."

When an animal appears

(Burrowing Cryptilex) "A Burrowing Cryptilex. Insects are the base of Deimos' food webs. That's why conservation of even these humble creatures is so vital."

(Septic Cryptilex) "That's a Septic Cryptilex! The Grineer invested quite a bit of time trying to eradicate all these little fellows… probably because they're infectious. But that's not their fault, is it? They were born that way."

(Caustic Cryptilex) "Now that's something you don't see every day – a very rare Caustic Cryptilex! But do exercise caution; they have glands in their abdomens that release an acidic spray."

(Sly Vulpaphyla) "Ah, the Sly Vulpaphyla. The most common variety, but still an invaluable addition to our menagerie."

(Crescent Vulpaphyla) "Unless my eyes deceive me, that's a Crescent Vulpaphyla! Just be careful you don't get tangled up in its horns."

(Panzer Vulpaphyla) "Hold on… that's a Panzer Vulpaphyla! We must bring it in! I'd estimate by its armour plating that it might take a few darts before you can safely secure it."

(Vizier Predasite) "That's a Vizier Predasite. Magnificent beasts… though they do have the habit of spitting poison."

(Pharaoh Predasite) "A Pharaoh Predasite. Powerful, majestic, and with a mouth full of parasites!"

(Medjay Predasite) "Do you know what that is? It's a Medjay Predasite! What a rare and unexpected find! Judging by its size, I'd say you'll have to tranq it twice."

(Common Avichaea) "A Common Avichaea. They're skittish things, so tread lightly."

(Sporule Avichaea) "That's the Sporule variety of Avichaea. Now, don't startle it, or you're likely to get a faceful of Infested spores."

(Viscid Avichaea) "A Viscid Avichaea! I haven't seen one in decades! But there it is, alive and in living colour! Please, be careful, though. They can be a bit… mucous-y."

(Umber Undazoa) "An Umber Undazoa, and a fine specimen, too. Let's see if we can capture him."

(Vaporous Undazoa) "Hmm… I can tell by its colour, we have a Vaporous Undazoa on our hands. Now, they're a belchy lot, so be careful you don't inhale anything it might expel."

(Howler Undazoa) "A Howler Undazoa! I've been concerned that competing fauna might render them extinct. Try not to startle it – those things can scream bloody murder."

Call for recovery

"A mere neonate." / "Barely developed." / "Still has some growing to do." / "Made it to adulthood." / "This one's an adult." / "Fully grown."

(Septic Cryptilex) "A Septic Cryptilex. I confess, I'm deeply fond of these obnoxious little pests."

(Septic Cryptilex) "I've got a nice clump of Ganglia for this little one."

(Septic Cryptilex) "Deimos isn't about to run out of these any time soon."

(Caustic Cryptilex) "My, my. A Caustic Cryptilex. A little miracle of digestion. The stuff these creatures secrete can burn through a Liset's hull. I hope you handled it carefully."

(Caustic Cryptilex) "I'm surprised to see you caught a Caustic Cryptilex, Tenno. They can be a headache to subdue. Well, you seem none the worse."

(Caustic Cryptilex) "Grandmother used to squeeze the juice out of these to burn off 'warts'. Of course, what we all thought were warts turned out to be something a bit worse."

(Crescent Vulpaphyla) "A fine specimen of the Crescent Vulpaphyla."

(Crescent Vulpaphyla) "This specimen must have looked majestic in the wild."

(Crescent Vulpaphyla) "Can you believe the Grineer snap the horns off these beautiful lifeforms? Appalling."

(Panzer Vulpaphyla) "The rare and exquisite Panzer Vulpaphyla! Oh, there are some old scars here. Just imagine what it must have endured."

(Panzer Vulpaphyla) "I don't often see a Panzer Vulpaphyla. Look how well it's adapted to living here. Thick armour and a killer instinct."

(Panzer Vulpaphyla) "I expect this one took some dedication to bring down. Let's not tell Father you've got it. He'd only want to peel its armoured hide off."

(Pharaoh Predasite) "When the Pharaoh Predasite goes to sleep, so do all its little parasites. Awww."

(Pharaoh Predasite) "A Pharaoh Predasite. Menacing in the field. Rather adorable when asleep, don't you think?"

(Pharaoh Predasite) "One less Pharaoh Predasite active in the wild. There are things with too many legs that will sleep easier tonight."

(Medjay Predasite) "A Medjay Predasite. As noble and regal in bearing as anything can be on this twisted flesh-pit of a moon."

(Medjay Predasite) "What a magnificent creature. I want to rest my cheek against its chest and listen to its entrails stirring in its sleep."

(Medjay Predasite) "A Medjay Predasite! I should paint your picture with it."

(Sporule Avichaea) "You've brought down a Sporule Avichaea in one piece. I'm impressed. They're delicate."

(Sporule Avichaea) "You have to take care transporting these. A few stray spores in the wrong place doesn't sound like much, but… well."

(Sporule Avichaea) "The Sporule Avichaea. [satisfied sigh] Infested though it is, it still soars."

(Viscid Avichaea) "Now this is a rarity. A Viscid Avichaea! Strange that something so glutinous and sticky should take to the sky with such easy grace, but then, Deimos is a place of aberrations."

(Viscid Avichaea) "Where did you find this lovely specimen? You've done well. Bringing in a Viscid Avichaea is no task for a beginner."

(Viscid Avichaea) "We may capture the Viscid Avichaea, Tenno, but we can never tame it. Such winged, gluey beauty belongs to the wild, forever."

(Vaporous Undazoa) "Ah. There's nothing to equal the earthy, rich bouquet of a Vaporous Undazoa."

(Vaporous Undazoa) "What is that smell, redolent of a Grineer locker room, with hints of horse meat and ketones?"

(Vaporous Undazoa) "No matter how long you spend on Deimos, you never quite get used to the… ripeness… of a Vaporous Undazoa."

(Howler Undazoa) "Did it scream for you, Tenno? Did you find it unpleasant? I confess, its voice pulls at something deep within me. My Infested bodily organs, I suspect."

(Howler Undazoa) "A Howler Undazoa. I shall assemble a little choir of these, I think. My own chorus of the damned, to sing me to sleep."

(Howler Undazoa) "One doesn't often hear a Howler Undazoa, much less see one. I fear for the day they have all been eaten, and Deimos will forever be deprived of their dulcet shrieks."

(Green Velocipod) "A Green Velocipod. Gorgeous."

(Green Velocipod) "Ah, Green Velocipods. Proof that not everything on Deimos wants to eat you."

(Green Velocipod) "Not the most dangerous creature on Deimos, nor the rarest. But certainly one of the most useful."

(White Velocipod) "What a beauty. I salute your efforts. You didn't try to tranq a Velocipod while riding another Velocipod, did you? Don't. I watched someone try. It usually doesn't end well."

(White Velocipod) "A White Velocipod! Quite an achievement to bring one of those down without killing it. Excellent work."

(White Velocipod) "So, you bagged the rare and elusive White Velocipod, all on your lonesome. That seems a little like showing off. I approve."

(Viridian Nexifera) "A Viridian Nexifera. Tether neatly snapped. Enviable."

(Viridian Nexifera) "It'll be fine here. I have plenty of Cryptilex to feed it."

(Viridian Nexifera) "Look at those gas ducts twitching in its sleep! Lethal little bundle."

(Scarlet Nexifera) "The Scarlet Nexifera. Rare, striking, unforgettable. The pendulous glory of Deimos. And you captured it!"

(Scarlet Nexifera) "Oh, this is a tricksy creature. They knocked me off my feet many times, back in the days when I had feet."


(weakened Vulpaphyla or Predasite) "Just in time. Stasis will arrest the spread of the Infestation for now. Bring the stricken beast to me, and we can discuss how to proceed."

(weakened Vulpaphyla or Predasite) "Good work. That tranquiliser will stop the Infestation in its tracks. Bring the specimen to me, and we can decide what happens next."

(weakened Vulpaphyla or Predasite) "You've saved its life, Tenno. It'll serve you loyally, but first, we need to address the Infestation in its system. Pay me a visit soon."

"Very well done, Tenno. Once it recovers from the sedation, it'll think itself in paradise."

"There, there. Whatever nightmare spawned you, you're ours now."

"Welcome to our little menagerie. Outcasts, strays, and foundlings all welcome."

"I'm sure this one put up a fight. Well done for bringing it in alive."

"Contaminated. But not unworthy of affection."

"Well done. Another adorable bundle of mutated flesh plucked from the harsh face of Deimos and given a new, caring home."

"I hope you immersed yourself in the pleasure of the hunt. It's the chief reward. Naturally, you will be paid, too."

"You understand Deimos like few others, hunter. I sense we are alike in that."

"Better clean it up. It's crawling with spores, but then, which of us isn't?"

"I wonder what you will teach us, my malformed friend? And for you, the agreed sum."

If the animal escapes

[sad trombone noise] "Tenno: zero. Mutant: one. Ah well."

"Well, that's that, then."

"…Right. They have… eluded you. I'm sure it wasn't a particularly fetching specimen, anyway."

"It appears to have outwitted you."

"This is a lost cause. Nothing for it but to try again."

"Forget it. It's lost. Back to the drawing board."

"Perhaps you should try again. After a nap."

"I needed one thing from that specimen, and it wasn't their absence. Again."

"Vanished. Vanished, forever vanished. Back to whatever pulsing orifice it squirted from. I am desolate."

"Lost it. Ah, well. At least we have this view."

"I could watch you do this forever, but I'd rather not. From the top."

If the animal dies

"I appreciate how much your kind enjoy bathing in spilled ichor and viscera, but I specifically asked for the lifeform to be sedated."

"Bravo. Annihilate that lifeform. Obliterate any morsel of data we might have gleaned from it."

"A little over-zealous there, Tenno. You were not supposed to massacre it."

'Associate' cutscene

Mother: "Your work proceeds, my son. Clearly you thrive in isolation."

Son: "Outside your control. Shackling me was never going to work."

Mother: "'Shackling'? You contaminated the family… and yourself! You had to be protected from these… mad urges."

Son: "You were worried about me? Thank you for the overdue recognition."

Mother: "Your restrictions will be eased. Slightly. I name you Kermerros. 'The runner who outstrips his own shadow'."

Helminth Invigoration Segment

With the Sisters of Parvos update, the Helminth Invigoration Segment blueprint became available for purchase from Kermerros. He announced this new item via an inbox message sent to all Tenno who were rank Family with the Entrati.

Inbox message:
Your Helminth and You: An Invigorating Journey


I have something new for you to pick up the next time you're visiting Deimos. A Helminth Invigoration Segment. Install it, and you might notice your voracious wet-nurse has developed a new set of quirks.

You needn't worry. This is normal.

The Helminth will begin to secrete serums that are uniquely compatible with various warframes. These will amplify the capabilities of said warframes to an admirable degree. New serums will be secreted approximately once per week, and effects will last for seven days.

And do please remember to keep any kavats well out of Helminth's reach.

Kermerros Entrati

Kermerros is introduced in the Heart of Deimos quest as Son. After the quest, he is frequently mentioned in the dialogue of the other Entrati family members. Notably, he names his sister, previously known as Daughter, when the Tenno reaches rank Stranger with the Entrati. He also has a cutscene with his father, Vilcor, when the Tenno reaches rank Friend. He is briefly mentioned by Kaelli in her conversations with Kahl-175.

Kermerros is voiced by Justin Gross.

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